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Completion equipment packer part #1

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well completion

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Completion equipment packer part #1

  1. 1. Eng. El Sayed Amer Well Completion W e l l c o m p l e t i o n a n d i n t e r v e n t i o n Subsurface Equipment
  2. 2. Eng. El Sayed Amer Email: Phone : 01065860658 Petroleum and Natural gas Courses Senior Process & Production Engineer Excellent petroleum Eng. At SUCO & RWE DEA BSC Of petroleum & NG engineering Eng. Elsayed Amer Petroleum Engineer Worked for weatherford drilling international
  3. 3. Eng. El Sayed Amer 06
  4. 4. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 40 06 Production packer • Subsurface tool used to provide seal between tubing and casing Casing Tubing No-Go Nipple. Perfs
  5. 5. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 41 Protect the Casing Formation Packer Corrosion Inhibited Packer Fluid Locator Seal Assembly Tailpipewith W/LNipple Tubing Tubing Hanger Xmas Tree Perforations Producing Fluids
  6. 6. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 42 06 Production packer Protect casing from corrosion Provide better well control Prevent fluid movement between pay zones Isolate zones of bad cement Protect casing from bursting Perforation Tail pipe Packer Annulus With packer fluid Casing
  7. 7. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 43 06 Production packer • Slips ❑Tooth-like parts of the packer ❑Forced outward by sitting action ❑Top slips to prevent up-motion and bottom for down-motion • Packing elements ❑ Normally nitrile-rubber for moderate temperature and normal pressure ❑ Elastomers for HTHP ❑Provide seal between Csg and TBG 01 02 Cone Slips Flow mandrel Packing element
  8. 8. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 44
  9. 9. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 45 06 Production packer • Cone ❑ Part of the packer forced the slips to move outward 03 Cone Slips Flow mandrel Packing element
  10. 10. Classification Based on customer and service companies point of view 46 Service packer Used temporary and then retrieved or milled out after well testing, cement squeezing, acidizing, and fracturing
  11. 11. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 47 06 Production packer Cannot be retrieved other than by milling Permanent 01 Retrieved using a special retrieving tool Retrievable Permanent 02 Released by manipulation of tubing – generally over pull or rotation Retrievable 03 01 02 03
  12. 12. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 48 06 Production packer Permanent ▪ Run or set on wireline or tubing ▪ Selection depends on rig cost, service company and wellbore conditions ▪ Set hydraulically by – Pressure for tubing or drill pipe set – Firing an explosion for E-Line set ▪ Retrieved by milling
  13. 13. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 49 06 Production packer Permanent Characteristics ▪ Permanently set ▪ Less costly; very low components ▪ Highest pressure rating, up to 15,000 psi ▪ High temperature rating, up to 500 F ▪ Most frequently used world wide
  14. 14. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 50 06 Production packer Permanent Disadvantages ▪ Milling destroyed the packer for retrieving
  15. 15. Eng. El Sayed Amer Page 51 06 Production packer Retrievable • RIH on wireline or tubing • Has bi-directional slips prevent debris from setting on bottom • Main advantage is retrieving without destroying • If stuck, should be milled. • Generally milling take longer time because of harder components
  16. 16. Eng. El Sayed Amer 06 Production packer
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well completion


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