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The Social Media ProBook

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The Social Media ProBook (#ProBook), by Eloqua and JESS3, is a 42-page e-book written by 20 of the most influential figures in social media. Topics include influencer marketing, PR and social media, Wikipedia fundamentals, rules for social advertising platforms, scaling social media globally, social organizational structures, practical uses for geosocial networks, writing for Facebook, and more.

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The Social Media ProBook

  1. 1. copyright Eloqua and JESS3 Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License  Tweet #ProBook 2011 12 Social   Media   ProBook
  2. 2. Social Media                  ProBook Table of Contents   Foreword By Steve Rubel A few years ago at a 2007 Paley 04 05 07 08 10 12 14 Center confab, Cisco executive Steve Rubel is EVP Daniel Scheinman predicted that, Whatever New How to Operational A Day in the 8 Critical Elements to A Day in the of Global Strategy in the future, content would find us Happened Entrants Organize models Life of... Scaling Globally Life of... and Insights for through our social networks, rather Edelman. He is than requiring us to seek it out. to…? by Brad Internally By Jeremiah Scott by Ekaterina Walker & Adam a highly visible   Flash forward four years later  by Jesse Cohen by Joe Owyang Monty Bryan Rhoads Singer thought leader and and there’s no doubt he was right.  Thomas Chernov writer on media, Increasingly relevant information -  technology and whether it be from brands, the media or  digital culture. individuals - is finding us through our  His insights can social networks. However, with everyone  be found at www. and their mother creating content, standing out is becoming only more  challenging.   Enter this guide. Eloqua and JESS3  have once again pulled together an all- star team to share their best practices in  social media. However, talk is one thing.  16 17 18 20 22 24 25 Action is another.   Thankfully, the the team proved it   With this resource, Usage Writing for A Day in the Practical A Day in the Influencers Infographics had the know-how to stand out in an  age of too much content and not enough  time. They cleverly gave custom avatars  it’s clear that you’re Guidelines by Leslie Facebook by Jeff Life of... Liz Uses for Geo Life of... Jamie by Leslie Bradshaw & Joe Chernov by Robin Richards to each author. When I saw these  popping up on Facebook I was curious  in good hands Bradshaw Widman Philips by Chris Thompson Grenney where they came from and was able to  track down the source - and of course get  my own. to navigate the challenges.Eloqua Social Media ProBook Eloqua Social Media ProBook 30 32 33 35 36 37 38 A Day in the How PR Do You Wikipedia 10 “Rules” Index Epilogue Life of... people Believe in Funda- for Social All people By Leslie TweeT This! Frank should Life After mentals Advertising mentioned Bradshaw Eliason think Likes? By William By Leslie in this about Measuring Beutler Poston ProBook social Social media Business by Sarah by David2 3 Evans Armano
  3. 3.     Flickr: The popular photo and  FriendFeed: FriendFeed  Google Wave:  Google  April 2008. Later that year, the  video sharing site launched out of  launched in 2007 as a social networking  Wave is – err, was – a real-time  company introduced MySpace   Vancouver in 2004. Acquired by Yahoo!  aggregator that connected a user’s  communication and collaboration  Music, driving new traffic to the site.  just one year later, Flickr grew into an  profiles across multiple social networks  platform that launched in May 2009. An  By 2011, however, MySpace had laid  online home for more than 51 million  to display information in a single,  invitation-only roll-out led to high  off more than half of its workforce  users and 5 billion images. But as  Facebook-like feed. Facebook acquired  demand, with some users auctioning off  and has since dropped from a top 10  Facebook and mobile photo services  the service in 2009. Today, FriendFeed. their invitations. Once the initial buzz  site in the Alexa rankings down to  like Twitpic and Yfrog add options to  com receives about 270,000 unique  dissipated, users were slow to adopt the  #77. At the time of this writing, News  the photo-sharing market, Flickr has  visitors per month, but because it’s a  service and Google eventually stopped  Corp. appears to be trying to sell  seen a decline in their audience over the  content / news aggregator, it shouldn’t  developing Wave, citing a lack of  MySpace for a fraction of its original  past two years. The site is far from dead,  be considered a priority social outpost  interest. In late 2010, Google Wave  purchase price. however, as accounts like The Official  for marketers in the way that the  moved into the open source Apache    White House Photostream continue to  “source” networks are. Software Foundation’s incubator and it  Bebo:  Launched in January  drive traffic to Flickr. In some ways, it’s    was renamed Apache Wave. 2005, Bebo was particularly popular  returned to the purest version of itself  Google Buzz: Google Buzz    outside of America and appealed to a  – that is, a hub for photography  is a social network that utilizes Google’s  MySpace: MySpace was  younger audience. The social network  enthusiasts. It never became the  Gmail interface and Google Profiles.  founded in 2004 and grew into one of  hoped to distinguish itself from   Jesse Thomas is corporate marketing “outpost” some  When launched in 2010 it was dubbed “a  the world’s largest social networks.  rival social networks through its  JESS3’s founder, originally imagined. Google approach to sharing” and  Less than a year after its launch,  development of original content.   CEO and executive    generated a great deal of media coverage.  MySpace had more than 5 million  AOL acquired Bebo in March 2008  creative director. StumbleUpon: The  Significant questions about privacy led  members and, as a result of its  for $850 million, but sold it for less  He ensures that the StumbleUpon toolbar is an in-browser  to lawsuits and complaints to the Federal  (ephemeral) dominance, was  than $10 million just two years later.  highest levels of “engine” that helps users discover new  Trade Commission. Though some issues  purchased by News Corp. in 2006 for  Since their purchase, Criterion  excellence and Websites and rate them based on their  have been resolved, current speculation  $580 million.  MySpace remained the  Capital Partners has revamped   innovation go into preferences. The service was founded  is that Google Buzz may be scrapped in  largest social network in America  and re-launched Bebo with   every JESS3 project in 2001 and grew to more than 2 million  the near future.   until being overtaken by Facebook in  new features. and is considered users before being sold to eBay in 2007.  one of the pioneers The founders have since reacquired the  in the field of social company and increased the service’s  New    media data user base to nearly 13 million.  visualization. Jesse StumbleUpon has surged ahead of  regularly shares his Facebook to account for 43% of all social  insights at his media site referral traffic. The  Forbes blog. community remains prominent in the  field of social bookmarking (along with  sites like Reddit and Digg). Entrants     Digg: Digg is the original social  news Website. It allows users to submit  and “vote up” stories that interest them.  A darling of the early Web 2.0  community, Digg repeatedly decided  against selling, preferring to remain  independent. Though it raised  additional funding and released  By Brad Cohen Whatever     numerous new features, Digg has  Brad Cohen is the hemorrhaged users and talent,  director of strategy including founder and Valley superstar  The most interesting discussions always begin at JESS3. He has Kevin Rose, who left in March 2011. As  with the question: “What’s next?” The following is a experience services like Twitter help users  handful of tools, technologies and social networks designing strategies consume news more efficiently, this  that are making headlines. Note that we attempted that utilize social Happened     downward trend is likely to continue. to focus on platforms that offer significant media to leverage   potential for marketers. As a result, some of our and coordinate Delicious:Eloqua Social Media ProBook Eloqua Social Media ProBook  Delicious, a social  personal favorites – such as stylized photo-sharing assets across an bookmarking Website, was founded in  networks like Instagram and picplz – regrettably enterprise, 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! just two  didn’t make the list. campaign, or years later. Its easy interface and  initiative and cloud-based approach to bookmarking  Micro-blogging services   creating social To...?   made it one of the most popular online  objects that resonate services of its time. After considerable  liKe PosTerous and TuMblr within a target TweeT This! drama surrounding its fate, Delicious  community while Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter was recently purchased and will become    conveying messages weren’t always the social media part of AVOS, an Internet venture  Posterous:  Posterous, like competitor Tumblr  that are core to trinity. Any number of networks started by YouTube founders Chad  (see below), is a micro-blogging platform that allows users  brand initiatives. paved the way for their success. Hurley and Steve Chen. It’s unclear  to upload and publish content – text, photo, audio, video  He has worked with By Jesse Thomas Here’s the latest on a few foundational platforms. what will become of Delicious, though it  has a sizable community pulling for it. – via browser, email, or mobile app. What distinguishes  Posterous is its ability to allow users to publish blog  Intel, Adobe, IBM and Nestle.4 5
  4. 4.   entries simply by emailing the text and  Qik: Qik allows users to record  As public social networks are evolving, items and promoting products like shoes corresponding media to their account.  and upload video directly from a mobile  so too are their behind-the-firewall and apparel that can be worn or used in the Using a distribution platform similar to  phone. The popular service is easy to  counterparts. Services like Yammer game., Posterous also enables users  use with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter  and Chatter allow for secure business to “autopost” their articles / media to  all major social platforms. Posterous’s  strategic advantage is its ease-of-use for  and other video-sharing platforms.  Having won numerous awards for its  functionality and technology, Qik was  communications to happen in an environment that has all of the earmarks of social media. social neTworKs   content creators and distributors. acquired by Skype for more than $100    Google+ Less than three    Tumblr:  According to many,  million. It remains to be seen what  the future of Qik will be now that its  Tumblr is the preeminent micro-blogging  parent is a part of Microsoft. What is  social Q&a siTes     months after Google CEO Larry Page  famously tied employee bonuses to social  networking product success, Google  platform on the Web. Similar to Posterous,  not in doubt, however, is that the mobile  Quora:  Quora has taken the  unveiled Google+ (which, incidentally,  Tumblr makes it easy to publish multiple  broadcasting services Qik pioneered will  media by storm. Although Q&A  sounds startlingly similar to “Google  media types (text, photos, quotes, links,  be significant for consumers, advertisers  sites have long lived on the Internet  Circles,” a rumored social platform first  music and videos) in a dashboard that  and technologists. (Yahoo! Answers, for example), there  reported by ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall  experts like Mashable superstar Jennifer    is something provocative about Quora.  Kirkpatrick covered at SXSW 2011).  van Grove have described as “killer.”  YouTube Live:  Recently,  Given the company’s background – it  Google+ is a new social network that  While Tumblr also accepts entries from  YouTube began the slow rollout of  was founded by Facebook alums – it’s  promises to make it easier for members  email and mobile, the service’s true  YouTube Live, a service that enables  no surprise that Quora has been able  to share information to “circles” of  strength is found in its active community  users to host a real-time video stream.  to attract top business leaders and  friends to whom that update is relevant.  and design features. Tumblr allows users  YouTube has been developing the service  contributors. The mix of quality content  Whether that differentiator is sufficient  to customize their blogs into a remarkable  for some time, grabbing headlines  with social networking tool integration  to lure people away from the familiar  number of layouts, called “themes.” The  when it live-streamed a U2 concert in  has created a unique repository of  blue halls of Facebook is, of course,  tight-knit Tumblr community also allows  2009. Currently, YouTube has agreed to  expertise. Quora has kicked the ball  anyone’s guess. Google seems serious  app development by third parties. provide live-streaming capabilities for  forward for online Q&A sites. Will any  this time. But history is not on their side. certain content partners with an eye on  of their competitors still want to play?   As corporate blogs become more, well, “corporate,” forward-looking brands are beginning to use hosted services like Posterous expanding it to the public. Brands are starting to adapt to live video,   Focus: Focus has been around  for longer than Quora, and, like Quora,  grouP buying     Joe Chernov is VP of Content Marketing for Eloqua. He owns and Tumblr to establish “lightweight” blogs. and that’s where services like Ustream, it is an active site with a highly engaged  Groupon:  Groupon is a  public relations, These properties help companies get messages, Qik and YouTube Live enter community. In addition to the Q&A  deal-of-the-day Website that features  analyst relations and and digital assets to market faster than they the picture. As bandwidth and streaming format, Focus also taps its “expert”  discounted gift certificates usable at local  social media strategy. could on a more rigorously managed corporate technology improve, the barriers between community to participate in online  or national companies. It made headlines  He blogs regularly on blog or Website. They are also valuable tools the consumer and content will continue Webinars, which are then turned into  several times recently: once when it  the company’s It’s All for organizations that support the “personal to fall. Companies will stream their own content marketing assets. The assets  turned down a rumored $6 billion offer  About Revenue blog brands” of select executives and spokespeople. corporate events, as well as interviews from are available for download, and Focus  from Google, next when it aired Super  ( Think of them as occupying the space between conferences. Feeds can run on the streaming uses them to capture leads to sell to  Bowl ads many found offensive, and,  and speaks pretty full-featured blogging platforms and Twitter. provider’s site, YouTube, the corporate advertising partners.  most recently, in June 2011 when it  much everywhere. Website, a microsite, blog, or a Facebook filed its S-1 in preparation for an IPO.  “live sTreaMing” Fan page. People have questions, and Quora and Focus are two of the top sites for The Wall Street Journal estimated that  Groupon could raise as much as $1 billion  services liKe enTerPrise social both individuals and businesses to get answers. LinkedIn Answers and Facebook on a valuation of $20 billion.  Despite,  or perhaps because of, these front-page  usTreaM, JusTin.Tv coMMunicaTions Questions are also part of this booming sector. news stories, Groupon remains the front- runner in the increasingly popular daily  and QuiK Tools   social gaMing   deals / group buying category. LivingSocial:  LivingSocial  How to Organize         Ustream: Like its competitors  Yammer: Yammer is a tool for    is generally considered to be the biggest and Livestream, Ustream  making companies and organizations  Empire Avenue:  threat to Groupon. The premise and  provides video streaming for live online  more productive through the exchange  Empire Avenue is a stock market  execution are similar to Groupon  events. Originally conceived as a service  of short, frequent answers to one simple  simulation social game network. If that  (Altimeter Group analyst Jeremiah  Internally   to allow military members to talk to their  question: What are you doing?  Despite  sounds like a mouthful, here’s a simpler  Owyang has pointed out that there  families while overseas, Ustream has  the emergence of competing tools,  explanation: It’s an online community  is virtually no barrier to entry in this  grown to include more than 10 million  Yammer continues to grow rapidly and  where members buy (using faux currency,  category), but LivingSocial offers more  registered broadcasters. Since 2007,  introduce new features. It took top prize  called “Eaves”) and sell virtual stock in  deals focused on travel and hospitality.  political, technology and lifecasting stars  at the prestigious TechCunch50 in 2008  real people and companies. The game  LivingSocial’s daily deal “experiences”  have used Ustream to get their message  and was used by 80% of Fortune 500  can be shared with friends for  By Joe Chernov makes use of all of the tried-and-true  out. The site is supported by in-video  companies by September 2010. forms of social currency – badges, status  additional benefits. advertising and will likely continue    tiers, shout-outs – to create a “sticky”  Chatter:’s Eloqua Social Media ProBook Eloqua Social Media ProBook growing as its technology improves. community. It has been described as  If you need more evidence that this is a “Organic” is generally themselves caught in operational    answer to Yammer is Chatter, a  “FarmVille for professionals.” hot space, consider this: by some accounts, considered to be a favorable weeds. Their efforts are likely to be  The Justin of Justin. real-time collaboration tool for the  there are as many as 100 different daily adjective. It connotes impeded by inefficiency, inconsistency  tv fame started the live video site as a  enterprise. Chatter, which allows  Speaking of FarmVille, there any number deals companies in the United States alone. a healthy, maybe even and possibly even a lack of compliance  24/7 lifecasting stream in 2007. Justin. employees to share information  of social games – many of which are Groupon and LivingSocial have combined to sustainable, product or with government requirements. tv has since moved beyond its self- securely with colleagues, may be one  published by powerhouse Zynga and run raise more than a billion dollars in venture practice. But when used to    Since this is the “professional  referential beginnings to expand into  of the building blocks of the cloud  on the Facebook platform – that marketers funding. Moreover, existing Web 2.0 describe your company’s edition” of the Social Media Playbook,  TweeT This! a site on which anyone can set up a  computing giant’s long-awaited  have begun to incorporate into their mix. giants are taking notice of the marketplace. social media structure, we will assume your organization  channel. Like YouTube, the streams  “Marketing Cloud” initiative. Salesforce. One technique is for a brand to subsidize Facebook made a big splash with Facebook organic is code for “chaos.” is committed to participating in the  – and accompanying chat – are fully  com appears to have doubled down on  the cost of the participant “leveling up” in Deals, and services like Foursquare and Yelp    Whether by design or by  social Web.  It simply may be trying  embeddable. is ad-supported,  this push, with a Chatter Super Bowl  game-play if the individual watches an ad, are also working on their own variations. indifference, companies that  to determine a safer, more efficient or  but the open platform has periodically  commercial and the acquisition of  takes a poll or views a video published by Retailers and consumer brands need to think take a “let a thousand flowers  more scalable model.  Fortunately for  led to challenges with policing  Radian6 in early 2011. the marketer. Other integration techniques seriously about the role this new wave of bloom” approach to social media  you, much of the heavy lifting has been  copyrighted content. involve allowing users to buy branded group buying will have on their business.  participation will quickly find  performed already. Jeremiah Owyang of 6 7