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Wayne Hemingway Gives Face for Business Entrepreneurial Advice!

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Face for Business, a UK telephone answering service, interviewed Wayne Hemingway - multi-disciplinary award-winning designer - about advice for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Wayne provided some really insightful and inspirational comments. See the full interview at:

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Wayne Hemingway Gives Face for Business Entrepreneurial Advice!

  1. 1. Interview with Wayne Hemingway
  2. 2. Face for Business had the opportunity to interview Wayne Hemingway (multi-disciplinary designer) recently following his visit to our region, for the BIG Conference 2014 at Edge Hill University. “Design is about improving things that matter in life”. - Wayne Hemingway Image Source.
  3. 3. Wayne Hemingway Bio in Brief • Born in Morecambe, Lancashire • Red or Dead Founded (1983) • Red or Dead sold & Hemingway Design founded (1999) • Becomes a MBE (2006) • Vintage Festival concept developed (2007) • Honorary Doctorates from Lancaster and Stafford Universities (2008) • ‘Starter for Ten’ instigated for creative start-ups (2009) • Multi-award winning fashion/housing designer • Husband to business partner Geraldine with four children For more insight into Wayne’s life and enterprises, please visit: Source: &
  4. 4. Why did Face for Business approach Wayne Hemingway? • We wanted to gain his advice on starting a new business and obtain tips for entrepreneurs. • He is a fellow Lancastrian. • He has been on an incredible journey in terms of starting out and he encompasses an energetic entrepreneurial spirit. • He has succeeded in business and is award winning in all areas of his work. • He believes in what he does…
  5. 5. Some of the key points he noted in his interview are…  Design is about improving things that matter in life.  You have to have a passion for what you do.  You need a good team around you.  You have to give a lot before it comes back to you.  Work within the finances you’ve got.  The more generous you are, the more chance you’ll have of success.  Get good people around you to help you deliver.
  6. 6. “What advice would you give to an entrepreneur who is thinking about taking a leap of faith into a new area of business?”
  7. 7. What challenges do you think hinder creativity, and how have you overcome them?
  8. 8. As a small creative business starting out, what advice would you give in relation to managing time, budgets and expectations of the first year?
  9. 9. And what do you think are the main factors a creative business should consider when setting out on their ingenious journey?
  10. 10. Wayne’s Ultimate Top Tips for Entrepreneurs
  11. 11. To read Face for Business’ full interview with Wayne Hemingway, please visit our blog: business-with-advice-for-start-ups-and-entrepreneurs
  12. 12. With thanks to… ‘Wayne Hemingway’ •Hemingway Design - •Creative Lancashire - •International Festival of Business - •Big Conference 2014 -