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Promoted Posts - Success Stories

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5 local businesses see increased brand awareness and engagement, 2x or more in store traffic, and direct ROI from new sales, by using promoted posts to reach more of their fans.

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Promoted Posts - Success Stories

  1. 1. Small business success stories | 1Promoting your Page post is a simple way to reach more of your fans and their friends. Simply post onyour Page and select the ‘promote’ button to show your post to even more of your fans. Food/Beverage Education (equine industry) Goal Goal Increase brand awareness of its grilling sauce Increase awareness of its school among prospective students interested in having a career with horses. Approach Approach Promoted its Facebook post—“Which is better on the grill? Fish, chicken, Promoted a photo post of an advanced student taking her horse over a vegetables, or steaks?”—to encourage conversation among fans challenging jump through promoting a post, as it best highlights student Created Marketplace Ads that targeted Likes and Interests, including success “backpacking,” “beef jerky,” “camping,” and “fishing”, and also targeted people Also created Marketplace Ads and targeted Likes and Interests pertaining to whose friends were already connected to its Page horse fanatics, such as “equestrian,” “horse,” and “horseback riding” Results Results 4X more people reached through promoted posts versus non-promoted posts 83% increase in online store sales attributed to promoted posts 3.5X more users engaged with promoted posts versus non-promoted posts 28% increase in online store visitors attributed to promoted posts 30% of prospective students sign up at Meredith Manor due to Facebook Ads 9X increase in engagement with promoted post versus non-promoted post “Facebook ads have been a perfect fit for Meredith Manor. The small size of 3X increase in likes with promoted post versus non-promoted post our school means a limited advertising budget, and because we serve such a niche market we have to attract students from all over the country. Most “No other place can we spend so little and reach so many. Not just people but traditional advertising campaigns at the national level fall well outside our consumers of our product delivered right in front of them. We give these budget. With Facebook ads, we can target the precise demographic we’re consumers the chance to weigh in on how they use the product and tell trying to reach anywhere in the country, at a fraction of the cost of most others.” traditional marketing methods. The results have been phenomenal!” Patrick Ford, International Marketing Director, Ford’s Gourmet Foods Dirk Bosgraf, Director of Marketing, Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre Facebook: Building Essential Connections
  2. 2. Small business success stories | 2 Services Retail Food/Beverage Goal Goal Goal Increase the visibility of posts of photos of recent work, Drive local awareness to its brick and mortar store and its Drive local awareness to its store events events encouraging people to engage with both its Facebook Increase its revenue from gourmet sandwiches Page and blog. Drive traffic to its online store Approach Approach Approach Promoted a variety of different posts from its Page, Promoted two different posts from its Page: Promoted three different posts from its Page, including: including two of the following: a photo post telling fans about its new store location in a post featuring a link to a Facebook album of a high a photo post featuring one its new products, a custom Covina, CA school senior’s portraits wool soaker a post celebrating the 2nd anniversary of its Iowa a photo post from a musical that was taken by the a photo post including an eye-catching image of location by offering people $2 sandwiches and photographer different colored diapers its brand offers targeting people specifically in Iowa a link to a Facebook album of a couple’s wedding Created Marketplace Ads that offered a coupon code Created Marketplace Ads that included an encouraging specifically for Facebook fans and used broad category incentive to try out its shop, such as “Voted greatest Created Marketplace Ads that encouraged current high targeting to reach people in the Parents (child: 0-3 years) category sandwich in America!” school seniors to apply to be in a photo shoot and re- directed them to a ‘Senior reps’ tab on its Page Results Results Results 49X increase in ROI from just two new sales purchased 2X+ increase in reach attributed to promoted post online regarding new store location 2X increase in new clients acquired during the duration of the promotion (3 days) 2X+ increase in reach is attributed to promoted posts 267 fans were reached for just $0.65 about Capriotti’s 2nd 2X increase in post interactions (Likes, comments, shares) anniversary in Iowa 7.5X increase in reach attributed to promoted posts attributed to promoted posts 100 people redeemed the $2 sandwich offer in-store in 2X growth in traffic to the Steve Holmes Photography Iowa website attributed to promoted posts “We are a small, female owned, niche business that relies heavily on demographics to reach our core target market. We don’t have the monetary means to “shotgun” our “While other parts of the screen can be overlooked, the“The new promotion feature on Facebook has been very newsfeed is the heart of Facebook. Promoting a post marketing message; it has to be focused, impactful and positive for me. It’s both affordable and effective. Defi- affordable. While we are still judging its effectiveness, the makes it visible in thousands more newsfeeds. This en- nitely a no-brainer in my mind!” early indications on our promoted posts are favorable.” sures our message actually connects with our fans. Steve Holmes, Owner, Steve Holmes Photography Jay Osper, Co-Owner, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Company Jason Smylie, CMO, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, Inc. Facebook: Building Essential Connections