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  1. World TB Day By: Adam Brockest, Meg Reid, Michael Kerr & Jason Saxe
  2. What is TB ? • Tuberculosis (TB) is the worlds leading infectious disease. • TB is most commonly caused by a bacterial infection found in the lungs. • TB is spread through contact with infected persons.
  3. What is TB • TB is preventable, curable & treatable. • 1 in 3 people in the world are infected. • Many people are infected but do not display symptoms • High rate of co-infection between HIV & TB
  4. Background • Little progress in forms of treatment because the virus keeps changing. • 2 million people die from TB each year • In 2003 there was a 37% detection rate & 83% cure rate • In 2005 these rates are expected to increase to 70% detection rate & 85% cure rate
  5. Global Perspective • 14 million people in Africa alone are infected with TB. • World Health Organization (WHO) Is trying to raise awareness to prevent the spread of TB. • WHO has created March 24th as world TB day to support these initiatives.
  6. Local Perspective • High risk groups are individuals that are: Foreign born, have been in a correctional institute, aboriginals, homeless people and those infected with HIV. • The Toronto Public Health Board estimates that there are 2000 new case of TB in Canada each year.
  7. Mission & Vision Mission • To raise awareness about TB to help prevent the spread of TB. Vision • To create a TB free world.
  8. S.W.O.T Internal strengths • Government funded agency • High levels of credibility with the public • Free publicity through other colleges and universities • Large amount of information on TB available
  9. S.W.O.T External Opportunities • Awareness and treatment trends rising • New forms of media and communication • Most Canadians have educational background • Other countries raising awareness • Increasing testing in high risk categories
  10. S.W.O.T Internal Weakness • $15 000 budget restricts media use • Limited resources • Limited Government funding
  11. S.W.O.T External Threats • Low levels of awareness about TB internationally • Many misconceptions • Those infected may be unaware they have it • Fast growing rate of infection • Highly contagious
  12. Objective • To raise awareness on prevention and treatment of TB with in High School Students. • Educate outreach & correctional workers on effects, causes & symptoms of TB. • Raise awareness among the ethnic community. • Raise overall awareness throughout the GTA.
  13. Marketing Strategy • Raise awareness through the use of an IMC strategy • Direct marketing through seminars for reach workers, students, religious leaders & Correctional workers. • Print media: Church bulletins, posters at customs, schools, community centers & medical centers.
  14. Questions