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Jul aug 2020 newsletter

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Church Newsletter

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Jul aug 2020 newsletter

  1. 1. The July/August 2020 Newsletter of Epworth United Methodist Church Worship Time: Sunday 9:30 am Online at Sermons for July, and August July 5—Who Will Rescue Me?; Romans 7:15-25a; Psalm 45; Matthew 11:25-30 July 12—The Sower and the Seed!; Romans 8:1-11; Psalm 119:105-112; Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 July 19—The Wheat and the Weeds; Romans 8:12-25; Psalm 139; Matthew 13:24-30, 36-40 July 26—-A Mustard Seed; Romans 8:26-39; Psalm 105:1-11, 45b; Matthew 13:31-33, 41-52 August 2—Loaves and Fishes; Romans 9:1-5; Psalm 17:1-7, 15; Matthew 14:13-21 August 9—Storms Will Come!; Romans 10:5-15; Psalm 105; Matthew 14:22-33 August 16—Crumbs from the Table; Romans 11:1-2, 29-32; Psalm 133; Matthew 15:10-28 August 23—The Keys to the Kingdom; Romans 12:1-8; Psalm 124; Matthew 16:13-20 August 30—In the Way or On the Way?; Romans 12:9-21; Psalm 63; Matthew 16:21-28
  2. 2. Pastor’s Pen In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been adaptable and have transitioned to the innovative way of reaching out to the community around us and connecting with the majority of our active members—at least those who were willing give the technology of live-streaming a try. In the process, we have discovered that we have successfully connected with some of our home-bound members, and some members who have moved away. We have also reconnected with others and some new people as well. We have been blessed by having Nate Lockwood help with establishing the technology for the live-streaming. We want to continue to offer this way to connect with the home-bound and reaching to new people, in the fu- ture. We need to think about how we might attract others to join us. So, we have quickly and somewhat easily made this transition—at least when it came to the decision to move ahead and do it. We thank all of you for your continued support of this effort. In the process, we have just begun to make the transition to the new ways of communicating and connecting with the younger generation in the ways that they are already using. We need to see what lies ahead, and how we can continue to share the Gospel in new ways with others. Thank you for being adaptable and supportive of this effort! May God continue to use us, and may we be a blessing. Rev. Les Peine Devotional Thought: Hebrews 13:20-21 “May the God of peace . . . equip you with everything good for doing his will…” When we end our worship services, we offer a benediction and a sending greeting. We don’t simply say, “Have a nice week.” We go from our service of worship to our everyday life of worship. In order to do that, we need God’s blessing and equipping. The writer of Hebrews is also sending us out with a reminder of who is going with us. It is “The God of peace . . .”—not a God of wrath and anger. This is the God who is sending us and equipping us. We do not do the good that we do, all on our own. We need God’s help, guidance and strength so that what we do is pleasing to him. We need God to equip us with “everything good for doing his will.” By God’s grace, we do everything for God’s glory forever and ever. Prayer Lord, Jesus Christ, equip us with every good thing, so that we can do your will and that we may be a blessing to those around us. May all that we do be to Christ’s honor and glory now and forever. Amen. . Preschool Themes 7/6 In the Ocean 7/13 What Could I Bew? 7/20 Fun at the Circus 7/27 Down on the Farm 8/3 Boats 8/10 Puppets and Theatre 3/17 Turtles, Frogs, and Fish 8/24 Summer Farewell 8/31 Teacher’s Choice Infant/Toddler Concepts July—Beach/Ocean August—Fairs/Festivals UPCOMING EVENTS July 3—Day Care Closed Summer Staff Director—Theresa Lemon Infants—Ashley Lechleiter, Patty Harper Tod A—Cindi Todich, Angela Hall Tod B— Brooke Coleman, Alycia Rusyn Pres A—Megan Harris, Amanda Beitel Pres B—Mary Krider, Robin Shaw, Michelle Brugh School Agers—Gale Bailis, Katie Blackburn Food Service—Lisa Shrefffler
  3. 3. EpworthUnitedMethodistChurch 3061LincolnWayW. MassillonOH44647 CHANGESERVICEREQUESTED DATEDMATERIAL JULY/AUGUST 2020 On Sunday, May 31st, the Spring Conference was held via Zoom. During the conference, the District unanimous- ly supported the initiative to support the Teach • Reach • Bless campaign for Africa University. The district churches are asked to pledge together to raise $30,000 in the next 2 years and Crossroads UMC will match that amount for a total of $60,000! This contribution will furnish dorms and furnishings for the women of Africa Uni- versity. We, as a church, will be participating in this campaign. If you would like to donate to this campaign, simply mark your donation, “Teach, Reach, and Bless.” Our district churches have already sent in over $7,800!! If you have questions about the following areas, contact the people listed below: Admin Board Nathan Lockwood 330.685.4199 Council on Min Alyce Ripple 330.832.5216 Trustees Marcia Paul 330.837.5424 Usher Allen Hendriks 330.832.4850 Director of Music Marie Deitz 330.837.1651 Spirit Marie Deitz 330.837.1651 Joyful Noise Debbie Scheetz 330.477.3985 Youth Marie & Rod Deitz 330.837.1651 Prayer Line Barb Dillen 330.705-9049 SPR Chair Debbie Scheetz 330.477.3895 Finance Alice Fazzone 330.833.5521 Lay Leader Debbie Scheetz 330.477.3895 Stewardship Day Care Board Bryan Stuck 330.309.1900 Thank you to Nate and Bruce Lockwood for assembling the new sheds on the playground for the DayCare. Thank you to Duane Paul for fixing the lock on the door to the fellowship hall. Thank you to Nate and Bruce Lockwood for installing the video equipment in the fellow- ship hall. Thank you to Bryan Stuck for disinfecting the tables after service on Sundays.
  4. 4. August Anniversaries 8/1 Ralph & Norma Cox Sr. 8/11 Nate & Krissy Lockwood 8/15 Sean & Tiffany Remley 8/25 Tim & Barb Remley 8/27 Mike & Debbie Parker August Birthdays 8/2 Nicole Anderson 8/2 Julie Wimsatt 8/3 Barb Baker 8/4 Sarah Lockwood 8/5 Megan Mitzel 8/5 Tiffany Remley 8/6 Roberta Miller 8/7 Brenda Charney 8/8 Matt Baker 8/8 Mike Carter 8/14 Doug Nichols 8/16 Alan Stanford 8/20 Jessica Stuck 8/20 Jonathon Stuck 8/21 Pauline Campbell 8/23 Melinda Ramsey 8/25 Debbie Parker 8/26 Rachael Cox 8/26 Elise Lockwood 8/27 Liz Remley 8/28 Tim Kelley 8/28 Aaron Krichbaum FINANCIAL REPORT 05/1/2020Balance $10,628.99 Receipts $7,885.00 Total In- $18,513.99 Expenses $5,958.09 05/30/2020Balance $12,555.90 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 05/30/2020 EOC Credit Union $1,231.92 EOC Credit Union $18,048.06 FARMERS Savings $29,106.55 Total $48,386.53 BUILDING EXPANSION 05/01/2020Balance Fwd. $ 548.01 Pledges $2,215.75 Total Income $2,763.76 Payment $2,453.35 Extra on Principal 160.75 05/30/2020Balance $ 149.66 05/30/2020 $Loan Balance 5/30/2020 July Birthdays 7/2 Tom Baker 7/2 Merrie Jo Wadian 7/6 Chad Nodo 7/6 Larry Hinson 7/7 Kylie Johnson 7/8 Audrey Arner 7/10 Nikann Charney 7/12 Rachel Stanford 7/13 Larry Henderson 7/13 Darlene Arner Kieffer 7/13 John Labriola 7/13 Sam Nodo 7/13 Breanna Woods 7/15 Hal DeCeuster 7/15 Nate Lockwood 716 Nathan Cox 7/16 Dan Stipe 7/17 Melissa Baker 7/17 Janice Dillen 7/19 Norma Cox 7/20 Mark Carter 7/22 Skyler Ramsey 7/22 Christy Schumm 7/23 Sasha Stuck 7/25 Jim Krichbaum 7/26 Dianna Johns 7/30 Scott DeLuca July Anniversaries 7/01 Doug & Vicki Nichols 7/09 Alan & Kim Stanford 7/13 Bryan & Frances Stuck VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2020 Sunday, July 19-Thursday, July 23 6:15-8:30 p.m. Age 4-Grade 6 Epworth United Methodist Church 3061 Lincoln Way NW, Massillon Children must sign up by July 12. Email, Text Marie at 330-754- 9443 or call the church office at 330-832-7271 with par- ent name, child name, child age and phone number We are looking forward to Vacation Bible School this summer! Due to the COVID-19 emergency, we are following the state guidelines in order to have a great week, and also a safe week, for everyone. We are adjusting our plans and activities to include wearing masks, social distancing, providing materials and items that will used by just your child during the week, as well as additional sanitizing and hand washing, One of the guidelines that we must follow is group size. In order to ensure that we have the proper number of adults for groups of kids, you must sign your children up prior to VBS. July 12 is the deadline to contact us to put your child's name on the roster for VBS. We will contact you to confirm that your child is on our list. “Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me……’” Linda Lockwood & Marie Senften-Deitz