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Presentation to Corporate-chain business (1)

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Presentation to Corporate-chain business (1)

  1. 1. 2 Overview Real Energy is an American based company that has developed an energy efficient evaporator coil for use in walk-in coolers and freezers. Our headquarters and manufacturing is located in the great state of Michigan. Evaporator coils haven’t been improved in over 60 years. With the current energy crisis, and energy conservation on everyone’s mind, we have developed The Reihl Coil®. It is the ONLY energy efficient evaporator coil on the market, and saves over 50% of kWh used vs. a regular system. We see anywhere from 50-75% savings. This revolutionary design will change the way all business cool their products. It will save money for the business owner and reduce the overall energy used. The Reihl Coil has an 18 point patent and is ETL/UL and CSA Approved, and we offer a guarantee of 38% savings on all of our systems. In addition to the savings we also have seen a reduction in service calls. Evaporator systems using The Reihl Coil® will reduce the energy consumption of a walk-in cooler by approximately 59%. The Reihl Coil® can be installed with a new cabinet or may be retrofit to an existing refrigeration system. ROI for customers is 18 months-3 years depending on climate zone. Walk-in Cooler Average Cost* per month Reihl Average Cost per month Reihl Annual Cost Savings 6x8 $70 $28 $504 8x12 $121 $49 $964 10x12 $142 $59 $996 *Source: Energy Conservation. “Sustainable Foodservice”
  2. 2. We Stand Behind Our Product For businesses with six or more locations, we offer a free system for one location. (up to 3 units, typically 2 coolers and a freezer). How it works: You choose a location, and we do an energy audit (we place monitors directly on the electrical panel that controls the coolers), this will provide us with a baseline. This baseline will provide the exact KWH each cooler is using. Real Energy will use one of our certified installers to install the system. We can also certify your own HVAC/R company, or your preferred installer. (Our system is installed differently than non-energy efficient models, so certification is required for proper installation and maintenance). After the coils are installed, we will run the energy audit again to show the cost savings. This revolutionary energy saving system will decrease your operations budget. Most systems have a 2-4 year ROI, and save thousands each year, and every year thereafter! 3
  3. 3. Heat Multiplier 4 Explanation of Design The Reihl Coil® uses a PCM (Phase Change Material) which allows heat to be absorbed more rapidly than a conventional evaporator coil. The PCM absorbs heat that would cause the refrigerant to vaporize in a standard system. The Reihl Coil® also changed the conventional fin design by increasing the surface area to improve the heat transfer process. Thermodynamics The addition of the PCM within The Reihl Coil® accomplishes two important things: A. Reduction in the compressors total run time. B. Radiant cooling that maintains the cabinet and product temperature while the evaporator fans are off. By using the PCM, The Reihl Coil® is able to lower the suction pressure. A lower suction pressure decreases the load on the compressor which reduces its electrical consumption. Suction Pressure
  4. 4. 5 With The Reihl Coil® design, air travels at a higher velocity through the coil, aiding in keeping the coil clear. This cannot be done with a conventional evaporator for many reasons: A. A conventional evaporator is only cooling when the compressor is running, whereas The Reihl Coil® has reserved cooling during the compressors off cycle. B. The evaporator design used by the competition is smaller. Less heat can be absorbed in the competitor’s design due to the reduced surface area in the evaporator fins. C. All evaporator fan motors generate heat. The efficiency of The Reihl Coil® requires fewer ECM motors compared with the competition. Fewer ECM motors means decreased heat generated during the compressor run cycle. Coil Design The Reihl Coil’s® patented coil assembly has demonstrated energy savings of approximately 59% over the competitor’s system of equal volume and controls. The Result Explanation of Design
  5. 5. 6 The Reihl Coil® Proven Technology That Works! Conventional Evaporator Coil The Reihl Coil® Up to 30% liquid refrigerant for cooling Up to 90% liquid refrigerant for cooling Active cooling occurs during compressor run cycle. No passive cooling. Active cooling occurs during compressor run cycle. Passive cooling occurs during rest cycle via radiant PCM. Humidity occurs due to a longer cooling cycle. Reduces humidity by drawing heat out of the air more quickly. No Savings Guarantee 38% Savings Guarantee on cooler electric costs
  6. 6. 7 Additional Information  Many systems on the market have “energy saving” add-on components, such as ECM Motor fans and controls; our system comes standard with these components. We do not believe in hidden add-on cost. Our system is as close to “plug and play” as you can get.  There are many other “energy efficient” add-ons that have come about over the past 5 years, different refrigerants, energy control module, magic cubes, etc. However, these do not come close to the energy savings of our coil. We use the ECM fans and the control in conjunction with the coil. The real savings is in the coil technology.  The Reihl Coil® technology provides a new, more efficient way to remove heat from a temperature controlled storage unit. It also reduces the humidity out of the cabinet.  ETL certified to comply with UL, NSF, and CSA  Patented (#8250881) Technology
  7. 7. 8 ✉ 888.508.1172 We are here to help you Weekdays 8am to 5pm Get in Touch