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Дмитрий Малеев-Мобильная Геймификация или как вырабатывать-привычки

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Дмитрий Малеев-Мобильная Геймификация или как вырабатывать-привычки

  1. 1. My Gamer CVPosi%on:  Hardcore  gamerExperience:  almost  20  years.Pla/orms:  PC,  Consoles,  MobileMain  pla/orm:  Xbox,  PCDisappointment:No  salary  for  gaming
  2. 2. Before  of  all  for  game  devs…
  3. 3. What  MoCvates   People?
  4. 4. What about games?
  5. 5. Games better than sex!P.S: Я не задрот:)
  6. 6. What is Gamification?“Gamifica(on  is  the  use  of  game  design  techniques,  game  thinking  and  game  mechanics  to  enhance  non-­‐game  contexts.”   ©Wiki
  7. 7. Example?
  8. 8. Example.
  9. 9. Gamification is:• Listening to what games can teach us• Learning from game design• Appreciating FUN!
  10. 10. It  works  because…• Our Brain likes rewards!• Our Brain likes to solve issues!• Our Brain likes to get surprises!• Generation Y-Z-AO...
  11. 11. It’s all about Engagement
  12. 12. Mobile Gamification
  13. 13. Average human attention span in gameplay 12 minute
  14. 14. Implication for mobile apps? 12 minute 5 seconds
  15. 15. Features curve
  16. 16. Game Mechanics• Leader boards• Badges• Contests• Challenges• Achievements• Social Graph• Location based
  17. 17. Tell the Story!
  18. 18. And one more...
  19. 19. Where to start?