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How to Juggle Debt & Retirement

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Join us on Twitter every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET by using the #CreditChat hashtag. This week we discussed ways to pay down debt while investing for the future. We're grateful for all the tips shared by Jill Schlesinger - CBS News Business Analyst, Gail Cunningham – National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Tarra Jackson – Madam Money, Stephanie Halligan – Empowered Dollar, Shannon McNay – ReadyForZero, Rod Griffin – Director of Public Education at Experian, and Mike Delgado – Experian. You can catch the full broadcast here:

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How to Juggle Debt & Retirement

  1. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET How to Juggle Debt & Retirement
  2. Join our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, “we talked about juggling debt and retirement planning. Check Out All the Tweets and Resources:
  3. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET What is it easy to fall into debt?
  4. #CreditChat No one ever intends to go into debt. Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice
  5. #CreditChat Job loss is any easy way to fall into debt. T w ee t by @ AdvantageCSS
  6. #CreditChat Credit cards are incredibly tempting and that debt can grow fast. Tweet by @AmericaSaves
  7. #CreditChat Shopping sprees can be an easy way to fall into debt. Tweet by @AdvantageCCS
  8. #CreditChat Easiest debts to get into: credit cards, personal loans and clothing accounts Tweet by @DeeOnMoneyZA
  9. Not having an emergency fund can result in unexpected debt. #CreditChat Tweet by @MoneyCrashers
  10. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET How does emotion impact the way we spend money?
  11. Fear, insecurities and stress can lead to retail therapy. #CreditChat Tweet by @CreditDotOrg
  12. We spend to feel comforted, but need to keep spending to feel that same joy. Spending makes many feel in control. Tweet by @Phroogal #CreditChat
  13. #CreditChat Spending money because we think we “deserve” something. Tweet by @SenseofCents
  14. #CreditChat Emotional spending stems from conflating consumer goods with happiness & mentality of paying away problems. Tweet by @FrugalWoods
  15. Avoid emotional spending at all cost. #CreditChat Tweet by @GraceKvantas
  16. When people spend for emotional reasons they think it may solve a problem or add temporary relief. Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice #CreditChat
  17. #CreditChat Emotions and psychology play a huge role in how we spend (and save) our money. Tweet by @Magnify_Money
  18. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET What advice do you have for those struggling with debt?
  19. #CreditChat Prioritize. Set a goal. Make a plan. Seek out help. Tweet by @AmericaSaves
  20. #CreditChat If you’re stuck with a debt load with high interest rates, focus on paying that off. Tweet by @TeamFSINC
  21. Ask for help from a financial professional before you get in too deep. Tweet by @MSMadamMoney #CreditChat
  22. #CreditChat Don’t ignore it. Debt has no feelings. Face it head on with a plan. Tweet by @YoungFinances
  23. Don’t panic. Stop spending, sit down and review your b u dget line by line. Identify where you can save. Tweet by @FrugalWoods #CreditChat
  24. #CreditChat Set money aside for unexpected expenses and emergencies Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice
  25. #CreditChat Put together a detailed plan to get out of debt faster. Tweet by @Quizzle
  26. Teach your teens to create an emergency fund early Tweet by @FamZoo #CreditChat to avoid early debt traps.
  27. #CreditChat Make financial decisions with your head, not your heart. Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice
  28. #CreditChat Maybe we need more impulse saving. Tweet by @csmithraleigh
  29. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET How much money should go toward retirement vs. paying off debt?
  30. #CreditChat Don’t wait to start investing in your retirement o r you’ll miss out on compound interest. Tweet by @MoneyCrashers
  31. #CreditChat Important to tackle saving and debt pay down simultaneously. Tweet by @csmithraleigh
  32. #CreditChat Don’t put off saving for retirement. Attack your debt fiercely. Tweet by @DeeOnMoneyZA
  33. Jumpstart your teen on retirement saving. Tweet by @FamZoo #CreditChat Set up Roth IRA and seed with some of first summer job + parents match.
  34. #CreditChat Decide to stop growing your debt, and work on a repayment plan. Make sure it’s realistic. Be as ruthless. Tweet by @DeeOnMoneyZA
  35. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET What are some mistakes to avoid when investing for the future?
  36. Make sure you know the fees you’re paying on investments. Don’t be losing too much money in the fine print. Tweet by @magnify_money
  37. #CreditChat When investing, avoid the urge to pull your money when the market drops. Tweet by @JayneMakesCents
  38. #CreditChat One of the biggest mistakes is NOT saving enough! Think of inflation and what things will cost when you are retired. Tweet by @AdvantageCSS
  39. #CreditChat Believe in the power of compounding interest. And don’t pull money out of 401(K) or taxable investments prematurely! Tweet by @FrugalWoods
  40. Don’t let recent years scare you off from investing. S tay diversified to protect you from swings. Tweet by @YoungFinances
  41. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET Check out all the resources and tips shared:
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