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Obstacles of Digital Transformation Evolution

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The talk will focus on some things that any consultant or leader should consider when entering into an organisation that has a stated desire to transform into the most Digital organisation possible.

Speaker: Ryan Bryers, Digital Transformation and Leadership, Equal Experts

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Obstacles of Digital Transformation Evolution

  1. 1. Major Obstacles of Digital Transformation Expert Talks, Manchester, 24th September 2019 Ryan Bryers, Associate Transformation Consultant
  2. 2. Phrases I’ve used in my IT Career I have a number of favourite phrases that I’ve built up over time in IT: ● Technology is a simple thing that is massively complicated by “PEOPLE” ● The truth lies between the “TWO EXTREMES” ● Beware of the “FLY FROM FEAR RESPONSE” ● Take the time it takes “TO TAKE LESS TIME” ● I know it’s new & shiny but “SHOULD YOU REALLY BE PLAYING WITH THAT” ● Well there is always someone “SMARTER THAN ME IN THE ROOM”
  3. 3. Viewpoints & Perspectives
  4. 4. Fear of the New
  5. 5. Things I’ve heard in my IT Career When making change these are things that have been said to me: ● “We’ve tried that before, let me tell you why that won’t work” ● “Our systems can’t work like that” ● “It’s much quicker to just make that change on the system as is” ● “Clients really like our 30-year old product, they won’t go anywhere else” ● “Competitors don’t understand the marketplace” ● “Our system has way more functionality than theirs does” ● “They can’t deliver their business without us” Would you like your “Humble Pie” now or later with a side of “Disruption”
  6. 6. Natural Instincts We have a natural instinct as human beings to fear change and run from it ● We like to live in our comfort zones ● We like being Queen or King of the castle ● As we get older we are less inclined to accept/learn something new ● We like to feel in control
  7. 7. The Right Way to Start I fear at times being Agile is taken too literally, I’ve seen the principle so misused that the only real outcome was chaos. ● There is no guarantee of success ● Use Inception to bring people together ● Multi-discipline teams collaborate ● Do it early to find issues before they occur ● If Inceptions do just one thing, they de-risk delivery - but remember they don’t guarantee it
  8. 8. Culture and People From top to bottom Culture & People are likely to offer the biggest challenges to a programme of change: ● The culture for change has to be set from the top down or it is likely to fail ● To change you need champions of change ● Communicate regular and often sets the tone for change ● People need to be heard before they will engage to the change programme CULTURE PEOPLE = ?
  9. 9. Process and Technology The change most often involves doing something differently, process change is normally enabled by technology: ● People will always need the comfort of a “how to” process guide ● You have to leave knowledge and working process behind as you aren’t there forever ● Technologists likes can be tribal and irrational, pragmatism needs to be used ● Choose the technology that fits the problem not what someone else uses
  10. 10. Things you will hear in Transformation I almost guarantee you’ll hear some (if not all) of these things when you start to be involved with or run a transformation. ● “... but that’s not what the Agile manifesto says” ● “… but that’s not what the framework says” ● “... I haven’t done that in the 30-years I’ve been a developer, why start now” ● “... it’s impossible to do that, it just won’t work” ● “... but won’t that make my role redundant” ● “... I need to know how much and when, Agile doesn’t work” ● “... how much will doing all this save”
  11. 11. Cheat Sheet Every situation you enter into will be different, some may be bottom up transformation others may just be evolution to the next Digital step. 1. Understand the AS IS quickly by meeting people (multi-discipline) 2. Create a community to support the transformation 3. Use an Inception process to get clarity on The Opportunity-The Domain- The Solution & The Plan 4. Show what good looks like and set a path towards it 5. Collaborate, Communicate, Document and be Available 6. Be PRAGMATIC, there is no place for purism in Digital Transformation
  12. 12. Summary
  13. 13. Thank You Simple solutions to big business problems. Ryan Bryers 07733 312452