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The Data Management Platform: The Digital Brain You Wish You Had by Audrey Rasizer Marlow

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The Data Management Platform:
The Digital Brain You Wish You Had
Audrey Rasizer Marlow
Senior Director, Analytics

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The Data Management Platform: The Digital Brain You Wish You Had by Audrey Rasizer Marlow

  1. 1. The Data Management Platform:The Digital Brain You Wish You HadAudrey Rasizer MarlowSenior Director, Analytics
  2. 2. The Marketplace is Crowded Ad Networks Data Aggregators & Suppliers Ad Exchanges and SSPs Ad Servers DSPs Creative Optimization Ad Verification and Privacy
  3. 3. Data Management Platform What It Is What It Does Unified platform for digital Creates a new knowledge marketing ecosystem  Very smart cookie warehouse  Provides actionable insights for  Analytical firepower- Custom current and future campaign reporting across all digital media planning channels  Leverages market vendors  1st and 3rd party data integration,  Delivers ROAS storage and management To power new go-to-market models4
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. Single Point of Access Display & RTB Search Control Social Targeting Optimization Advertiser Video Media Strategy Transparency Mobile 3rd Party Data 3rd Party Technology6
  6. 6. A Custom DMP Unifies All Data Data Management Platform Client CRM Data Media Consumption History Data Storage User Profile  Single ID across channels,  Atomic level user data and  100s audience attributes – and campaigns campaign data demo, geo, behavioral,  Complete record of all  Synchronization with external transactions exposures and interactions data feeds  Ability to overlay CRM data7
  7. 7. DMP Provides RobustAnalytics & Reporting
  8. 8. “I’m running my campaign on multiple networks. How can I avoid wasted media spend?” -Advertiser9
  9. 9. Unparalleled Insight Drives Business Value Robust user-level data analysis on digital assets driving performance and business value Maximize unique reach Determine true value of channels Adtegrity Red 44% McCombs 67% CPX  Visibility into duplication Interactive Display across media partners gave 2,313,885 Search Redux true view-through of 41% 550,236 impressions & value conversions accordingly Fetch Back 59% Burst College Direct Humor Email 25% 32% 3,075 Pandora CPX Red 100% Interactive McCombs 29% 29% Value  Identified double-counting of orders across Click Gorilla digital channels Fetch Nation Adtegrity Advertising.comBack 37% 15% 35% 47%  Ceased unnecessary overpayment of 5% of Value Click 51% total budget
  10. 10. Cookie Level Reach and Frequency Tools Control user exposure across all of your channels for optimum performance Media Source A Media Source B User Media Source C11
  11. 11. “All our conversions are coming from search. Let’s kill all display dollars.” -Advertiser12
  12. 12. Attribution Modeling Better understand the customers journey and where they are in the sales funnel with advanced cross channel attribution by analyzing user touch points across multiple digital channels over extended periods of time. Attribution Modeling Determine custom look-back window and analyze user touch points across multiple channels to attract the most valuable conversions Assign credit beyond the last click to credit partners appropriately a Dynamic Attribution Model Earliest Exposure Latest Exposure
  13. 13. Display Drives Search Conversions• 104% lift on branded search click conversions when preceded by 1-4 display impressions• 213% lift on branded search click conversions when preceded by 5-9 display impressions 9.52% 10.00% 9.00% 6.32% 8.00% 7.00% 6.00% 3.04% 5.00% Conversion 4.00% 3.00% 2.00% 1.00% 0.00% Branded Search only (1 2-5 Total Touchpoints 6-10 Total Touchpints Touch Point) (1-4 Impressions) (5-9 Impressions)
  14. 14. “Which networks/sites/channels push converters down the buying funnel?” - Advertiser15
  15. 15. Media Partner Assessment 1. Kontera Branding 2. CPX 3. Maxpoint Consideration 1. [x+1] 2. Clearspring 1. DR 2. 3. 33 Across16 *Low sample size
  16. 16. Methodology Used to Conduct Analysis Traditional Last Ad Model 1 Attribution Model 5 Cap 5 4 3 2 1AttributionModel 10 Cap 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Attribution Models used:  Traditional Last ad model  Attribution Model 5 Cap – Looks back up to 5 touch points and awards credit  Attribution Model 10 Cap – Looks back up to 10 touch points and awards credit
  17. 17. “Customer survey data says thatmy customers are females aged 18- 24, but is that my true converting audience?” - Advertiser18
  18. 18. Audience ProfilesData CollectionTags will be implemented directly on theadvertisers site and in all creatives in order to Advertiser Websitecapture audience information in DataManagement Platform (DMP) Advertiser’s CreativeCombine Data with DMPUsing data collected from the creatives and Converter Informationlanding page and by leveraging third-party datasegments, discover and build unique audienceprofiles
  19. 19. Create Unique Audience Profiles  Combine CRM, first and third party data to create unique audience profiles  Demographics, family composition, real estate, financial, politics, shopping habits Gender Heritage Dwelling Type Home Ownership Age Length of Residence20
  20. 20. Find Your Audience Features Benefits  View audience interactions with  Maximize reach to desired brands across all digital touch points audiences  Manage diverse audience  Eliminate waste and increase segmentation schemas incorporating buying efficiencies multiple data sources  Leverage real-time aggregate client – User-level interaction and proprietary data set campaign performance data  Better plan, management and – 3rd party data sources measurement of targeted  Granularly segment and target campaigns audiences across media  Identify audience duplication21
  21. 21. Contact Info: Audrey Rasizer Marlow Sr. Director, Analytics The Media Innovation Group Audrey.Rasizer@themig.com22