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Grow Foundation for Ghana

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Strategy development to recruit volunteers for the non-profit organization.

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Grow Foundation for Ghana

  1. 1. Grow Foundation Volunteer Growth & Fundraising Efforts Marlee Murphy, Chris Martin, Elyse Schaefer, Lauren Grady
  2. 2. Planting Your Nonprofit Roots Why college students are the KEY to a successful non-profit startup
  3. 3. “The Meaningful Means to Your Beginning” -Connectivity: the bigger picture that helps build an international network -Combining both passion and pursuit -Targeting the undergraduates who are seeking the experience for skills as well as credit
  4. 4. Building an Internship Program Framing this program as an internship, as opposed to a volunteering program, establishes a stronger relationship between Grow and the students who are considering their futures while still looking for meaningful experiences These are students who want to make an impact in the world while furthering their career as well so an internship is a stepping stone to a career for them
  5. 5. Needs Website Recruiting Social Media
  6. 6. Why College Students Are Perfect for Growth ● This internship will allow students to further their education while providing networking opportunities and excellent experience working in a field in which they may want to have a career ● College students, especially underclassmen, are oftentimes eager to get involved and take up multiple activities in order to explore their interests ● Independent and newly exploring the world, college students are inspired to make an impact
  7. 7. Target Volunteers in 2015
  8. 8. What Type of Interns/Roles Social Media Intern Fundraising Intern Communications Intern IT Project Planning Intern Legal Intern
  9. 9. Case Study: Uhuru Child What UHURU (founded in 2007) has done well: +College students: for trips, internships, jobs, WOM +Clean, functional, colorful, in-depth, easy-to-navigate website -validates your program and builds trust with potential volunteers and givers +Tell a great, creative, moving story -pathos is what is going to kick start your program with volunteers -write your story, journalism student? Possible contest to add to website? +Present clearly what the specific issues facing Ghana are -then state clearly and efficiently how Grow plans to solve these problems +Blog, Facebook, Twitter: have an assigned intern or two for social media -must have content daily if you use multiple social media sources +Partner with individuals and organizations: Uhuru is currently partnered with 25
  10. 10. Case Study: Bike to Uganda What Bike to Uganda (founded in 2004) has done well: +College Students are the primary method of fundraising -the fundraising project began with William & Mary University -gave college students tangible goals: “If I returned to school and asked every student at William & Mary to give $1.81, we could give hundreds of kids the chance to learn in a proper, well-constructed building.” -interactive campaigns work best with college students, small amount of time/money can make a big difference is crucial when fundraising in university settings -Building Tomorrow chapters are groups of students on campuses across the country who are passionate about creating a world where all children have accesses to an education, committed to making a real impact, and willing to dedicate their time and talents to a cause greater than themselves. -these BT chapters give students leadership and are on-campus organizations: go to where the volunteers are, make it convenient for them
  11. 11. Next Steps Internship Program Career Fairs Posting on college career websites Coffee & Company talks with students Social Media campaigns