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Facebook: SMB Success Stories
Balla Bracelets sees a 10x increase in sales and a
return on ad spend of 9x since redirectin...
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Case study balla bracelets (pdf)

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Balla Bracelets is an online jewelry company who sees 9x return on ad spend on Facebook Offers, 10x increase in sales and up to 50% of total revenue from Facebook sales.

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Case study balla bracelets (pdf)

  1. 1. Facebook: SMB Success Stories Balla Bracelets sees a 10x increase in sales and a return on ad spend of 9x since redirecting traffic from daily deals to the company’s Facebook Page in 2012. Goals Balla Bracelets uses Facebook Pages as a tool to gauge interest in various jewelry items, helping select which pieces will sell best as Facebook Offers, and in order to: • Drive sales of the product • Build brand and product awareness • Grow the company’s audience of existing customers • Tap into customer base effectively and interactively to determine the trigger price at which people tend to act on Facebook Offers • Create an additional forum for customer service Approach Balla Bracelets uses Facebook Offers to monitor inter- est and connect people who like the company’s Page with merchandise. To reach new and existing customers and drive sales, Balla Bracelets: • Shares upcoming Offers and new products and gauges interest on individual items from comments and likes. This helps determine which jewelry to sell and which Offers to create. • Posts “Online Only” weekly Offers, redeemable by visiting the company website. • Features professionally designed ads with a compel- ling photo and a strong headline. • Reviews posts and comments on Page to identify repeat customers and capture relevant feedback. Balla Bracelets Offer on mobile Offer on desktop Page post question Balla Bracelets crafts and sells high-end bracelets and jewelry online, with major distribution in the US and Canada. | Success Story | Facebook Offers • Tracks total number of claims to ensure adequate inventory. • Discounts jewelry heavily to boost the viral growth of the Offer in News Feed. Key Results • 9x return on ad spend on Facebook Offers • 10x increase in sales • Up to 50% of Balla Bracelet’s total revenue comes from Facebook sales “We increased our revenue by 10x with Facebook Offers. None of our Offers have lost money, each has increased revenue. Based on the success we’ve had, we’ll continue releasing new and inventive products for our fans. ” Patrick Steven, Co-owner, Balla Bracelets