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D c newsletter july2020

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DayCare Newsletter

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D c newsletter july2020

  1. 1. UPCOMING EVENTS July 3—Closed for Holiday Themes 7/6 In the Ocean 7/13 What Could I Be? 7/20 Fun at the Circus 7/27 Down on the Farm EPWORTH NEWSLETTER BUILD YOUR OWN BURGER This year we will be having Build Your Own Burger. It will be adapted for the safety of the children. Epworth Nursery School Since 1972 July 2020 Birthdays Graceland Weaver 7-31-18 Jase Sibila 7-26-17 Nicholas Burky 7-29-17 JUNE AT A GLANCE Just a reminder even with the new normal, we are still having a blast inside the walls of Ep- worth. Infants: Daily Wagon Rides Toddlers: Making yummy rainbow jello Pres A: Science experiments; home- made bird feeders, coloring car- nations Pres B Going on a Bug Hunt, making sun visors, and fishing poles SA Joe is happy Everyone had a chance to watch the BlimpREMINDERS:  WASH YOUR and YOUR CHILD’S HANDS UPON ENTERING THE BUILD- ING.  WEAR A MASK  USE BACK EXIT FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING  REPORT ANY SIGNS OF ILLNESS TO CENTER IMMEDIATELY Vacations—Please contact the Di- rector if your child is taking a vaca- tuib