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UBER - Product Management Assignment

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UBER - Product Management Assignment

  1. 1. Hiring Assignment for Product Managers @eugene1evin
  2. 2. There is a data point that indicates that there are more Uber drop-offs at the airport than pick-ups from the airport. Why is this the case and what would you do within the product to change that?
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Problem Analysis 2. Problem Summary 3. Gauging the Problem 4. Product Changes Hiring Assignment for Product Managers @eugene1evin
  4. 4. Problem Analysis • Focus on one specific airport • Who, who doesn’t want to get picked up by Uber? • Situational Analysis • Getting into the head of the user
  5. 5. Airport Lets pick one airport to conduct our problem analysis
  6. 6. Uber is not one size fits all Some like it BIG, some like it yellow
  7. 7. Ride Segmentation Airport Drop-Offs Airport Pick-Ups Ride Total Rides (#) Share of drop-off rides (%) Total Rides (#) Share of pick-up rides (%) Growth potential for pick-ups uberX # % TAXI # % BLACK # % SUV # %
  8. 8. Situational Analysis 1. Assess fleet availability near the airport 2. Transportation methods available at the airport 3. Airport Regulations
  9. 9. Situational Analysis Is there a fleet availability problem, near the airport? • What is the average waiting time for an Uber ride at the airport X? • Segment the results by Uber ride...
  10. 10. Situational Analysis Transportation methods available at the airport include: • Cab • Limo Service • A variety of shuttle services (airline, hotel, other) • Car rental • Public Transit • Pick-up by a friend, relative, colleague..
  11. 11. Situational Analysis Airport Regulations Most airports have regulations in regards to the cabs and limos and enforce restrictions and rules on cab and limo operations at the airport…
  12. 12. Getting into the head of the user (analyzing arrivals) • Transportation methods available at the airport – A path of least resistance – Pre-arranged or included (e.g. shuttle, friend) • Keeping the phone off or data-less to avoid roaming charges – How big of an issue is it, today, overall? – How big of an issue is it, specifically for Uber users? • Setting pick-up location – Setting a pick up location at the airport (terminal, gate, exit) is not as easy as setting a pick up location in the city (by address)… extra friction…
  13. 13. Getting into the head of the user (analyzing arrivals) Launched Uber app [X] Set pick-up location [Y] Requested Ride [Z] Why??? Why???
  14. 14. Getting feedback from users 1. Why did you use Uber to get to the airport? 2A. Why DID you use Uber to get from the airport? Or: 2B. Why DIDN’T you use Uber to get from the airport?
  15. 15. Problem Summary There are more Uber drop-offs at the airport than pick-ups from the airport, because: • uberTaxi has the largest mass appeal • Drop-offs include all of the Uber rides, including uberTaxi • Pick-ups include only premium rides from the airport, because Uber doesn’t offer uberTaxi pick-ups from the airport *Although this is based on educated guesstimation, the ride segmentation exercise would have provided those same insights*
  16. 16. Gauging the Problem • Setting goals • Who are the target users • Opportunity Sizing
  17. 17. Setting Goals To get more people to use Uber as a pick-up option from the airport : OR Optimize the conversion of premium users Convert uberTaxi riders into premium riders (uberBlack & uberSUV)
  18. 18. I would give the option below a higher priority Optimize the conversion of premium users
  19. 19. Who Uber customers that use uberBlack and uberSUV to get to the airport (drop-offs)
  20. 20. Opportunity Size • What is the average revenue per pick-up ride for the chosen segments (uberBlack & uberSUV)? • What is the growth potential for pick-up rides for the chosen segments (refer back to the segmentation analysis)? • Calculate the estimated opportunity size based on the above Does the opportunity size justifies exploring this issue further?
  21. 21. Product Changes • Objectives & Key Results • Engaging Drop-Offs • Activating Arrivals • Execute & Measure
  22. 22. Objectives & Key Results Key Results: 1. Engage premium drop-offs 2. Get their arrival information 3. Activate at arrival 4. Get users to request a pick-up ride Objective: Increase the number of requests for premium rides from the airport (uberBlack & uberSUV)
  23. 23. When to Engage Drop-Offs Developing an understanding of users’ journey to the plane and the emotional states they will go through…
  24. 24. Engaging Drop-Offs Objectives: 1. Push notification, 10 minutes after they boarded their Uber ride to the airport… 2. Tap into their emotional state, remind them that Uber is a great way to reduce the stress and hassle from travelling… 3. Get their arrival information
  25. 25. Activating at Arrival Objectives: 1. Push notification upon the arrival 2. Present the user with a CTA to request a ride
  26. 26. Measure & Iterate Did the number of rides from the airport grow? Engage premium drop-offs Get arrival information Activate at arrival Ride Requests 1. Why? 2. How can we improve?
  27. 27. Thank You! I would love to get your comments and feedback @eugene1evin