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Burberry Trend Forecasting Look Book

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Burberry apparel forecasting trend look book detailing Fall/Spring inspirations & hues, and demographics & customer profile.

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Burberry Trend Forecasting Look Book

  1. 1. FASHION FORECAST FALL 2009/SPRING 2010 Fashion Forecast Fall I 2009/Spring 2010 Burberry
  2. 2. FASHION FORECAST FALL 2009/SPRING 2010 Burberry PSYCHOGRAPHICS: Social status Politically involved Educated Conservative DEMOGRAPHICS: Adults ages 25 - 35+ 61% - Female 39% - Male Adults ages 35 - 49 Males & Females 29% Income - $60 - $100K+ Education College graduates - 50% BRAND VALUES: Exceptional quality Unique style Status LIFESTYLE: Career & goal oriented Single or married Socialite BENCHMARK: Neiman Marcus Bergdorf Goodman Bloomingdales Saks Fifth Avenue ACTIVITIES: Traveling Tennis Yachting & Boating MEDIA: Print Billboards Electronic
  3. 3. FASHION FORECAST FALL 2009/SPRING 2010 Burberry Customer Profile
  4. 4. FASHION FORECAST FALL 2009/SPRING 2010 Burberry COMPANY OVERVIEW: Burberry is one of the oldest fashion lables today, Burberry was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Thomas Burberry was a former draper’s assistant who later opened up his own store in Basingstoke Hampshire, England. Burberry invented the Trenchcoat using Gabardine fabric. Gabardine was founded by Burberry, and was the first waterproof, breathable fabric. He was known for outfitting explorers such as, Roald Amundsen the first man to reach the south pole. He later designed the uniforms for the British war officers during the Boer War. He later named his collection Burberry “Prorsum,” meaning forwards with an equestrian knight as part of the logo. In 1920 the famous Burberry check was used as the lining for the trenchcoat, which was red, black, white, and camel, and is still the same colors used currently. Burberry strives to promote environmental excellence, minimal waste, exceptional service standards, and craftmanship. Burberry is known for outstanding quality, exceptional high standards, and continues to make history with innovation and design. STYLE: Burberry’s style is classic, sophisticated, and wealthy. He uses only the most luxurious fabrics, and each garment is made with spe- cial precision, and care. The garments are Military inspired from the Trenchcoat. COLOR USE: The famous Burberry Check is red, white, black, and camel. Burberry typically uses neutrals, blacks, greys, plums, and whites for simplistic color. PRINT AND PATTERN: Burberry uses simple patterns and elegent designs; simply because less is more. The signature Burberry Check has been trade- marked since 1920, and is still used in many pieces today. DETAILS AND FINISHES: Taffeta, Flannel, Gabardine, Wool, Jersey, Cotton, Satin, Felt, Knit, Cashmere, Jacquard, and large cable knit. CUTS AND FITS: A-Line, Double Breasted, Single Breasted, & Shift Dresses.
  5. 5. FASHION FORECAST FALL 2009/SPRING 2010 COLOR PALETTE Wrought Iron PANTONE 16-5904 TCX Steel Iron PANTONE 18-1306 TCX Charcoal Grey PANTONE 13-0601TCX FALL I - Burberry Simplicity Classic American beauty inspired by the 1940s and 1950s. Luxurious, sophisticated, and edgy. Hourglass silhouettes enhance the natural waistline, inspired by the classic military jacket. The Guilded Age of tradi- tional tailored suiting with a modern and feminine twist. Vevet, jaquard, flannel, knits, wool, silk crepon, pleats, overstitches, and wrinkles, blistered and ruffled effects. Color palette of rich plums, dark greys, black, and char- coal. Classic and casual colors create a contrast to pas- sionate and theatrical tones. Feathers, ruffles, light embroidery, minimal accesso- ries, belted dropped waists for sophisticated but casual aesthetic. Narrow jackets with tight sleeves, and slightly puffed shoulders. Tight, skinny bottoms, looser on the top. Longer hems accent the tighter fitting legs. Dark col- ored tights, chunky lace up booties, and lace up wedges complete the look. TREND DEFINED COLOR EMBELLISHMENTS FITS FABRIC Purple Heart PANTONE 18-3520 TCX
  6. 6. FASHION FORECAST FALL 2009/SPRING 2010 FALL II - Burberry Executive Classic look adapted from the 1930’s and 1940’s with a color palette of navy, grays, black, and neutrals creat- ing a warm earth-tone aesthetic. We focus on Military and menswear inspired fashions defined by loose, waist- defying dresses cinched with a chunky belt, worn over thick ribbed tights and finished with lace up booties. Timeless pieces to invest in will compliment any ward- robe and can be transitioned from season to season. Tweed, knits, felt, velvet, lush wools, silk, cashmere, and chiffon will keep you warm and fashion forward in the colder months. Dark hues embrace the spectrum of winter. Winter 2009 collections will be revamped from the past, re- work you’re closet and continue with neutrals, blacks and greys. The key is to accent you’re wardrobe with simple pieces incorporating a pop of color. Various furs, and tweeds lower belted waists, buck- les, minimal accessories, minimal ruched detail, light embroidered detail. Wide, loose, unfitted eccentric silhouette of the female form with drop-waisted dresses. Narrow sleeve and fuller body forms. Longer hemlines create an hourglass shape for the curvier woman. TREND DEFINED COLOR EMBELLISHMENTS COLOR PALETTE Black PANTONE 10-0908 TCX Bluewash PANTONE 12-4304 TCX Dark Slate PANTONE 19-4220 TCX Camel PANTONE 17-1224 TCX FITS FABRIC Greystone PANTONE 19-3915 TCX
  7. 7. FASHION FORECAST FALL 2009/SPRING 2010 WINTER - Burberry Artisan This season is all about comfort, and soft layers. Patent leather give the look a little more of a couture feel. Lay- ering with classic pieces. Mix and mismatch with loose, and tighter pieces. Jersey knit, patent leather, wool, knits, and silk. Heavy gauge woolly jerseys, bouclé yarns, light jacquards, fine gauge, wool and cashmere jerseys. Burgundy, champaign reds, cool blues tone down flashy colors. The casual wear will become softer, made from sustainable products in a rounded and understated de- sign that streamlines elegance. Coats were ruched, beaded, button detail, piped with patent leather. Belts worn over cardigans, sweaters and jackets to give the look a more rugged feel. loosened-up silhouette: still fitted at the top, but fuller at the bottom. Belted empire waists, and dark tights fin- ish the look. TREND DEFINED COLOR EMBELLISHMENTS COLOR PALETTE Deep Cobalt PANTONE 19-3935 TCX Blueberry PANTONE 19-4021 TCX Pompeian Red PANTONE 18-1658 TCX Limestone PANTONE 16-4702 TCX FITS FABRIC Toffee PANTONE 18-1031 TCX
  8. 8. FASHION FORECAST FALL 2009/SPRING 2010 COLOR PALETTE Concord Grape PANTONE 18-3218 TCX Powder Stone PANTONE 14-1511 TCX Virtual Pink PANTONE 18-1856 TCX Spring I - Burberry Antiquity The bohemian look has been the pipeline to organic flow, homage and nature. Symbolism, romantic appeal, and spiritualism signify this hippie look. Toga inspired, peasnat and exquisite draping vapory chiffon dresses. Luxurious, soft, breathable fabric perfect for a warm spring day. Crepe, jersey, voile, rayon, lace, and chif- fon. The colors are more intense with bold purples and scarlet pinks. Dynamic springtime hues dominate this romantic, season. Beading, braiding, twisting, ruffling, and layers. Mini- mal accessories, with oversized handbags and large belts make this look effortless. Loose fitting, draped garments to hang off the body. Belted waists, long maxi dresses, loose on the top and bottom. Overall breathable fit. TREND DEFINED COLOR EMBELLISHMENTS FITS FABRIC Striking Purple PANTONE 18-3025 TCX Blue Fox PANTONE 14-4804 TCX
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