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Little Toe Bunion Protector
Little Toe Bunion Protector
Little Toe Bunion Protector
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Little Toe Bunion Protector

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QS HEALTH Little Toe Bunion Protector is designed for protection of areas of skin that are prone to bunions and areas of hard skin on the feet ,this shield eases pain by absorbing pressure caused by shoes on painful areas. It also acts as a protective shield to reduce friction and irritation,thin design fits in most footwear styles.
◾Recommended for:
Protecting pinky toe bunions and providing relief from pain, inflammation and calluses. Protecting hallux valgus (bunions) and eliminating friction and pressure in footwear, proportioning comfort and immediate pain relief.
Any product made from 100% silicone can be washed in hot or cold water,using any kind of soap or detergent and can be dried at temperatures of up to 500º C.There is no need for talcum powder.To ensure the product lasts longer,keep it free of any traces of sand or other impurities.
Contains: pack of 1
100% Silicone.

Publicado en: Salud y medicina
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