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8th Medical Science Liaison Best Practices, April 2011, Basking Ridge, NJ

Bringing Maximum Value to the KOL, Company, and Industry

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8th Medical Science Liaison Best Practices, April 2011, Basking Ridge, NJ

  1. 1. 8 MSL BEST PRACTICES thAPRIL 14 -15, 2011 | DOLCE | BASKING RIDGE | NEW JERSEYDISTINGUISHED SPEAKERS THE BUSINESS OF SCIENCEJOIN US FROM: Honing MSL Business Acumen and Expertise to Drive Long-Term Corporate Sustainability and Success ACTELION RALPH REWERS, PharmD, Executive Director and Head Regional Medical Liaisons,Scientific Affairs, AMGENPHARMACEUTICALS, US INTERACTIVE SESSION: METRICS FOR MSLS AMGEN Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? PETER PILIERO, MD, Executive Director and Medical Leader, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM BAYER HEALTHCARE MSLS AND CLINICAL TRIALSBOEHRINGER INGELHEIM Outlining the Challenges and Opportunities for MSLs to Support the Successful Execution of Investigator-Initiated Trials and Company-Sponsored Trials CELGENE ANNA KOZLOVSKI, PharmD, Associate Medical Director, Lymphoma Team Lead, EISAI ELI LILLY & CO. PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP A: MSL AND MEDICAL AFFAIRS COLLABORATION EISAI Improving Internal Communication between Field-Based MSLs and Office-Based Medical Affairs to Strengthen Scientific Integrity and Therapeutic Area Success GENZYME PAUL WEBER, MD, RPh, MBA , Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs, Medical Disease Lead, CELGENE IKARIA PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP B: MSL TRAINING STANDARDS MCGUIREWOODS Developing the Skills and Core Competencies of MSLs to Enhance Team Performance PAUL MINNE, PharmD, RPH, Senior Regional Medical Liaison Metabolic Bone, AMGEN NOVARTIS DENISE PITNER, PharmD, Therapeutic Team Director, NOVARTIS CRAIG KLINGER, RPh, Senior Medical Liaison Consultant, ELI LILLY & CO. OPENQ Tri-Located Medical Affairs Executive Forum and the SHIRE with 13th Investigator-Initiated Trials Conference WITHIN3 ExL Pharma’s for Maximum Learning and Networking Opportunities! ZIPHER SPONSORED BY: MEDICAL AFFAIRS, LLC To Register Call 8 6 6 -2 07- 6 5 2 8 or Visit w w w. ex l p h a r m a . c o m /8 t h m s l
  2. 2. Dear Colleague, WHO SHOULD ATTEND?As the healthcare landscape in the United States continues to change,the role of the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is growing in relevance and Professionals from Pharmaceutical,importance. Stricter regulations, increased competition, and shrinkingpipelines are contributing to higher stakes and the need for pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Devicebiotech and medical device companies to have effective MSL teams in companies with responsibilities in theplace. The education and product awareness that MSLs bring to thought following areas:leaders and the broader medical community are essential to corporatesustainability and success. Further, the peer-to-peer relationships that • Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs, MLs)MSLs initiate and maintain with KOLs and the field insights they bring • Medical Affairsback to the company are fundamental, particularly as sales forces arebeing reduced throughout the nation. The strong business acumen, • Medical Communicationscommunication skills, and therapeutic area expertise that MSLs possess • Scientific Affairsare tools that are tremendously meaningful, and when channeled properly,can be enormously valuable to both internal and external stakeholders. • Medical Advisors/ManagersBuilding from the success of seven previous events, ExL Pharma’s 8th • Clinical Trial LiaisonsMSL Best Practices is designed to provide attendees with information • KOL Developmenton the latest trends, changes, and best practices for MSLs operatingin such a complex environment. Attending this event provides exciting • Clinical Researchopportunities for networking with industry colleagues and benchmarking • Medical Educationactivities, strategies and goals. The expert speaking faculty and highlyinformative topics help MSLs effectively meet the needs of internal and • Clinical/Outcomes Liaisonsexternal customers, while remaining professionally fulfilled. • Clinical InvestigatorsWe look forward to greeting you in April! • Business Intelligence • Regulatory Affairs Sincerely, This conference is also of interest to: • Software and Technology Companies • Staffing Agencies/Recruiters Lindsay Slater Senior Conference Director • Law Firms 8th MSL Best Practices • Consultants “I was really impressed with virtually everything about this event. The topics were right on target, the speakers were great, having lots of time for questions and interactive discussions was perfect.” – M EDIC AL SCIENTIFIC MANAG ER | ALLE RGAN Dolce Basking Ridge combines a retreat- Shuttle Information: like setting with over 20,000 square feet We offer Complimentary shuttle service of IACC approved function space. The within a 6 mile radius which includes the award-winning Dolce Basking Ridge is Basking Ridge Train Station. the Tri-state region’s setting of choice for business and pleasure. A recent multi- Airport Information: million dollar redesign has updated our Newark International Airport is accommodations, restaurantand lobby approximately 30 minutes away. to have the chic and contemporary feel of New York City while maintaining the Please contact the hotel directly at quiet seclusion of Basking Ridge. 800-953-8033 to book your room. Please mention ExL Pharma and the 8th Dolce Basking Ridge is less than an hour west of Manhattan from Interstate 287, 78 MSL Best Practices conference to take and 80. advantage of this discount. You mustDOLCE BASKING RIDGE book your room by March 23, 2011 to be300 NORTH MAPLE AVE Newark Liberty Airport is approximately eligible for the discounted rate. PleaseBASKING RIDGE, NJ 07920 a 30-minute drive, while LaGuardia and book your room early as the rooms JFK Airports are just an hour away. available at this rate are limited andPHONE: 800-953-8033 review your hotel confirmation to ensure FAX: 908-953-3105 that you received the ExL group rate.
  3. 3. To Register Call 8 6 6 -2 07- 6 5 2 8 or Visit w w w. ex l p h a r m a . c o m /8 t h m s l 1:15 THE BUSINESS OF SCIENCEPRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP | DAY ONE Honing MSL Business Acumen and Expertise to Drive Long-Term Corporate Sustainability and SuccessT H U R S DAY, A P R I L 1 4 • Exploring the potential of field-based medical to compliantly strengthen existing 8:00 REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAL relationships, forge new partnerships and serve as key players in strategic BREAKFAST FOR WORKSHOP planning and development PARTICIPANTS • Acquiring and synthesizing field insights to drive clinical and corporate decision- making9:00 PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP A: MSL • Demonstrating value of the expensive MSL position to the company AND MEDICAL AFFAIRS COLLABORATION Improving Internal Communication between Field-Based • Providing maximum value to internal teams and external partners through MSLs and Office-Based Medical Affairs to Strengthen established credibility and expertise Scientific Integrity and Therapeutic Area Success Ralph Rewers, PharmD, Executive Director and Head Regional Medical Liaisons, Scientific Affairs, AMGEN • Defining expectations to optimize the collaboration between home office and field based teams 2:00 INTERACTIVE SESSION: METRICS FOR MSLS • Understanding how MSLs can effectively convey important field medical insights Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? to inform and potentially change the activities of internal Medical Affairs colleagues • Benchmarking data: what is the industry doing? • Realizing the value of office-based Medical Affairs in setting strategy • Establishing goals and measuring performance for demonstrating value and • Sharing best practices especially regarding KOL interactions for maintaining the maximizing results balance of roles, responsibilities, and relationships of functional groups within • Selecting compliant metrics that are meaningful to management and accepted by Medical Affairs the MSL team • Leveraging the benefits of increased communication and transparency • Balancing qualitative and quantitative metrics that reflect value to internal stakeholders and external customers * This workshop will be highly participatory for attendees. Its design will include breakout groups and reporting. • Leveraging metrics for team motivation and morale Paul Weber, MD, RPh, MBA, Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs, Medical Peter Piliero, MD, Executive Director & Medical Leader, Disease Lead, CELGENE BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM10:30 NETWORKING & REFRESHMENT BREAK 2:45 NETWORKING AND REFRESHMENT BREAK12:00 WORKSHOP CONCLUDES; LUNCHEON FOR 3:15 CASE STUDY WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS Maximizing MSL Productivity and Compliance through the Development of a Monthly Activity Reporting System9:00 PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP B: • Utilizing a reporting system to strengthen compliance with internal policies and MSL TRAINING STANDARDS procedures as well as industry-wide regulatory requirements Developing the Skills and Core Competencies of • Considering the “how,” the “why,” and the “why important” of a monthly MSLs to Enhance Team Performance activity reporting system for MSL teams • Identifying the key attributes essential for the MSL role • Increasing communication and transparency between MSLs and their manager on • How can interpersonal skills be improved, if at all? activities, reporting, and goal tracking • Weighing education and experience – is there an “ideal” combination? Is one • Exploring the benefits of implementing a tool that shows resource allocation and more important than the other? the need for expansion, as it can track and report on time per activity (per day, • Striking the right combination of strengths across an MSL team week, month, year) • Hiring a trainer and outlining the roles and responsibilities of the position • Optimizing internal communication to strengthen MSL-KOL interactions Peter L. Goldberg, PhD, Associate Director, Medical Science Liaisons, • Building in assessment tools in hiring criteria ACTELION PHARMACEUTICALS, US • Measuring the success of MSL training initiatives Paul Minne, PharmD, Senior Regional Medical Liaison, AMGEN 4:00 FIELDING A WINNING TEAM Denise Pitner, PharmD, Therapeutic Team Director, NOVARTIS Craig Klinger, RPh, Senior Medical Liaison Consultant, Empowering MSLs to Maximize Your Return ELI LILLY & CO. on Investment (ROI)10:30 NETWORKING & REFRESHMENT BREAK • Defining a successful MSL team; review examples of MSL programs and analyzing strengths and weaknesses in order to demonstrate subtle differences 12:00 WORKSHOP CONCLUDES; LUNCHEON FOR between a good and an outstanding MSL organization WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS • Exploring the roles education, decision making and communication play in enhancing MSL performance • Outlining the techniques and systems that can be implemented to improve MSL MAIN CONFERENCE BEGINS | DAY ONE performance • Discussing the importance of debriefing, measuring success and how KOLs react 1:00 CHAIRPERSON’S WELCOME AND OPENING to empowered MSLs REMARKS • Using internal communications to demonstrate value Hilary D. Mandler, PharmD, Director, ADHD Medical Science Liaisons, Peg Crowley-Nowick, PhD, MBA, Founder and President, SHIRE ZIPHER MEDICAL AFFAIRS, LLC“Exceeded my expectations” - M S L | TE RCICA “Excellent seminar…will attend in the future” – M S L | M I LLE N N I U M
  4. 4. To Register Call 8 6 6 -2 07- 6 5 2 8 or Visit w w w. ex l p h a r m a . c o m /8 t h m s l4:45 COCKTAIL RECEPTION & ROUNDTABLE 11:15 PANEL DISCUSSION: BREAKING DOWN SILOS Increasing Compliant Collaboration with Sales for DISCUSSIONS Improved Transparency, Efficiency, and CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED TOPIC AND DISCUSS KOL Management IN AN INTIMATE, BREAK-OUT STYLE, SETTING. • Determining the types of communication that are appropriate and beneficial, and 1. Team Size and Design: How can my team best allocate MSLs, resources and establishing a compliant process for cross-functional interactions • Exploring best practices for documenting information exchanged between internal activities? departments 2. Aggregate Spend and Reporting Requirements: How will/are state and • Overcoming barriers to working with sales and demonstrating value to your federal disclosure laws impacting physician-industry relationships, and how can I ensure commercial colleagues that my interactions with HCPs are compliant? • Realizing the positive business outcomes of compliant and controlled 3. National KOLs: What are best practices for identifying, building and leveraging communication across teams relationships with national thought leaders? Panelists: 4. MSL Team Management: What can and should managers be doing to ensure Douglas Werner, MBA, National Director, Oncology, Medical Science cohesive, motivated and effective teams? Liaisons, U.S. Medical Sciences, BAYER HEALTHCARE 5. Off-Label Information Dissemination: How can MSLs mitigate risk of violating Ralph Rewers, PharmD, Executive Director and Head Regional Medical laws, rules and company policies when responding to unsolicited requests? Liaisons, Scientific Affairs, AMGEN 6. Professional and Personal Development: What opportunities are available and Cindy Sellers O’Brien, RN, BSN, MBA, Director, Medical Science how can MSLs maintain feeling fulfilled while in their current positions and looking to the Liaison Team–Solid Organ Transplant, GENZYME TRANSPLANT AND future? ONCOLOGY6:00 CLOSE OF DAY ONE 12:00 DIGITAL KOL ENGAGEMENT Creating an Online Forum to Dramatically Increase Interactions with Important KOLs In this session, participants will learn how engaging in a private, MAIN CONFERENCE | DAY TWO online community can:F R I DAY, A P R I L 1 5 • Galvanize relationships and enhance KOL interactions • Provide valuable insights as well as complete visibility into therapeutic discussions8:00 CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST FOR • Enable more frequent HCP interaction on a 24/7 basis despite geographic CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS locations • Foster emerging KOLs8:45 CHAIRPERSON’S RECAP OF DAY ONE AND • Expand reach and interactions with global KOL leaders MODERATORS’ KEY POINTS FROM Lance Hill, CEO, WITHIN3 ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS Hilary D. Mandler, PharmD, Director, ADHD Medical Science Liaisons, 12:45 LUNCHEON FOR CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS SHIRE 1:45 MSLS AND CLINICAL TRIALS9:00 REGULATORY OVERVIEW Outlining the Challenges and Opportunities for MSLs Sunshine Provisions, Corporate Integrity Agreements, to Support the Successful Execution of Investigator- DOJ Investigations, Oh My! Initiated Trials and Company-Sponsored Trials • Outlining the “Sunshine Act” provisions and their impact on MSL activities • Enhancing the relationship between R&D and Medical Affairs to support efficient • Discussing FDA/OIG concerns about off-label promotion trial implementation • Exploring illustrative state reporting requirements and restrictions on industry-KOL • Exploring the ideal approval flow of IITs from MSL discussion of ideas with interactions investigators to dialogue with regional teams • Examining the prevalence of corporate integrity agreements and their effect on • Determining how the MSL can help ensure that timelines are being adhered to and the MSL role milestones are being met • Establishing the right level of MSL involvement, if any, in study design, protocol • Strategies to decrease the risk that individual, team or company could be accused and conduct of violations Anna Kozlovski, PharmD, Associate Medical Director, Joseph P. McMenamin, MD, JD, Partner, MCGUIREWOODS Lymphoma Team Lead, EISAI10:00 COMPLIANT MSL-KOL ENGAGEMENT 2:30 LEADING FROM BELOW Regulatory and Technological Trends for 2011 How to Provide Leadership (and Increase One’s Value) • Compliant qualification of KOLs within an Organization • Techniques for planning, executing, and measuring an MSL/KOL strategy Upon completion of this session the attendee will be able to: • Gathering field insights through responsive inquiry • Describe the difference between a manager and a leader • Analytics for ensuring the regulatory compliance and operating effectiveness of • Recognize the qualities common to leaders your programs • Understand the importance of leaders on influencing change and improved Jim Zuffoletti, President and Co-Founder, OPENQ organizations • Develop a foundation for acquiring the behaviors needed to effectively lead from below10:45 NETWORKING AND REFRESHMENT BREAK Douglas Hansell, MSOM, RRT, Medical Science Liaison, IKARIA 3:15 CONFERENCE CONCLUDES
  5. 5. REGISTRATION FEES FOR ATTENDING ExL’S 8th MSL Best Practices Conference FIVE WAYS TO REGISTER EARLY BIRD PRICING PHONE: 866-207-6528 REGISTER BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2011 FOR EARLY-BIRD PRICING: EMAIL: CONFERENCE + WORKSHOP | $1995 ONLINE: CONFERENCE ONLY | $1695 FAX: 888-221-6750 STANDARD PRICING MAIL: ExL Events, Inc. REGISTER AFTER FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2011: 555 8th Ave, Ste 310 CONFERENCE + WORKSHOP | $2195 New York, NY 10018 CONFERENCE ONLY | $1895 ONSITE PRICING CONFERENCE + WORKSHOP | $2295 CONFERENCE ONLY | $1995 MEDIA PARTNERSGROUP DISCOUNT PROGRAM:SAVE 25% PER PERSON WHEN REGISTERING FOURFor every three simultaneous registrations from your company, youwill receive a fourth complimentary registration to the program(must register 4 at one time). This is a savings of 25% per person.SAVE 15% PER PERSON WHEN REGISTERING THREECan only send three? You can still save 15% off of everyregistration. To find out more on how you can take advantage ofthese group discounts, please call 866-207-6528. PM 36O THE FULL SPECTRUM OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENTMake checks payable to ExL Events, Inc. and write code P1123on your check. You may also use Visa, MasterCard, Discoveror American Express. Payments must be received in full priorto the commencement of the conference.Cancellations: If you need to cancel your registration for anupcoming ExL conference, please note the following policiesderived from the Start Date of the event:Four weeks or more: A full refund (minus a $95processing fee), or a voucher to another ExL event validfor two years from the voucher issue date.Four weeks or Less: A voucher to another ExL event valid for SPONSORSHIP & EXHIBITINGtwo years from the voucher issue date.*ExL Pharma’s liability is limited to the conference registration fee in the event of a cancellation OPPORTUNITIES Do you want to spread the word about yourTo receive a refund or voucher, please fax your request to organization’s solutions and services to potential888-221-6750. clients who will be attending this event? Take advantage of the opportunity to exhibit, presentPlease Note: Conference registrations may betransferred to other colleagues in the event you an educational session, host a networking event,are unable to attend. There will be an administrative charge of $300 to substitute, exchangeand/or replace attendance badges with a colleague occurring within five business days of any ExL or distribute promotional items to attendees. ExLconference. Pharma will work closely with you to customize aPlease notify ExL Pharma,, prior to the event with the name and contact package that will suit all of your needs. To learn moreinformation of the replacement attendee. about these opportunities, please contact:Please Note: Speakers and agenda are subject to change without notice. In the event of a speaker cancellation, every effort to find a suitable replacement will be made. STEVE DECKER*The opinions of this faculty do not necessarily reflect those of the companies they represent or ExL Business Development ManagerEvents, Inc.* 212-400-6234,
  6. 6. REGISTER TODAY . . . MENTION PRIORITY CODE P1123 ExL Events, Inc. 866-207-6528 555 8th Avenue, Suite 310 Method of Payment:  Check Credit Card 888-221-6750 New York, NY 10018 Make checks payable to ExL Events, Inc. Card Type: MasterCard  Visa  Discover Amex Card Number: Exp. Date:  Yes! Register me for the conference and workshop A Name on Card:  Yes! Register me for the conference and workshop B Signature:  Yes! Register me for the conference only Please contact me:  I’m interested in marketing opportunities at this event 555 8th Avenue, Suite 310  I wish to receive email updates on ExL Pharma’s upcoming events New York, NY 10018 PRIORITY CODE: P1123 Name: Title: Company: Dept.: Address: City: State: Zip: Email: Telephone: Fax:8 MSL BEST PRACTICES th APRIL 14 -15, 2011 | DOLCE | BASKING RIDGE | NEW JERSEYDISTINGUISHED SPEAKERS JOIN US FROM: PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP A:ACTELION GENZYME MSL AND MEDICAL AFFAIRS COLLABORATIONPHARMACEUTICALS, US Improving Internal Communication between Field-Based MSLs and Office-Based IKARIA Medical Affairs to Strengthen Scientific Integrity and Therapeutic Area SuccessAMGEN PAUL WEBER, MD, RPh, MBA , Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs, Medical Disease Lead, CELGENE MCGUIREWOODSBAYER HEALTHCARE PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP B: NOVARTISBOEHRINGER MSL TRAINING STANDARDS OPENQ Developing the Skills and Core Competencies of MSLs to Enhance Team PerformanceINGELHEIM PAUL MINNE, PharmD, RPH, Senior Regional Medical Liaison Metabolic Bone, AMGEN SHIRE DENISE PITNER, PharmD, Therapeutic Team Director, NOVARTISCELGENE CRAIG KLINGER, RPh, Senior Medical Liaison Consultant, ELI LILLY & CO. WITHIN3ELI LILLY & CO. SPONSORED BY: ZIPHEREISAI MEDICAL AFFAIRS, LLC