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CX Trends 2023 - Discussion guide slides

  1. CX TRENDS 2023 Immersive CX starts now
  2. Agenda Agenda A look at the rise of immersive CX & why it matters 5 trends defining the new standard of immersive CX How to begin acting upon the trends to make experiences more immersive to maximize CX impact Identify, plan, and track progress towards immersive CX with important stats, questions, and steps
  3. CX is continuing to evolve and Zendesk found immersive CX is fast becoming the new standard, redefining how companies engage with their customers Source: Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global) Immersive CX represents a significant shift to more fluid, natural, and uninterrupted interactions. Consumers expect brands to meet them where they are, and under their terms through seamless and engaging interactions that keep them in the moment. Immersive CX is fueled by 5 tangible trends defining the next evolution of great experiences. Leading brands are already embracing them. Methodology: Survey data from nearly 3,700 consumers and 4,800 business leaders, alongside findings from over 99,000 Zendesk Benchmark participants shaped our CX Trends 2023 report.
  4. 74% of consumers who often interact with support say their CS standards have risen over the past year. The shift towards more immersive CX has been accelerated by several factors ● Pandemic and post-pandemic CX investments have paid off, setting a higher bar for customer experience. ● Leaders recognize the critical and expanded role of CX; they are investing more in CX to remain competitive and to drive key business results. ● Clear and elevated consumer expectations are driving businesses to develop more immersive experiences across all the touchpoints they use. 70% of consumers spend more with brands that provide a seamless experience between all of points of contact. 71% of leaders are rethinking the entire customer journey to build a more fluid experience. Source: Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global)
  5. 5 Trends Defining the New Standard of Immersive CX Enable flexible conversations to give consumers what they want when they want Businesses need to get their act together to avoid missing the mark on personalization Strong relationships will rely heavily on harnessing consumer emotions yet teams are unprepared Businesses have worked out initial AI kinks; now there’s a new hill to climb Bringing teams together leads to increased revenue and better experiences Empowering Conversations Evolved AI Deeper Personalization Unlocking Sentiment Integrated Teams Source :Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global)
  6. CX TRENDS 2023 Use the following slides to help your organization move towards offering more immersive experiences
  7. Questions for discussion: ❏ How effective is our current bot at handling more complex questions? ❏ Can our bot handle multiple questions at once? ❏ Does interacting with our bot feel conversational or mechanical? ❏ How are we using AI to personalize interactions with our customers? ❏ Is our organization lagging or leading in using AI/bots for CX? ❏ What are the barriers to improving our AI/chatbots? (For example, data silos) How to activate this trend: ● Build flexibility into AI planning to take advantage of advances. ● Ensure your AI is able to handle multiple, complex questions. ● Personalize and deliver chatbot responses in a conversational way. ● Think about how AI could help free up agents time by analyzing tickets for triage or routing. Business must understand that AI approaches must evolve with advances - implementation isn't complete. Important Stats: 72% of leaders say expanding the use of AI across their CX is an important priority this year. 67% of businesses plan to increase spending on AI over the next year. 64% of consumers want bots to provide the same level of service as humans. 01 TREND Source: Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global) CX TRENDS 2023
  8. CX TRENDS 2023 Questions for discussion: ❏ Do we currently make it possible for consumers to engage with someone immediately when contacting our company? How long do they have to wait? ❏ Does our current customer service solution enable us to handle tickets across all support channels from one place? ❏ What changes do we need to make to our customer journey to build a more fluid, immersive customer experience? ❏ How are we currently using messaging channels like WhatsApp and direct messages on social media to handle customer service issues? How to activate this trend: ● Enable consumers to engage and get assistance across the channels and spaces they use most. ● Provide the ability for interactions to stop and start across channels and spaces. ● Help customers get assistance without interrupting or removing them from their primary task. Ensure you are offering more conversational experiences to maintain customer connections. Important Stats: 72% of consumers expect to engage with someone immediately when contacting a company. 66% of consumers would spend more with a brand that enables them to converse on one channel and pick it up on another. 60% of leaders say they haven’t implemented conversational customer service but want or are planning to. 02 TREND Source: Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global)
  9. Questions for discussion: ❏ How are we currently personalizing the customer experience in person and online? ❏ Are we effectively using our customer data to personalize CX? Which data are we using? ❏ How well are we doing at retaining customers? What role could personalization play in improving retention? ❏ To what degree are we applying customer service data to improve other areas of our business, like sales and marketing or operations and distribution? How to activate this trend: ● Leverage customer service data for personalization. ● Don’t let data get stuck in silos. ● Pass data to agents and bots so they can act on it. ● Ensure you 2023 plan accounts for personalizing experiences beyond traditional marketing activities. Develop a personalization plan that ensure every interaction demonstrates a deeper understanding of your relationship. Important Stats: 79% of leaders believe service data is important and should be leveraged more for personalization. 77% of leaders agree personalization increases customer retention. 62% of consumers feel most companies could be doing a better job personalizing their experiences in-store and online. 03 TREND Source: Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global) CX TRENDS 2023
  10. Questions for discussion: ❏ What is our current CSAT? How frequently are customers having bad experiences, or giving us below-average satisfaction scores? ❏ Are there areas in our customer service that frustrate our customers or make them react negatively? ❏ Are we currently collecting and using customer sentiment data? Why or why not? ❏ How could we use sentiment analysis to personalize our customer experience for customers who are frustrated? ❏ Are we analyzing trends in customer service tickets into opportunities to educate customers or improve their experiences? How to activate this trend: ● Formally track and leverage sentiment data to understand customer pain points with your products and services. ● Use sentiment data to shape a customers’ journey. ● Use out of the box solutions that automate capturing of sentiment data. Formally track customer emotional data across interactions to improve experiences and drive results. Important Stats: 71% of organizations have proactively tried to improve customer wellbeing over the past year. 66%: of consumers who often interact with support said a bad interaction can ruin their day. Only 22% of leaders and managers say that customer sentiment is used to personalize the experience a customer receives. 04 TREND Source: Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global) CX TRENDS 2023
  11. Questions for discussion: ❏ Which teams do my customers currently reach out to the most? Why? ❏ What are the most common reasons why teams can’t answer customer questions? Are they missing data we could give them? ❏ How are we getting important customer context (purchase history, past interactions, etc) to agents to improve our customer service? ❏ What teams should we be encouraging to work more closely to improve customer experience? Should we combine any departments? ❏ What are the current obstacles to having a more seamless transfer of customer context across our organization? How to activate this trend: ● Evaluate internal CX processes to understand the teams, tools, and data used at each step of the customer journey. ● Ensure that the CX tools you use are flexible to adapt to shifting consumer demands. ● Consider merging CX teams or capabilities. It’s time to rethink and change the way teams are structured, the way they share data, and the way they collaborate. Important Stats: 77% of leaders who view their service departments as cost centers wish they were revenue drivers. 72% of leaders agree merging teams and responsibilities around CX would increase operational efficiencies 64% of leaders say their organization has plans to merge CX responsibilities or teams in the year. 05 TREND Source: Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global) CX TRENDS 2023
  12. With Zendesk for Service you can deliver more immersive experiences Ensures your customers can have fluid, natural conversations across their journey. Helps bots have meaningful conversations at scale. Enables deeper personalization by integrating systems and by automatically tailoring experiences. Predicts intent and customer sentiment with automation and AI. Makes it easy for teams to work together using their existing tools. Source: CX Trends 2023, Zendesk customers compared to non-Zendesk customers Source: Zendesk CX Trends 2023 (Global) ZENDESK CUSTOMERS ARE 35% more likely to rate the quality of CX provided by their organization as excellent. ZENDESK CUSTOMERS ARE 20% more likely to say they’ve seen a positive ROI on their customer service technology over the past year.
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