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Brazil Transmedia Conference - II Fórum Transmídia na ESPM (#FTM12)

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Apresentação compartilhada por Robert Pratten (TStoryteller) para divulgação pelo grupo EraTransmidia, das experiências lançadas no II Fórum Transmídia na ESPM, dias 28 e 29 de setembro de 2012.

Ele fez essa exibição no dia 29/09 as 10:15h Aguçando a Curiosidade do Público pelas Multiplataformas e Melhores Práticas Transmídia vc: Nuno Bernardo (BeActive/Portugual) e vc: Robert Pratten (TStoryteller/Reino Unido)

Veja a programação completa do #FTM12 no site e acesse todos os conteúdos que iremos compartilhar até a edição de 2013!

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Brazil Transmedia Conference - II Fórum Transmídia na ESPM (#FTM12)

  1. 1. Best Practicein Creating Transmedia Entertainment Sao Paulo, Brazil Sept 29th 2012 Robert Pratten CEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd @robpratten
  2. 2. Transmedia Storyteller Ltd“be remarkable”
  3. 3. Transmedia’s Top 5 Best Practice
  4. 4. Best Practice in TransmediaEntertainment & Marketing• Plan for DISCOVERABILITY• Plan for RETENTION• Ignite the CORE• Plan for PARTICIPATION• Satisfy a range of APPETITES
  5. 5. Bake inDiscoverability
  6. 6. App for discovery?Movies (US Theatrical) 600 Units released in 2011iOS apps (App Store) 300,000
  7. 7. Discoverability• Be remarkable – relevant – resonant – right production value• Be spreadable – empower advocates – free, giftable
  8. 8. Tell stories on social media
  9. 9. Facebook discoverability
  10. 10. Incitement Be surprising, playful and live?Bristol,UK 2012; by splash & ripple Incit
  11. 11. Be Sticky
  12. 12. Audience types
  14. 14. Facebook + TV/Web seriesTony Car Fly Apples Richard Brian Script Tony Fly Old Car Episode 1 : Funeral Episode 2 : Mother’s Day
  15. 15. Ignite the core
  16. 16. Empower advocates
  17. 17. Metrics• Marketing budget = $0• Production budget = $500• Total Net Kindle Revenue (2011) = $1748• Total shipments on Kindle Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011 = 972 (retail price at $2.94)• Number of people connecting to Lauren Ortega on email = 83 = 9% of total sales• Video views of Episode 1 (Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011) = 4727
  18. 18. Sales vs Social Media (Lowlifes) NB: “video views” used as simple proxy for trend of social media activity. Wasn’t the sole activity also included email, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  19. 19. Sales vs Social Media (Lowlifes) Tipping point
  20. 20. “Big on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn”
  21. 21. Kony 2012Ignited core says to curators (with large audiences) “I’m relevant” Image from
  22. 22. Plan for Participation Attribution:
  23. 23. Audience participation opportunities FEEL Companion Actor Moral dilemmas, Role-play, meaningful choices provide building blocks Outsider Observer Reflection, consideration Exploring, discovering THINK DO What will the audience do? How will they be engaged?
  24. 24. Satisfy all Appetites
  25. 25. The Walking Dead – from snack to feastFor the commute to work The TV show Before that night’s show After the show Something for the weekend
  26. 26. The Roswell Experience Find GPS coordinates of alien landing. Daily question emailed to subscribers for 14 days. Answers unlocked via check- in at local stores and points- of-interest
  27. 27. Needs deep diveSnackFeast
  28. 28. Alien casual gameText ALIEN TEST to (575) 208 5005 SECRET PUBLIC You are a PERFECT HOST for You are an EXHIBITIONIST who alien explorers. Your BIRTH seeks celebrity in two solar willingness to keep an alien systems. We are wary of you lovechild and tell nobody has but we may use you if it suits been noted and will be our cause. rewarded. You are an EARTH WARRIOR - KILL You are a SILENT RECLUSE. You ready to make a stand against crave alien attention but are alien invasion and exploration. afraid to show your affection. You are not to be trusted.
  29. 29. Transmedia’s Top 5 Best Practice Discoverability Participation Retention ignite the Core all Appetites
  30. 30. The End Robert Pratten @robpratten USA: +1 415 287 4150 Europe: +44 207 193 4567