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Ecuador transportacion doris morales

ecuador transportation

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Ecuador transportacion doris morales

  2. 2. LANDTRANSPORT There are different types of land transportation such as: the bus train taxi
  3. 3. bus The bus is used to move from one place to another within the province or out of a city the ticket
  4. 4. train Vehicle comprised of various wagons carried by a locomotive, which travels on rails and used for the transport of
  5. 5. Taxi Public service car carrying from one place to another to people who request it for cash; It is usually fitted with a meter that indicates the amount of
  6. 6. air transport There are different types of air transport such as: planes helicopters
  7. 7. helicopters A large aircraft with propeller on top , and a smaller one in the central line ; This system allows the device off and vertical landing flight , moves in the air forward or backward, right or left one
  8. 8. plane the airplane is a means of air transport which can travel from one country to another or from one province to another. which can carry people or things.
  9. 9. Marine transport There are different types of shipping such as: boats Yachts Cruises
  10. 10. Boath Big metal or wooden boat powered by sails or motor used to transport things by the sea,
  11. 11. Yachts Boat to motor or sailing, larger than a sailboat, with cabins and usually
  12. 12. Cruises Pleasure boat trip lasting several days or weeks, in which intermediate stops are made at various ports