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Rupert Secondary-UDL&Backwards Design, Jan 2014

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An afternoon session following a co-taught grade 9 science class. A focus on including all learners.

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Rupert Secondary-UDL&Backwards Design, Jan 2014

  1. 1. It’s All about Thinking – Collaborating to Support All Learners Reading, Writing, Thinking Strategies Secondary   Prince  Rupert   January  10,  2014   Faye  Brownlie  
  2. 2. Lit  12:    prac?ce  without  penalty   Naryn  Searcy,  Pen?cton   •  Goal:    learn  how  to  represent  your   understanding  of  a  poem  in  a  different  ways   •  Poet:    Robert  Burns       –  Auld  Lang  Syne  (read  aloud)   –  To  a  Mouse  (teams)  
  3. 3. 1.    Read  aloud  and  prac?ce  stanza  with  partner   2.    Connect  to  themes:   –  Mankind  has  broken  its  union  with  nature   –  Even  our  best  laid  plans  oRen  do  not  work  out   3.    Microcosm  &  universal  truths  
  4. 4. Assignment   1.  Mouse  Dance  –  all  8  stanzas  (2-­‐4  students)   2.  Comic  (1-­‐2  students)   3.  Reduced  poetry  (1-­‐2  students)  
  5. 5. Criteria   •  Demonstrate  understanding  of  the  meaning  of   all  8  stanzas  of  the  poem   •  Recognize  and  demonstrate  the  2  themes  
  6. 6. Feedback   •  What  worked?   •  What’s  missing?   •  What’s  next?  
  7. 7. Robert  Burns  (1759-­‐1796)To  a  Mouse   On  Turning  Up  Her  Nest  with  the   Plough,  November,  1785              Wee,  sleeket,  cowrin,  Im'rous  beasIe,                             Oh,  what  a  panic's  in  thy  breasIe!                             Thou  need  na  start  awa  sae  hasty                                      Wi'  bickerin  braNle!                                      I  wad  be  laith  to  rin  an'  chase  thee                                         Wi'  murd'ring  paNle!  
  8. 8. Reduced Poem Poor  li]le  mouse  petrified   Don’t  run  away  quickly!   Humans  break  nature’s  contract  –  theme  1   No  trust  well  deserved   You  don’t  request  much   Have  too  much  myself   Oh  your  house  gone!   December  approaches  uncomfortably  close   Security  beneath  the  chill   Soon  destroyed  with  cut   Home  lost  high  price   Not  alone  in  lesson:   Best  plans  oRen  fail  –  theme  2   Mouse  lucky  because  humans   Regret  past/fear  future  
  9. 9. Mouse Dance Notes 1.  Mouse  (Ma])  gathering  materials  for  winter,  builds  house   (Boyd)   2.  Mouse  is  shivering  –  symbolizing  winter   3.  Famer  &  his  equipment  (Ethan  &  Corey)  destroy  mouse’s   house  –  represents  theme  that  man  breaks  nature’s  fickle   bond   4.  Farmer  feels  bad,  tries  to  apologize  to  mouse  (nature)   5.  Mouse  won’t  accept  forgiveness  –  nothing  leR  to  build  a   house   6.  Mouse  comes  back  and  shoots  the  farmer   7.  Mouse  has  heart  a]ack  –  represents  the  theme  that  plans   oRen  backfire  –  best  laid  plans  of  mouse  and  men  don’t   work!  
  10. 10. Beginning with images…
  11. 11. Marco Cianfanelli, of Johannesburg, sculptor 50  ten  metre  high  laser  cut  steel  plates  set  into   the  landscape,  represen5ng  the  50  year   anniversary  of  when  and  where  Mandela  was   captured  and  arrested  in  1962  (prior  to  his  27   years  of  incarcera5on).  Standing  at  a   par5cular  point  (presumably  the  spot  where   the  people  are  standing  in  Photo  #2),  the   columns  come  into  focus  and  the  image  of   Mandela  can  be  seen.    At  Natal  Midlands