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Innovations in ICT use in Agriculture

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By Dr Michael Hailu, Director, CTA

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Innovations in ICT use in Agriculture

  1. 1. Innovations in ICT Use in Agriculture
  2. 2. Innovation not Invention ©MHS Oxford maczydeco Paul Townsend @Flickr
  3. 3. 7% ICT’s Contribution to Africa’s GDP USD 56B from the Private Sector in Telecom USD 150B Projected ICT Market by 2016
  4. 4. ICT Infrastructure Growth in Africa 2012 2014 Projection Over 615,000 km of National Backbone Networks x20 Growth of Internet bandwidth (2008–2012)
  5. 5. ICTs in Agriculture
  6. 6. Enhancing Productivity
  7. 7. Market Information Services Simple MIS Complex Platform
  8. 8. Communications and Extension
  9. 9. Supporting Innovation – iHubs in Africa
  10. 10. Crowdsourcing for Agriculture
  11. 11. Women's Use of ICTs in Agriculture
  12. 12. • Participatory GIS (PGIS) • Participatory Video (PV) • Capacity building • Online advocacy ICTs Empowering Communities Photo credits: Leon J.; Gawlik K, Rambaldi. G
  13. 13. Participatory GIS • Documenting, geo- referencing and adding value and authority to local knowledge • Giving a voice to local communities (advocacy) • Facilitating community- based planning (value chains; disaster risk reduction)
  14. 14. ... and CTA impact in ACP regions Centres of excellence established in East Africa, Caribbean and Pacific
  15. 15. Enhancing institutional capacity in the use of Social Media and Web 2.0 To empower agricultural stakeholders to better communicate, cooperate and participate in policy processes and along value chains.
  16. 16. Key result Some best entrants are becoming strong advocates and ambassadors of youth in agriculture In order to •Put into limelight youth in agriculture issues and successes • Encourage the use of ICT by young farmers’ groups CTA has launched the
  17. 17. Activities include • promotion of youth-led ICT innovations in agriculture • ICT training for rural youth centres and young farmers • Business training sessions Strengthening youth employment opportunities in Southern Africa in ICT and agriculture (SOFIA) •Launched in Swaziland by the Prime Minister of Swaziland – April 2013 CTA is supporting the project
  18. 18. ICT4Ag: Major Constraints & Prospects Mawingu - Low-Cost, Solar-Powered Broadband Access Using Cutting-Edge TV White Space Technology Google Loon Project – balloons connecting
  19. 19. ICTs for Agriculture Conference Conference Streams 1.Emerging innovations in ICT 2.Capacity strengthening 3.Enabling environments
  20. 20. • 4 – 7 Nov 13 in Rwanda, parallel conf. activity • Aim: • showcasing and promoting ICT innovations enhancing agriculture during the conference • supporting ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture (follow-up activities) •Contribute to rebranding agriculture’s image for youth • Collaboration with African ICT innovation spaces
  21. 21. In conclusion… • The potential for ICTs in Agriculture is high …..But it will take • Public-Private-Partnership – Enabling environments – Investment in rural ICT infrastructure • Capacity Strengthening and Empowerment – Recognize the potentials of the youth e.g. iHubs – Support innovative application development • Support for Scaling Up of Innovations
  22. 22. More Information: