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Weekly innovation report 11 11

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Weekly innovation report 11 11

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT NOVEMBER 2011 • 11 Video Game Uses Tweets To Impact90% of Internet Traffic Will Be Video Facebook For The Famous Gameplay In a recent interview the VP for Whenever a celebrity shares content Tweetland is the first-ever video Marketing and Emerging out across social networks, they risk game that uses real-time Tweets to Technologies at Cisco, David Hsieh, losing their copyright, and affect gameplay. Real life discussed the rise of video on the potentially any revenue resulting experiences that are posted to internet. With current eye-popping from that content. is Twitter are pulled into the game to stats like 48 hours of video being here to change that. The new social affect both the player and how the uploaded just to YouTube every network allows celebrities to own game is played. For example, if minute, and 51% of internet traffic their content through a unique rights someone tweets about seeing a being video today, Hsieh predicts management system. Operating in shooting star, a shooting star will be that over 90% of all internet traffic stealth mode for about a year, seen in Tweetland, along with the will be video in the next three years. Whosay now boasts users including Twitter handle of the user who Tom Hanks, Zooey Deschanel, and tweeted about it. Cristiano Ronaldo. Will you be including more Is there a niche market that How would you use technology to ? video as a part of your content strategy? ? you believe has a need for a new social network? ? create a singular experience, blurring the lines between the READ MORE READ MORE real and virtual worlds? READ MOREIntel Innovators Square Card Case App: Pay Invisibly Yahoo’s IntoNow Revolutionizes TV Intel Innovators is a new program The Square Card Case app, the Yahoo’s IntoNow has released a that helps 18-24 year olds propel latest from the card payment second-screen iPad app that uses their big ideas. Users submit ideas in revolutionary, Square, makes the audio fingerprints from the shows a Facebook app and then earn check-out and purchase process you’re currently watching to bring “social capital” by interacting within easier than ever. When users come up supplementary content related the app. They can vote, share, like within within 100 feet of a business, to the program. For example, if and seed (adding thought starters to using GPS, the app connects with you’re watching a football game the the conversation) ideas. Each the approved merchant (users have app will bring up real-time game month, a panel from Intel will select previously opted in). When users go stats and even individual player the 20 best ideas, and users can to checkout they tell the merchant statistics. In addition, IntoNow also invest their earned social capital. their name and their account is has a mobile app that currently The five most valuable ideas then charged via the app. And the best allows users to check in, for a social get presented to a panel in the Live part is they never have to take out component, but that’s it. How would you use native Battleground. A winner is selected How would you use mobile their wallet or phone. How would you use second- ? Facebook functionality to crowdsource ideas and and receives $50k in funding. ? technology to enhance the customer experience? ? screen technology to create a more immersive experience? innovations? READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE