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75+ Tools for Investigative Journalists (English Version)

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Slides for the annual Investigative Journalism Conference #VVOJ2014 at Kortrijk. 75+ Tools for Investigative Journalists (English Version)

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75+ Tools for Investigative Journalists (English Version)

  1. 1. VVOJ 2014 75+ Tools for Investigative Journalists @Journalism2ls
  2. 2. Hi Everyone! Ezra Eeman, Founder @Journalism2ls Journalist & Documentary Maker @VRT Tools & Digital Strategy Advisor @Journalism2ls Before Senior Journalist & Editor in Chief @VMMA Certified Advanced Google Searcher & Glass Explorer Fulbright Journalism Award Researcher @CUNY Graduate School of Journalism/Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, New York Work/Life/Pleasure: Brussels - Tokyo - New York.
  3. 3. Then
  4. 4. Then
  5. 5. Now
  6. 6. Beeld: Still BBC Serie Sherlock Now
  7. 7. Journalism Tools. A curated collection of new tools & resources for the next generation of journalists
  8. 8. Rules for Tools
  9. 9. Pick Keep it simple. Choose tools that suit your workflow. Stick Keep it consistent. Choose tools and stick with them. Dig Master your tools. Dig deep. Learn shortcuts. c z e
  10. 10. The 80/20 Tools Rule ; 20% Focus on what works for you. Stick to 10 tools and do 80% of your work with them. Stay open for new things. Make experiments 80% 20% of your workflow. experiments primary tools
  11. 11. Workflow Design
  12. 12. @Journalism2ls Workflow Collect & Curate Enrich Publish & Engage Analyze
  13. 13. Finding a story...
  14. 14. Monitor News 2. Nuzzle Monitor news shared by friends & connections on social media. 3. Newsle Monitor news about friends & connections online. 1. Feedly One of the best Feed-readers out there. 4. Social Sensor Smart algorithm based news stream. 5. Prismatic News based on your interests and your connections. 6. Tweetdeck Indispensable tool to monitor & search twitter.
  15. 15. 7. IFTTT Automate actions between apps. 1. Send tweets with a certain hashtag to Google Spreadsheet. 2. Get a daily mail with location based tweets. 3. Get a sms if someone specific mails you 4. Archive your pictures on dropbox. 5. Link Feedly with Evernote 6. ...
  16. 16. 8. Mention Real time alerts for specific keywords. 9. Google Alerts Get notified when a search term appears on Google. 10. Versionista Track changes on a webpage. Alerts
  17. 17. 11. Geofeedia Monitor social media based on location. 12. Vibe Smartphone app to filter social media based on location. 13. LIFTTT IFTTT with location triggers. Location
  18. 18. 14. Heatmap News A new way to monitor world news.
  19. 19. 15. Newspaper Map Find & translate online newspapers from all over the world.
  20. 20. (Re)search
  21. 21. Social Media 17. Buzzsumo Discover which stories go viral. Analyze your competition. 18. Mentionmap Discover connections between twitter users. Map hashtags. 16. Topsy Advanced twitter search engine. 19. Bio is Changed Get an update when somebody’s twitter bio is updated. 20. Tweet Library Archive your tweets 21. 360 Social Me Get a full overview of someone’s social media presence.
  22. 22. 22. Followerwonk Discover hidden connections between twitter users.
  23. 23. 23. Bond Schedule calls with your sources. 24. Document Cloud Platform to search, analyze, annote and publish document. 25. Overview Analyze and visualize complex text documents People & Paper Trail
  24. 24. Collecting Data 27. The easiest way to scrape an internet page. 28. Dead Url Dead Url? Try this tool to revive it. 26. Scraperwiki Scrape data from the internet/ pdf’s/twitter with ready made or custom modules 29. Crowddata Crowdsource the investigation of large documents 30. Kobotoolbox App to quickly conduct field surveys. 31. Polls Easy to build online polls
  25. 25. Structure
  26. 26. 32. Realtime Board Multifunctionl online board to structure ideas, scenario’s networks,... 33. X-Mind Great app to map complex networks. Also a great tool for brainstorming. 34. Online investigative platform with easy templates for investigation. Story Mapping
  27. 27. 35. Casefile Specialized software to map complex investigations.
  28. 28. 36. VIS Visualize investigations.
  29. 29. 37. Maps Engine Map an area for research and add layers of information.
  30. 30. Production
  31. 31. Production 39. Toggle Handy online tool to keep track of your hours. 40. Camscanner Use your phone as a scanner. 38. File hosting without a password. 41. Cloudconvert Convert anything to anything. 42. Small Pdf Everything you need to work with pdf’s. 43. Easy Annote Annote pdf’s
  32. 32. Privacy (warning: none of these tools are fail-proof) 45. Hushed Temporary anonymous phone numbers - worldwide. 46. Telegram Encrypted message service. 44. Peakdrive Secured German Dropbox alternative. 47. Mailvelop Browser extension for encrypting your webmail. 48. Redphone Secured phone conversations. 49. Trunked Anonymous private links to share files.
  33. 33. On the Road
  34. 34. 50. Filmic Pro Video app with professional control functions. 51. Sky Recorder Easy audio-recorder for VOIP conversations. 52. VSOCAM One of our favorite photo apps Reporting
  35. 35. 53. Interviewy Audio-recorder with transcription function. 54. O-Transcribe Online transcription app. Just upload your audio rf video and get started. 55. Impressive online dictation app. Reporting
  36. 36. Create
  37. 37. 4 ESSENTIAL STORYTELLING TOOL STEPS Good tools attracts attention, raise interest for the subject, add value and engage the reader to stay longer on the page, dig deeper and share the story. 01 ATTENTION j ^ 04 ENGAGEMENT 03 VALUE 02 INTEREST W s l
  38. 38. Interaction Level Determine the level of interaction you want. Do you push, pull, allow conversation, ask for interaction. Is it live or not? Single- or multi-user? V Time/Skill How much time do you have to build something? 10 minutes or 10 months? How much skill do you need to get the job done? $ Price Check the price. Some tools are open source and free. Others work with subscriptions, clicks or have to be bought. a Story Elements Identify the elements of your story. Which one do you want to highlight or add with a tool? Time, place, persons, sounds, images, relationships, data,... “ Form/Function Make sure the form of your tool follows the function it has and not the other way around. Don’t distract, add value. 5 Platform Consider the platform your readers will use to access the story: web, mobile, touch,... U „
  39. 39. Data Stories 57. Raw Simple & beautiful infographics. 58. Chartblocks Versatile platform for infographics. 56. Silk Platform to publish interactive data stories. 59. Visage Promising datavisualisation tool. 60. Datavisual Alternative tool to make data graphics. 61. Infogram Stylish and easy to embed infographics.
  40. 40. 62. Palladio Online platform to visualize and publish complex multidimensional research projects.
  41. 41. 63. Kettlecorn Online platform for layered interactive video content with subtitles, wikipedia, pictures,... 64. Racontr Promising new interactive platform for multimedia stories #beta 65. Touchcast Make touch based interactive video with integrated web functionalities. Interactive Video
  42. 42. 66. Exposure Stunning online platform voor picture and video stories. 67. AESOP Wordpress plugin enabling ‘scrollytelling’ 68. Storehouse Mobiele app to build scolling stories. Snowfalling
  43. 43. Multimedia 70. Thinglink Make pictures & video’s interactive. 71. Mattermap Map issues interactively. 69. Spicynodes Tool to bring layered information in a new interactive way. 72. Timeline.Js Best timeline tool out there. 73. Storymaps Map & timeline in one tool. Add rich media. 74. Tripline Visualize voyages.
  44. 44. 75. Odyssey New online platform to visualize stories in time and space.
  45. 45. 76. Soundcite Integrate sound in articles.
  46. 46. Links Monitot News Feedly Powerfull feedreader Nuzzle News shared by friend & connections Newsle News about friends and connections Social Sensor Smart algorithm selectied news Prismatic Smart algorithm selectied news Tweetdeck Indispensable tool to monitor twitter IFTTT Automate actions between apps
  47. 47. Links II Alerts Mention Real time alerts based on keywords. Google Alerts Alerts based on search terms Versionista Track changes in web pages Locations Geofeedia Monitor social media based on location Vibe Monitor social media based on location on your smartphone id433067417?mt=8 LIFTTT IFTTT with location triggers Heatmap News Discover the news hotspots on a map Newspaper Map Find and translate online newspapers
  48. 48. Links III Wikipedia Wikiwash Monitor real-time changes on wikipedia Wikiwand Stylish Wikipedia interface Social Media Topsy Advanced twitter search engine Buzzsumo Discover and analyze trending stories Mentionmap Map twitter users and hashtags Bio is Changed Get notified when a twitter bio changes Tweet library Archive your tweets id365768793?mt=8 360 Social Me Disoover someone’s social media presence Followerwonk Discover hidden connections on twitter
  49. 49. Links IV People & Paper Trail Bond Schedule calls with your sources that-matter/id894620038?mt=8 Document Cloud Analyze and annotate documents Overview Analyze and visualize documents Collect Data Scraperwiki Scrape data from the internet/pdf's/twitter Easiest way to scrape data from the internet Dead Url Revive a dead url Crowdata Crowdsource document investigations Kobotoolbox Reliable free field surveys Poll Easy online polls
  50. 50. Links V Map Stories Realtime Board Visual online board to structure/brainstorm X-mind Map networks/brainstorm Online investigative platform Casefile Map complex investigations casefile.php VIS Visualize investigations Maps Engine Add layers of information to a map
  51. 51. Links VI Production File hosting without a password Toggle Keep track of your time Camscanner Turn your phone into a scanner Cloudconvert Convert anything to anything Small Pdf Tools for pdf’s Easy Annote Annote pdf's
  52. 52. Links VII Privacy Peakdrive Secure dropbox alternative Hushed Temporary anonymous phone numbers Telegram Encrypted messaging Mailvelop Encrypt your webmail Redphone Secured phone conversations Trunked Share anonymous files
  53. 53. Links VIII Reporting Filmic Pro Video app with professional functions Sky Recorder Audio-recorderfor VOIP VSOCAM Multifunctions picture app Interviewy Audio-recorder with transcription functions O-transcribe Online transcription tool Online dictation with speach recognition
  54. 54. Links IX Data Stories Silk Publish interactive data stories Raw Easy custom datavisualizations Chartblocks Versatile platform for infographics Visage New charting platform Datavisual Alternative tool for data graphics Infogram Easy and stylish infographics Palladio Online tool to publish and visualize comple research projects.
  55. 55. Links X Interactive Video Kettlecorn Online platform for interactive video Racontr New tool for interactive multimedia publishing Touchcast Interactieve video for touch screens Snowfalling Exposure Stunning platform for picture and video stories Aesop Wordpress Plugin dor Scrollytelling Storehouse Mobile app for scrolling stories
  56. 56. Links XI Multimedia Spicynodes Interactive concept voor layered information Thinglink Make interactive video & pictures Mattermap Map issues and add interactivity Timeline.js Best timeline tool out there Storymaps Interactive map and timeline tool Tripline Visualize travels Odyssey Visualize stories in time and space tp:// Soundcite Integrate sound in your articles
  57. 57. Need more Tools? Twitter: @Journalism2ls Pinterest:
  58. 58. Contact us for personal workshops, lectures, digital newsroom 121 King Street 59 strategy, tools sessions,... FOLLOW: @Journalism2ls t o CONTACT: +32 477 27 58 71 5 É