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  1. 1. OPENTalks ABCPhD organizes occasional meetings with successful experts, specialists and reseearchers (and other events). The AIM? NETWORKING and CULTURAL EXCHANGE and other ABCPhD social events
  2. 2. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 M.BONANOMI and J.HUNHEVICZ (ETHZ) Wednesday December 19th, 14h00 AULA GAMMA Building 11 (close to SPAZIO MOSTRE) Marcella Bonanomi is Research Associate of Innovative and Industrial Construction, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (D-BAUG), Institute of Construction and Infrastructure Management (IBI) and an International expert in optimization of digital processes and digital transformation strategies. The overarching goal of Jens Hunhevicz, PhD Candidate at Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Eng. is to investigate the appli-cations and implementation of blockchain in construction management for better supply chain integration and transparency in the future AEC industry. THE ROLE OF BLOCKCHAIN IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY 4.0
  3. 3. ABCPhD POSTER SESSION 2018 Thursday, November 29th, 11h00 CAMPUS LEONARDO Building 11, SPAZIO CATERING [between SPAZIO MOSTRE and AULA ROGERS]
  4. 4. ABCPhD ADVISORY BOARD MEETING 2018 Wednesday, November 28th, 11h30 CAMPUS LEONARDO Building 05, AULA CASTIGLIANO 11h30 - 13h00: first meeting with the Board of Professors - Aula CASTIGLIANO (in this meeting, the five members of our AB present themselves + a short presentation of ABCPhD Program is given) ABCPhD ADVISORY BOARD MEETING 2018 Wednesday, November 28th, 15h00 CAMPUS LEONARDO Building 14, AULA CONSIGLIO 15h00 - 17h00: PARALLEL MEETINGS: Advisory - Board versus ABCPhD AB Members meet the PhD Candidates and the ABC professors who explain them what they are doing, exchanging ideas about their experience ABCPhD ADVISORY BOARD MEETING 2018 Wednesday, November 28th, 15h00 CAMPUS LEONARDO Building 14, AULA DIDATTICA 15h00 - 17h00: PARALLEL MEETINGS: Advisory - Board versus ABCPhD AB Members meet the PhD Candidates and the ABC professors who explain them what they are doing, exchanging ideas about their experience ABCPhD ADVISORY BOARD MEETING 2018 Wednesday, November 28th, 15h00 CAMPUS LEONARDO Building 15, AULA MENOUNO (bunker) 15h00 - 17h00: PARALLEL MEETINGS: Advisory - Board versus ABCPhD AB Members meet the PhD Candidates and the ABC professors who explain them what they are doing, exchanging ideas about their experience ABCPhD ADVISORY BOARD MEETING 2018 Wednesday, November 29th, 16h00 CAMPUS LEONARDO Building 14, AULA CONSIGLIO 16h00: Conclusion ABMembers meet the ABCPhD Program with their notes and advices (ABMembers are expected to give their evaluation, notes and tips for the progress of the ABCPhD Program)
  5. 5. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 PAOLO GARDONI Tuesday 20 November , 12h00 CAMPUS LEONARDO Building 14, First story. Aula Consiglio Paolo Gardoni graduated at Politecnico di Milano in 1997 and currently is a Professor and Excellence Faculty Scholar in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is the Director of the MAE Center that focuses on creating a Multi-hazard Approach to Engineering, and the Associate Director of the NIST-funded Center of Excellence for Risk-based Community Resilience Planning. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure published by Taylor and Francis Group. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association (CERRA), of the Advisory Council of the International Forum on Engineering Decision Making (IFED), and of a number of national and international committees and associations that focus on risk and reliability analysis. Promoting Societal Well-being by Designing Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure
  6. 6. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 THE CONCEPT OF PROPORTION AND HARMONY IN CHINESE CULTURE A lesson by Bettina Mottura, uniMI NOVEMBER 14th, 11.30 – Aula CASTIGLIANO, ABC Dept. building 5 – Campus Leonardo Bettina MOTTURA is associate professor of Lingue e Letterature della Cina (LOR21) at uniMI, Dipartimento di Scienze della Mediazione linguistica e di Studi interculturali
  7. 7. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 THE FUTURE IS OVERSOLD AND UNDER-IMAGINED Chris Luebkeman, ARUP 15th OCTOBER, 14.30 – Aula Consiglio, ABC Dept. ed. 14 Arup Fellow and Director of Global Foresight, Research + Innovation Chris leads the Global Foresight, Research and Innovation group at Arup – a think-tank and consultancy within Arup’s global engineering and design firm. Educated as a geologist, structural engineer and architect he is considered a bridge builder of many kinds. Chris’ interest in the built environment blossomed early, propelling him to pursue a multi- faceted education, beginning with engineering and culminating in a Doctorate in Architecture from ETH in Zurich and followe by teaching positions at several prestigious universities. In 1999, Chris joined Arup as the Co-Director for Research and Development. A couple of years later, he formed the Foresight, Innovation and Incubation team, which has evolved to its present form as Foresight + Research + Innovation. Chris Luebkeman will speak to global issues, insights and innovations that are shaping our communal future. He will focus on how our future has been oversold and under-imagined highlighting those trends we see as shaping our future built environment. Considering that the architect, engineer and designer’s role in society has always been to create spaces and places to thrive. Motivating us all to be active participants in shaping our built future
  8. 8. BIM-FOCUSED RECENT RESEARCH TRENDS & POLICIES BIM, as an acronym, is slowly moving from Information to Datum. In spite of appearances, it does not sound as a paradox, because it means that structured data will play a crucial role as a key driver and game changer agent. Such a strand is totally consistent with the AECO Industry’s digital evolution. Consequently, research programmes need to be interwoven with public policies. The transformational and disruptive changes do happen the moment when the Industry (of the Built Environment) is tremendously widening its own scope. September, 28, 2018, 11:00 (Friday) – Aula Castigliano, Bldg. 5 – CAMPUS LEONARDO ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 ANTÓNIO AGUIAR COSTA & MOHAMAD KASSEM Mohamad Kassem is Associate Professor at Northumbria University. He investigates the economical, social and environmental fallouts of digital transformation and digitalisation opportunities and challenges for Built Environment industry and its projects. With his work, he supports policy makers in developing digital transformation strategies. António Aguiar Costa is Assistant Professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon. His major research interests are information management and integration in construction, BIM implementation and standardization and BIM-based e-procurement. He is principal investigator in several research initiatives and projects.
  9. 9. 25 September, 14:00 (TUESDAY) – Aula Consiglio ABC Building 14 – CAMPUS LEONARDO ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 MAIBRITT PEDERSEN ZARI REGENERATIVE DESIGN AND ECOSYSTEM BIOMIMICRY The definition of cutting edge sustainable architecture is changing rapidly. It is becoming clear however, that buildings will need to go beyond having little negative environmental impact in the future, to having net positive environmental benefits. Dr Pedersen Zari argues the concept of regenerative design and how cross-semination between ecology, biology and architecture could provide solutions to climatic, biodiversity, and human wellbeing challenges of the future and potentially alter the urban habitats that surround us into softer or more organic and symbiotic environments. Maibritt Pedersen Zari is a Senior Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Her research investigates the role of emulating ecosystems in order to change design goals from sustainable to regenerative development. She works with the integration of complex social factors into sustainable architectural design. © David Baggs
  10. 10. RETHINKING URBAN CONSERVATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY: TOWARDS EQUITABLE OUTCOMES Urban conservation is at a crossroads. While traditional conser- vation practice emphasizes architectural values, contemporary approaches prioritize sociocultural and economic values, parti- cularly in low -income communities. Dr Cheong argues for a reevaluation of traditional, fabric-centered preservation appro- aches in changing historic neighborhoods via the integration of community-based planning tools such as community capital, affordable housing provisions and economic integration. Caroline Cheong is Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida. Her research focuses on the relationship between urban heritage conservation and economic development, values-based conservation management, conservation economics and poverty reduction. 24 September, 15:00 (Monday) – Aula Consiglio ABC Building 14 – CAMPUS LEONARDO ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 CAROLINE CHEONG © Susan Macdonald
  11. 11. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 MARCIO NASCIMENTO de OLIVEIRA Marcio Nascimento de Oliveira: BArch at the University of Brasilia (1991) MArch at McGill University (1997), he has worked extensively as a consultant for the Brazilian Ministry of Health in several projects since 1999, including the coordination of the SOMASUS Project. PhD Candidate in Psychology at the Catholic University of Brasilia, professor at UFBA and private institutions (AEA, INBEC and IPO), he is the former President (2014-2017) of the Brazilian Association for the Development of the Hospital Building (ABDEH), coordinates the Graduate course of Architecture and Urbanism and the Specialization course in Healthcare Systems and Architecture at the Catholic University of Brasilia – UCB and is consultant for the United Nations Office for Projects – UNOPS in the field of hospital architecture The meeting, organized by Stefano Capolongo and Marta Dell’Ovo, aims at sharing and promoting knowledges and professional experiences about healthcare architecture in Latin America and in particular in Brazil. The talk will investigate current public policies in the health sector and case studies with the purpose of contributing to the definition of guidelines able to support architects, planners and decision makers for the design of healthcare facilities. Brazilian Healthcare Architecture: History, trends and perspectives September 20th, 15h 30 (Thursday) aula S.1.1 Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32
  12. 12. 34 ABCPhD ciclo bis
  13. 13. TAVOLA ROTONDA LIMITI SEMANTICI E MEDIAZIONE LINGUISTICA TRA ITALIA E CINA NELLA RICERCA SULL’ARCHITETTURA con ALESSANDRA LAVAGNINO, direttore dell’Istituto Confucio e BETTINA MOTTURA, coord. del Contemporary Asia Research Centre dell'Università degli Studi di Milano, docenti di Lingue e Letteratura cinese È un’iniziativa ABCPhD
  14. 14. M A D Si on de H U an R A D bo To C ar Sc D The book “Architecture of urban-rural continuum in China. Hakka settlements in eastern Guan aims to rise up some methodological questions in investigation on Chinese contemporary conte June 19th , 17h00 - Aula Consiglio, Building 14, ABC Dept., Campus LE RICCARDO PALMA (Politecnico di Torino), CHEN ZHEN (Politecnic by MAURIZIO MERIGGI This OPENTalk takes the occasion of the presentation of the Maurizio Meriggi’s last book (L’architettura del continuo urbano-rurale in Cina. Insediamenti Hakka nel Guangdong Orientale, Arabafenice, 2018) to face two basic questions. The first question will be about Chinese urban development: “Is Traditional Chinese Settlement in non-urban contexts just a collection of ”vernacular traditions” or the expression of an historical form of Chinese urbanization”? The second question will be about research methodology in architecture: “How the classic type/morphology/ territory analysis is applicable to this particular urbanisation form?” ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE URBAN-RURAL CONTINUUM IN CHINA with RICCARDO PALMA (PoliTO), CHEN ZHEN and MAURIZIO MERIGGI (PoliMI) June 19th, 17h00 – Aula Consiglio, Building 14, ABC Dept., Campus LEONARDO Riccardo Palma, associate professor in Architectural and Urban design, is member of the DASP PhD Program @PoliTO Maurizio Meriggi, associate professor in Architectural and Urban design @PoliMI has a long consultancy and professional experience on the field, with many Chinese administrations. Chen Zhen teaches Urban and architectural design in China @PoliMI
  16. 16. Mitja Košir is assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and deputy head of Chair of Buildings and Constructional Complexes. His research focuses on building energy performance, daylighting (coupled thermal and visual performances) and adaptive building envelopes. Currently, he is working on bioclimatic climate analysis, with a particular focus on building climate adaptability, and visiting researcher at PoliMi. This OPENTalk will focus on research in bioclimatic, adaptable buildings and try to answer to the following questions: “Can the low-tech, Bioclimatic design approach, be reconciled with the second, High-Performance, high-tech, approach”? “What will be the implications of projected climate change”? ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 HIGH-PERFORMANCE, BIOCLIMATIC BUILDINGS with MITJA KOŠIR, June 13th, 17h00 – Aula Consiglio, Building 14, ABC Dept., Campus LEONARDO
  17. 17. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 OCCUPANT-CENTRIC BUILT ENVIRONMENT SIMULATION with SALVATORE CARLUCCI, June 13th, 15h15 – Aula Consiglio, Bld.14, ABC Dept. Campus LEONARDO NNARX-type Control System Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Parameters’ synthesis Currently, his research interests are devoted to better understand and describe aleatory uncertainties in BPS (i.e. occupant behavior and weather conditions) and to support building professionals to design high-performance buildings through an informed use of BPS tools. ThisOPENTalk will present BPS lab activities related to occupant- centric modeling and simulation of buildings and urban districts. Salvatore Carlucci is a full professor in Building Performance Simulation (BPS) and the founder of the BPS Lab at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (Norway).
  18. 18. Maurizio Maugeri, professor of atmospheric physics at Milan University since 1991, is author of about 250 papers, about half of them in international peer- reviewed journals. Italy had a very relevant role in the development of meteorological observations, documented by the invention of some of the most important meteorolo- gical instruments and the development of the first network of meteo-stations, that collected an enormous heritage of data over the last centuries. In this OPENTalk he will present (in brief!) his 30- years experience and researches activities, mainly focused on the reconstruction of the evolution of the last two centuries Italian climate (in particular, of the Alpine Region and the Mediterranean area), the projection of the climate signal onto any point of the investigated area and the downscaling of the climate scenario to the local scale. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 MAURIZIO MAUGERI @polimi – June 13th, 16h00 Aula Consiglio, Bld.14, ABC Department, Campus LEONARDO n Meteorology 3 Switzerland France Germany Adriatic Sea Austria Weather stations Inner area Outer area Lakes Slovenia Tyrrhenian Sea Croatia 50 0 50 100 150 200 (km) udy area domains: grey shaded the inner box area (longitude E 10∘ 10.98󸀠 –10∘ 49.14󸀠 and latitude N 46∘ 15.6󸀠 –46∘ 37.34󸀠 ) centred on
  19. 19. THE PICTURESQUE MEMORYANDIMAGINATIONINAPOINTOFVIEW Dating back to the late 18th century, the Theory of the Picturesque and the Character influenced architectural thought and the then emerging debate on heritage and preservation. Considering how these theories re-framed the understanding of Antiquity and informed 19th and 20th century architectural themes, this talk explores the picturesque as a lens to understand Modernity. Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes is Senior Lecturer in Architecture at SAPL, Newcastle University. Fellow at the London School of Economics, in the Catalan Observatory (UK), and Visiting Professor at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy). His research focuses on architecture, architectural history, heritage and experimental preservation. 22 May, 16:30 (Tuesday) – Aula Consiglio ABC Building 14 – CAMPUS LEONARDO ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 JOSEP-MARIA GARCIA-FUENTES
  20. 20. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 ROBERTO FABBRO (agakhan foundation) ALEPPO: REPORTING FROM THE FRONT OrganizedbyCaterinaFranco,MariacristinaLoiandCristinaPallini April 23th, 14h30 CAMPUS LEONARDO room B3
  21. 21. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 CATHERINE MAUMI @polimi (again!!) Catherine Maumi teaches History and Cultures of Architecture at the Grenoble School of Architecture (ENSAG), where she coordinates the Laboratoire Métiers de l’Histoire de l’Architecture, édifices-villes- territoires (MHAevt). She will present her studies, from Thomas Jefferson and the regional planning in the USA, to Frank Lloyd Wright and the conception of Broadacre City. Through this path, some issues of the research in architecture will be discussed, i.e. the need to study the socio-political and cultural context to understand the production of a built environment or the use of history as a method for questioning the present. After Catherine Maumi’s lecture, PhD students working on closed topics are welcome to give a short presentation on their work and results. OrganizedbyCaterinaFranco,MariacristinaLoiandCristinaPallini RESEARCH in Architecture HISTORY as method April 13th, 14h30 CAMPUS LEONARDO Building 5, Dept. ABC Sala Riunioni 10
  22. 22. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 ARTO KIVINIEMI March 27th, 09h30 (Tuesday) in CAMPUS LEONARDO, Building 15, Meeting Room – Underground Floor Arto Kiviniemi is Professor of Digital Architectural Design and is one of the internationally leading experts in BIM. He has mainly developed his researches in Finland (VTT) and in UK (University of Salford and University of Liverpool). Internationally, Arto’s main activities have been related to the International Alliance for Interoperability, now known as buildingSMART International. Arto was one of its founding members in 1996. Currently he is a member of the International Technical Advisory Group. For his international merits in developing integrated BIM, Arto received the FIATECH CETI Outstanding Researcher Award in March 2009 and the Order of the Knight of White Rose of Finland in December 2012. PROJECT COLLABORATION IN INTEGRATED BIM ENVIRONMENT Arto will present academic initiatives and research activities focusing on advancements of ICT and implementation of BIM within building processes. Particularly, Arto will discuss on integrated and efficient approaches to project collaboration, relying on both architectural knowledge and technological progress. After his presentation, Arto will interact with ABC PhD candidates and, in particular, with the students of the course in “Research in Building Process Management”.
  23. 23. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 MOHSEN ABBASI HAROFTEH @polimi March 23th, 15h30 – Sala Riunioni 008 (2nd floor) Dept. ABC, Building 5– Campus Leonardo MOHSEN ABBASI HAROFTEH is assistant professor of conservation architecture and a Faculty member of architecture in Yazd University. He is head of Vernacular architecture research center and a member of Yazd city council. He has researched and lectured in the field of Islamic architecture and architecture conservation in Yazd art and architecture school for 10 years a period which resulted in publishing 5 books and about 50 articles in Journals, conferences, and newspapers. AN ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE Yazd Art and Architecture School is located in the heart of the historic part of Yazd (world heritage since 2017), whose historic city is an earthen architecture masterpiece This lecture focuses on the school development started with the reuse of single traditional houses one after the others (actually 21) to realize a single campus structure: an organic process in contrast with actual development projects. I HAROFTEH is assistant professor of conservation a Faculty member of architecture in Yazd University. He is ar architecture research center and a member of Yazd city esearched and lectured in the field of Islamic architecture onservation in Yazd art and architecture school for 10 years esulted in publishing 5 books and about 50 articles in nces, and newspapers. e: 23/03/2018 0 - P2 - Ed. 5 32 Yazd Art and Architecture School is located in the heart of the historic part of Yazd inscribed on the world heritage list in 2017 by UNESCO. The Historic city of Yazd deserves to be a world heritage because of its living earthen fabric as an architecture masterpiece based on earth and knowledge. The school emerged 30 years ago in this city aiming to discover and educate the knowledge hidden in the historic city. This lecture focuses on the process of school physical development in its valuable adjoining historic fabric and quality of interaction between the school and modern functional inquiries on one side and historic fabric limitation on the other side. Commencing with reusing a traditional house, the school developed through an organic process calmly and continuously until today which includes 21 traditional ones. This organic process in contrast with modern development projects consists of some issues that can be discussed and reviewed. Paying attention to capacity, capability, potential of the historic fabric interacted with a modern life requirement, here an architecture school, is core of the lecture. MOHSEN ABBASI HAROFTEH is assistant professor of conservation architecture and a Faculty member of architecture in Yazd University. He is head of Vernacular architecture research center and a member of Yazd city council. He has researched and lectured in the field of Islamic architecture and architecture conservation in Yazd art and architecture school for 10 years a period which resulted in publishing 5 books and about 50 articles in Journals, conferences, and newspapers. Data data prenotazione: 23/03/2018 ora inizio: 15:00 ora termine: 17:00
  24. 24. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 VLADIMÍR ŠLAPETA @polimi March 8th, 11h00 – Room V1, Building 12, Campus Leonardo VLADIMÍR ŠLAPETA is an architect and architec- tural historian, at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, and mainly focuses on the history of architectural Modernism and Functiona- lism of the 1920s and 1930s in Czechoslovakia and Central Europe. He has also been, for a long time, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical Uni in Prague, and later at the Brno University of Technology. The Czech Modernism and its legacy TomásBat’aMemorial,Zlín,1938 [©KGVUZ,REGIONALGALLERYOFFINEARTSINZLíN]
  25. 25. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 MICHAEL HAVBRO FABER @polimi March 8th, 9h30 – Aula Castigliano Building 5, Ground Floor – Campus Leonardo MICHAEL HAVBRO FABER is professor in the area of Risk Informed Decision Support for Structures at Aalborg University, Denmark. His research interests are directed on decision theory, risk assessment, resilience, sustainability, global catastrophic risks, Bayesian probability theory. He has taken leadership in several international committees, including: the Joint Committee on Structural Safety (JCSS); the International Forum on Engineering Decision Making (IFED); convenor of ISO 2394 Principles of Reliability of Structures; the international Civil Engineering Reliability and Risk Association (CERRA), The World Economic Forum. He is member of the Global Expert Network on Risk and Resilience, the OECD High Level Risk Forum and selected member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences since 2012. On Resilience and Sustainability of Engineered Systems The pressures on the Earth system originating from human activities are manifold, tremendous and vividly apparent. Both at the political and academic agendas sustainability of societal developments has become a top priority. At the same time there is an increasing demand for impro- ved public welfare; calling for enhanced efficiency, reliability and resili- ence in all societal activities. It is evident that failure to achieve and maintain sustainable and resilient societal developments must be taken seriously at all levels of societal decision making. But how do we model resilience and sustainability such as to facilitate societal decision support? The present talk takes up this challenge and presents and discusses a framework for designing and managing resilience and sustainability of engineered systems.
  26. 26. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 TIM TOWNSHEND February 23rd, 11h00 (Friday) in CAMPUS LEONARDO, Building 5, Meeting Room 10 – 1st Floor Tim Townshend is Professor of Urban Design for Health and leader of the Global Urban Research Unit (GURU) 'Urban Design and Human Flourishing" theme in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University. He established a national/international profile in interdisciplinary health/built environment work through a steady output of publications that has crossed disciplinary divides. His work has been cited over 2500 times (as at Sept '17). Of particular note was the 2010 co- edited volume ‘Obesogenic Environments’ attracted contributions from Australia, USA, New Zealand and the Netherlands, establishing an international context for Tim's work. URBAN DESIGN HEALTH AND WELL-BEING There has been a long-standing understanding that the built envi- ronment has a direct inpact on people's health and well-being. In the 19th Century town planning developed hand in hand with public health to address disease epidemics. Today however con- temparary health and well-being problems are complex and multi- factorial and impact societies in unequal ways. To what extent, therefore, can built environment professionals contribute to supporting healthier lifestyles? In this lecture Tim Townshend explores emergent narratives as well as some of his own research to suggest while there is a role for urban design and planning more interdisciplinary cooperation is needed and attempts to 'build' our way to better health need en- gagement with social programmes.
  27. 27. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 STEFANO CONVERSO (Uniroma3) Designing with material constraints FEBRUARY 1st, 13h00 – Aula Consiglio, ABC Dept. bldg. 14 Stefano Converso, PhD “Villard D’Honnecourt” @IUAV and @ColumbiaUni, is a recognized expert in the field of Digital Design and BIM. Without abandoning research and teaching activity (he is, actually, researcher @Roma3), he is also active as architect and consultant in increasingly complex projects. He has been Project Manager of RhOME, the winner of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, and was recently involved in projects including the CNC Design of Main Auditorium of the Cloud Conference Center, just completed in Rome, and the Architectural and Integrated design for the new LEED Gold TIM Office Campus, in Acilia, Rome, currently under construction. Can Digital Design reconnect architects with material qualities? How can we bend, torque, cut materials, and definitely feel kinaesthesia of space and matter in an abstract field?
  28. 28. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 FRANCESCO FERRISE (DMEC) Multisensory Virtual and Augmented Reality JANUARY 25th, 13h30 – Aula Consiglio, ABC Dept. ed. 14 Although the first examples of virtual or augmented reality were multisensory or multimodal, after more than 50 years many of the applications are mainly based on the sense of sight. Using more senses increases the potential of the simulation, but also introduces new issues. The presentation will show examples of multi- sensory Virtual or Augmented Reality applications developed in years in the Virtual Prototyping Lab of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In particular, we will talk about what we can simulate and how we can overcome limitations of current technologies. Francesco Ferrise is an associate professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano. He received a Ph.D. in 2010 on the use of multisensory Virtual Reality in the design of aesthetic products. He still works on the use of Virtual or Augmented Reality as a support for product development and design. He is Associate Editor of ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering (JCISE) and Frontiers in Psychology, Digital Humanities, and ICT, section Human-Media Interaction.
  29. 29. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2018 Tethered drones for civil applications from wind energy to precision agriculture JANUARY 10th, 13h45 – Aula Consiglio, Dept. ABC bldg. 14, 1st floor Constraining the motion of an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) with a tether seems a counter-intuitive action, yet it actually enables a range of potentially transformational civil applications. These include wind energy harvesting at high altitude (airborne wind energy), aerial robotic manipulation, inspection and monitoring of the built environment, and precision agriculture. The talk will provide an overview of opportunities, challenges and limitations of autonomous tethered drones. Lorenzo Fagiano received the Ph.D. in Information and Systems Engineering in 2009 from Politecnico di Torino, Italy. From 2010 to 2013 he held positions at UC Santa Barbara and ETH Zurich. From 2013 to 2016 he was a senior scientist at ABB Switzerland, Corporate Research. Currently he is associate professor of control systems at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Recipient of the 2011 IEEE Transactions on Systems Technology Outstan- ding Paper Award, of the 2010 ENI award "Debut in Research" prize, and of two Marie Curie International Fellowships.
  30. 30. LOCAL CLIMATE CHANGE AND OVERHEATING MITIGATION in AUSTRALIAN CITIES. December 18th – 16h30 Aula Consiglio, ABC Dept. ed. 14 Global climate change is enhancing local overheating, with peak air temperatures of 46°C last year in the Greater Sydney Area, 50 km from the coast. This has consequences on the building energy needs, peak electricity demand, thermal comfort, and mortality and morbidity. This talk introduces the challenges and pathways towards mitigation in a context of population growth. Riccardo is a Senior Research Fellow at the Faculty of Built Environment of UNSW Sydney. With his colleagues of the High Performance Architecture cluster he researches on the mitigation of local overheating. ABCPhD OPENTalks RICCARDO PAOLINI @polimi
  31. 31. ABCPhD WELCOME 33rd CYCLE Day Dept. ABC – November 10, 14h00 – Sala Riunioni P-1, Bdg.15 (underground)
  32. 32. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2017 TOWARDS AN INTELLIGENT, DATA DRIVEN, INTEGRATED BUILT ECOSYSTEM 26th OCTOBER, 11.30 – Aula Consiglio, ABC Dept. ed. 14 Tuba Kocaturk Reader (Assoc. Prof.) in Digital Architecture Programme Director, MSc Digital Integrated Design Director, Resilient Urban Ecosystems (RUE) School of Architecture, University of Liverpool Tuba Kocaturk will give a talk on The presentation will focus on new approaches in tackling challenges for a sustainable future, raise questions and provoke a debate about data- driven and computational design innovation and its position in the current debate of sustainable development.
  34. 34. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2017 SUSTAINABILITY IN BUILDING with ENEDIR GHISI July 11°, 15h00 – Aula Consiglio, bld.14 1st floor, ABC Dept. (campus Leonardo) Enedir Ghisi, Professor and researcher at the Federal University of S.Catarina, Florianópolis, will give a brief introduction of the main research topics addressed by his research team (Thermal performance and energy efficiency, water consumption and Life Cycle Assessment in buildings. The OPENTalk has been organized by Andrea Invidiata, under the supervision of Monica Lavagna.
  35. 35. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2017 Facade Engineering and Buildability 28th JUNE ore 15.00 – Aula Consiglio, ABC Dept. ed. 14 Mikkel Kragh will give a brief introduction to the discipline and through examples illustrate the importance of communication and collaboration in order to deliver successful and innovative projects. Mikkel K. Kragh Professor and Head of Unit SDU Civil and Architectural Engineering, Department of Technology and Innovation
  36. 36. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2017 with Catherine Maumi, MHAevt, ENSAG (Grenoble-F) RESEARCH IN ARCHITECTURE –Le Territoire comme objec d’étude June 12th (2017) - Aula menouno, Building 15 – Campus Leonardo C.Maumi teaches History and Culture of Architecture at the école national superieure d’Architecture (ENSAG), where she coordinates the Laboratoire Metiers de l’Architecture, supervising PhD Candidates’s thesis. The meeting calls for a reflection on the role of territory in architectural research, that lies (following her thought) in the openness and the ability to adopt a cross scale approach, from the single building to the broader landscape, and to consider the many built environment layers, from the physical, geo-historical dimension to the immaterial dynamic of societies, institutions and memories.
  37. 37. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2017 with Maria Pilar Guerrieri and Cristina Pallini ABCPhD ….. OPEN-Talks 2017, Pilar M Guerrieri - Cristina Pallini CITY TRANSFORMATION SEEN THROUGH CHRONOLOGICAL AND CROSS-CULTURAL ANALYSIS. Aula Consiglio, Building 14 - 1st floor ……… June 8th , 2017 ……… 15:00 – 17:30 CITY TRANSFORMATION seen through chronological and cross-cultural analysis June 8th (2017) - Aula Consiglio, Building 14 – Campus Leonardo Two different case studies will be presented, dealing with different scales of city transformation: the city agglomeration in Delhi (M.P. Guerrieri) and the reconstruction of Thessaloniki (C.Pallini). Urbanization operations, part of development processes, may cause severe negative impact on the existing heritage. It is our duty, as researchers in architectural design, to develop a methodology to analyze multifaceted and stratified heritage and to find a way to effectively integrate heritage care in urban development process.
  38. 38. ABCPhD OPENTalks 2017 with Giulio Barazzetta, Carlo Poggi, Marco Simoncelli, Emilio Mossa CONCEPT, DESIGN AND SETTING OF THE EXHIBITION "P.L.NERVI - THE MODEL AS A TOOL” - 17 May - 15:00 Aula Consiglio Giulio, Carlo, Marco and Emilio collaborated to organize the exhibition about PLNervi. They will tell us the story of their huge work of drawing, calculation, printing (3D!) and networking with many other research and academic institutions.
  39. 39. ABC PhD Open Talks 2017 Francesco Pittau @polimi Decarbonizing the building sector bio-based materials for the mitigation of climate changes April 10th , 2017- Aula Consiglio-ABC, Campus Leonardo, 14h30-17h00 Francesco Pittau is a Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH working on sustainability assessment and environmental impacts analysis of building materials and built environment. There, he is currently involved in a new Project abut "Low energy concrete", investigatin alternative new generation of concrete-based solutions. In 2013 he got the PhD in Building Systems Engineering, with a thesis aimed to develop a life cycle-based method for the evaluation of the carbon footprint of wood buildings. He was involved in several research projects, among others “€CO2: Wood in carbon efficient construction”, an EU research co-founded by the FP7-program. Since 2016 he is co-founder of Fastecs Srl, a Startup company with a core business on the design, production and marketing of innovative timber construction systems. More info here
  40. 40. ABC PhD Open Talks 2017 Claudio Martani @polimi Design with uncertainty Futureproof infrastructures design April 10th, 2017- Aula Consiglio-ABC, Campus Leonardo, 14h30-17h00 Claudio Martani is a Research Associate at the ETHZ working on information-driven infrastructure design and management. He holds a PhD in Building Environment Project and Technology (TePAC) from the Politecnico di Milano, where he developed a thesis on risks management through the building process. In 2011 he was Research Assistant at the MIT’s Senseable City Laboratory, where he mainly focused on real-time sensing (c.) technologies and energy efficiency optimization in buildings. From 2013 to 2015 he was Research Associate at the Center for Smart Infrastructure and Constructions, CambridgeUni, developing a model for assessing flexibility levels for infrastructure integration (.a), and working on sensing technology for station management (.b). More info here .a .b .c
  41. 41. ABCPhD Open Talks 2017 A.Kiviniemi+A.Carbonari @polimi Integrated and efficient approaches to design and construction March 31st - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, 14:00-15:30 Dr. Arto Kiviniemi is professor of Digital Architectural Design (Universities of Salford and Liverpool) and one of the most known leading experts in BIM. He has developed his researches in Finland (VTT) and in UK. Prof. Alessandro Carbonari’s (UniPolitecnica delle Marche) fields are Automation in Construction, Energy Savings, Probabilistic Modelling and Construction Management The Open Talk, chaired by prof. A.Ciribini, will present their research activities about ICT applications in the construction process, from design to construction phases. For more information:
  42. 42. ABCPhD Open Talks 2017 Valerio Lo Brano @polimi Innovative simulation models of energy systems March 29th - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, 14:00-15:30 Valerio Lo Brano is Building Physics and Solar Energy Systems professor at UNIPalermo, where he has the role of Head of the Energy and Nuclear Engineering Master Program. He deals with topics related to energy demand, energy management and energy efficiency, at a neighborhood scale, as well as at a product-component scale, taking care of the economic as well as the environmental impacts, in their Life Cycle. For more information:
  43. 43. ABCPhD Open Talks 2017 Federico Butera back to polimi Building, Cities and Sustainable Development: past, present and future March 29th - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, 14:00-15:30 Federico Butera is our (at polimi) emeritus professor with a very long career in the energy sector, dealing with energy efficiency strategies, in particular applied to the control of indoor and outdoor environment and its comfort. The story he will tell us is about the evolution of the concept of Built Environment Sustainability, from its first appearance in the international debate, with the final aim to give insights about our next future. For more information: Figure 2. Integrated design. 54 F.M. Butera
  44. 44. ABCPhD Open Talks 2017 Michal Šejnoha @polimi Effective properties of wood Application to glued laminated timber beams March 23rd - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, 16:30-17:30 The main research interest of Michal Šejnoha (MSc degree at CTU-Prague and PhD at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA, researcher at the Czech Technical University) is the mechanical behaviour of materials and new (reinforced, composites, …) ones. This lecture is about the modeling of wood at various scales, from their microstructure to complex elements like beams, and the use of stochastic hierarchical models in the framework of Bayesian statistics, to capture the inherent variability of the elastic properties of individual timber planks and the uncertainty of the parameters controlling their probability distributions. For more informations:
  45. 45. ABCPhD Open Talks 2017 Antonio Tralli @polimi Masonry draining stations and Medieval fortresses. The 2012 earthquake seismic vulnerability and state of damage March 23rd - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, 17h30-18h30 Antonio M. Tralli is Antonio Tralli is full professor of Scienza delle Costruzioni at UniFerrara and an expert of FEM and masonry modelling. The seminar deals with two categories of masonry structures of historic and architectural interest, recently studied by the structural research group of the University of Ferrara: 1) the ‘900 masonry draining stations all around the last portion of the Po and 2) a series of castles and fortresses built by Estensi Dukes in Modena, Reggio Emilia and the Garfagnana regions. Per informazioni:
  46. 46. ABCPhD Open Talks 2017 Alberto Leva (from DEIB to ABC) Multi-physics modelling and simulation tools Application in NZEBuildings design and management February 28th - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, 14:30-16:30 The main research interest of Alberto Leva (Dept. of Elettro- nica, Informazione e Bioing.) is process modeling, simulation and control, a natural arena for interdisciplinary cooperation. He will tell us his history as researcher and provide an overview of his field activity, in particular, modern multiphy- sics modeling paradigms and the use of simulation tools ( ), with a special focus on energy-related aspects. The topic we share is energy efficient buildings: he sees them as systems, we as architectures. Both we use simulators as a decision aid in design or management practice. It will be a very interesting confrontation meeting. Per informazioni:
  47. 47. ABCPhD Talks An early stage researcher meeting (those dealing with BIM) The idea of the format is simple: instantly grabbing any useful occasion: • to practice presentation to colleagues, • to establish contacts and scientific relationships • to obtain reviews from outside Aly Rashid is a future PhD Candidate in an UK university. His research proposal is about the Implementation of BIM software in the architectural curriculum. Thanks to Daniela Pasini we have organizing a to present him the most recent activities of our ABCPhD Candidates. Per informazioni: Flash-meeting Flash-meeting AULA CONSIGLIO h 15.30-16:30 CAMPUS LEONARDO Dipartimento ABC Via E. Bonardi, 9 Building 14 – 1st floor
  48. 48. ABCPhD go-to Talks Polimi @EURAC (and Klimahaus) January (2017) Thursday 26+27th Leaving from Politecnico toward Bolzano the 26th, at 7:15 am, and from Bolzano back to Milano at 5:00 pm the 27th
  49. 49. ABCPhD Open Talks 08 Daniel Barber @Polimi Architecture, Media and the Great Acceleration December 19th 2016 - 12h00-17h00 (with a pause) Aula Consiglio Dept. ABC, Campus Leonardo. Assistant Professor of Architecture at Penn Design, Daniel makes research about the relationship between the design fields and the emergence of global environmental culture, in the last century. His speach will tell us his history as historian of design, who tried to integrate narratives and methods from the histories of architecture, art, landscape architecture, technology, science, politics and, last but not least, economics.. Per informazioni:
  50. 50. ABCPhD OpenTalks 07 JOHN PENDLEBURY @polimi The Authorised Heritage Discourse (AHD) questions why material objects from the past should be considered valuable and extend this to what should be protected and to how that protection should take place; that is, what constitutes heritage and acceptable conservation practice. Using the AHD as a framing device, this lecture is focused upon the practice of conservation applied through the English planning system. It will reflect upon how, in tandem with the growth and extension of a system of conservation-planning, the protection of the historic environment has, over recent decades, become increasingly intertwined with other public policy objectives, especially with urban regeneration and economic development. Info:, The Authorised Heritage Discourse. Conservation, Planning and Urban Policy After the lecture, we shall present the book “Waterfronts Revisited. European Ports in a Historic and Global Perspective”, eds H. Porfyriou & M. Sepe, Routledge 2017 (here) Town planner and urban conservationist with practice experience, John Pendlebury, teaches at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University November 25th – Aula Beltrami, Bldg.5 (PT) - Campus Leonardo 9:30 – 12:30
  51. 51. ABCPhD Open Talks 06 JOSEP-MARIA GARCIA FUENTES @Polimi Building memories and inventing space May 25th - room S.1.7, Building 3 - Campus Leonardo, 9h30-11h30 Josep-Maria Garcia Fuentes is researcher at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape of Newcastle University and will talk with us about John Soane’s House and Museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. John Soane, Royal Gold Medal for architecture in 1776, was one of the most brilliant architects of his time. He had a thorough understanding of historical architectures, thanks to his travels in continental Europe, and a pioneering and visionary approach to architecture that let him become a constant reference for many twentieth-century architects in Europe and beyond. Our main questions: How a journey can provide the basis to the architect’s “formal education”? Does collective history need the architect’s imagination? And, what is the role of “nostalgia” in the never-ending reconstruction/invention of the past? Per informazioni: Cristina Pallini
  52. 52. ABCPhD Open Talks 04 ROBERT OWEN @Polimi Linking Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions with Infrastructure (IDDS) June 7th – aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, 14:30-18:30 Robert Owen is associate professor @QUT, and Coordinator of the CIB Task Group 91 Infrastructure. involved in Research Development for the School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment and Institute for Future Environments in the Science and Engineering Faculty. Bob has wide-ranging expertise in electronics, as a military pilot, and in intelligence and defence projects development and their management. He worked for the NATO Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD), the highly praised Integration of Geospatial and Built Environment – National Data Policy, and The Use of Smart ICT in the Planning, Design and Use of Infrastructure in Australia. Information:, Tel. 02.2399.6017 CANCELED – Sorry …!
  53. 53. ABCPhD Open Talks 03 PROTEZIONE CIVILE @Polimi Seismic vulnerability of buildings and risk mitigation April 27th - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, h.14:30-18:30 h. 14.00 -14.30 – Le attività del Dipartimento della Protezione Civile per la mitigazione del rischio sismico – Dott. Geol. Giuseppe Naso h. 14.30 -15.15 – Monitoraggio strutturale attraverso misure di vibrazioni – Ing. Daniele Spina h. 15.15 -16.30 – L'Operational Modal Analysis e la valutazione dell'indice dell’operatività strutturale degli edifici (IOPS) – ing. Gianluca Acunzo Per informazioni:, Tel. 02.23994334 See here for a list of research themes.
  54. 54. ABCPhD Open Talks 02 CATHERINE MAUMI @Polimi The job of the Architectural Historian May 18th - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, h.14:30-16:30 Catherine Maumi is the head of the Laboratoire Métiers de l’Histoire de l’Ar chitecture, édifices-villes, tèrritoires and joint supervisor, with Emilio Faroldi, of Caterina Franco, PhD Candidate here (30th cycle) and at the école nationale supérieure d’architecture (ENSAG). The philosophy of the Laboratoire is to use the history of architecture as a way to understand and study the present at the scale of an architecture, of a town or of a country. The meeting is an opportunity for interaction and exchange between the guest, our PhD Candidates and D.ABC faculty about the meaning of the “research in architecture” and its practice at ENSAG as well as at polimi. See here for a list of research themes.
  55. 55. ABCPhD Open Talks 01 BILAL SUCCAR @Polimi The Digitization of the AEC Industry and the Policy Makers' Attitudes April 22nd - aula Consiglio, Campus Leonardo, h.11:00-16:00 Thanks to Angelo Ciribini and Marzia Bolpagni, we have the opportunity to meet and interview Bilal Succar, a worldwide ackowledged BIM Guru, based in Melbourne, Australia, and to discuss with him the ultimate meanings of the Digital Turning Points in front of the Governmental Strategies and the National or Regional Levels of BIM Maturity to be reached. His research (quoting from: succar) «focuses on the technologies, processes and policies enabling construction industry stakeholders to collaboratively design, build and operate a facility» You can see his full academic profile and publications here:
  56. 56. The tour will be guided by Valeria Pracchi, who has directed the restoration works for the new museum. Meeting point, Ticket office of the museum, at 9:00 – Visit start at 9:15 Il nuovo spazio museale della Pietà Rondanini di Michelangelo si trova in una apposita Sala all’interno del complesso dei Musei Civici del Castello Sforzesco di Milano. La rinnovata destinazione museale voluta nel 2012 da Stefano Boeri, allora assessore alla Cultura della giunta Pisapia, ha suscitato notevole dibattito in città e su riviste e quotidiani non solo locali. Si è trattato infatti di modificare l’ormai storicizzato allestimento museale progettato dai BBPR alla fine degli anni Cinquanta e universalmente noto. Numerose sono dunque le questioni che sono state poste all’attenzione del pubblico interessato e che si intendono qui riprendere per ricostruire il dibattito intercorso in sedi importanti. Esse possono essere racchiuse entro tre ambiti tematici: • modifica dell’allestimento storico in rapporto alle (nuove / modificate / diverse) modalità di fruizione dell’opera; • scoperta e conoscenza di una nuova parte del Castello mai prima apprezzata; • destino dell’allestimento BBPR nella sala degli Scarlioni che ha ospitato la Pietà fino al 2015. Il giro proseguirà all’interno dei musei del Castello per visionare la Sala degli Scarlioni, dove era posta la Pietà, e per osservare e accennare ai restauri in corso alla pittura leonardesca della Sala delle Asse, se possibile. ABCPhD DOCTORAL PROGRAM IN ARCHITECTURE, BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING Nuovo MUSEO PIETA’ RONDANINI Thursday 17th September, 2015