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Loca 2020-introduction

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LOCA conference 2020, Wiesbaden

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Loca 2020-introduction

  1. 1. LOCATION NOW: RETAIL AS A SERVICE INNOVATION, MARKETING AND TECHNOLOGY 06.-07. Februar 2020, Kurhaus Wiesbaden Retail digital: consumer commerce - stationär online vernetzt European conference hosted by international Location Based Marketing Association GUIDE
  2. 2. Statement: „Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Verlauf der diesjährigen LOCA Conference“, erklärt Carsten Szameitat, Vorstandsvorsitzender der LBMA, der die Veranstaltung mit einer Übersicht der 30 relevantesten Technologien für die Digitalisierung der Location eröffnete. „Die Sprecher und die Stationen der LIVE-Tour haben gezeigt, wie weit die Digitalisierung am POS sein kann, wenn die Händler den Mut haben, die Herausforderung anzunehmen und welche Marketing und IT-Strategien wirkungsvoll sind .“ REVIEW 2019 at Kurhaus Wiesbaden
  3. 3. The Location Based Marketing Association is an international group dedicated to fostering research, education and collaborative innovation at the intersection of people, places and media. Our goal is to educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers. 1.400 members of the LBMA include retailers, agencies, advertisers, media buyers, software and services providers and wireless companies. Global: Members LBMA: GFM NACHRICHTEN I Publisher Compendium This compendium is published semi-annual. Companies display different solutions. This magazine (12.000 copies) is being published up to 6 months in print and offline channels. It as well is available on different trade shows. Ads with other publishers improve coverage. Last version ePaper: SUPPORTER
  4. 4. DACH International 150 2010 Attendees: 2020 200 CEO „Ganz herzlichen Dank nochmals für die tolle Veranstaltung! Sowohl die Präsentationen, das Networking, das Kamingespräch als auch die Abendveranstaltungen waren super spannend und haben viel Spaß gemacht!“ Mark Engelfried, PAYBACK GmbH Marketing Manager Business / Sales Manager 85% Visitors DACH 2019 15% International Attendees Speaker23 FACTS
  5. 5. Program topics February, 6th- 7th 2020 LOCATION NOW Retail as a Service Innovation, Marketing and Technology Location Technologien Retail as a Service LBS Best Practices Marketing & Advertisement Options Automatisierung Customer Experience New Logistics Analytics Drive to Store Connected Commerce TOPICS
  6. 6. DAY 1 Kurhaus Wiesbaden February 6th 2020 DAY 2 RetailTour at partners February 7th 2020 all tours will be reached with our provided car shuttle service Station B Station C Station D Station A 06-07 Feb. WIESBADEN
  7. 7. DAY 1 I Kurhaus WiesbadenConference-Agenda February 6th 2020 The international conference on location technology and services provides the possibility of global exchange for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Established as an event in 2012 in North America (Chicago) und Asia (Singapore), the LOCA conference Germany is the strongest meeting for LBMA member, retailer, brands and industry partners in 2020 at Kurhaus Wiesbaden. BE A PART Call for Interest 30.09.2019 Conference Retail as a Service – connecting on-offline – retail, brands, ads, etc. BMW Welt Conference Centre DAY 1
  8. 8. The 2nd day of the LOCA Conference is organized and held at different partner companies, shoppingcenters or cases in the city. The tour at each partner lasts about 2 hours and takes place 3 times a day. Between each tour there will be a shuttle service that brings you to your next tour. DAY 2 BEAPART DAY 2 I Shoppingcenter / Innenstadt / ShowroomsLIVE-Tour at Partners February 7th 2020 2-3 Tour- Sessions Planning NOW with partner
  9. 9. REVIEW DAY 2 REVIEW LOCA LIVE RetailTour at Partners Wiesbaden, February 2019 7th
  10. 10. Focus Communication LOCA addresses 950 journalists, who are using the medium GFM Nachrichten as a preferred information source. Together with speakers and sponsors, we deliver edited content. They are actively supported in communicating their topics by press articles, online newsletters and by expert articles for print and online written by GFM Nachrichten. Print: 66,000 readers Online: 19,400 readers LOCA-Sponsor in GFM NACHRICHTEN I Kompendium 09.12.2019 LOCA-special-issue with articles (incl. Small until BIG sponsoring packages) +15% ATTENTION Extract of published articles about LOCA The media-, brand-, retail-, IT- and mobile-industry is broadly informing you on subject areas like mobile business, digital commerce and location service and technology PRESENCE
  11. 11. Night Event Early Bird Ticket 490 EUR* incl. LOCA Live 4,500 EUR* 15,000 EUR* 790 EUR* incl. LOCA Live • Opening keynote, plus panel speaker placement first day • Guestholder second day at one station at the RetailTour with speaking and showsessions • Your logo on the Webseite and print • logo at the networking area • tickets for the conference • tickets for the evening event • Lounge networking space for you and your customers, 9-16 sqm • Newsletter advertising • 2 pages print ad/ advertorial at LOCA special issue • Logo sponsoring of one panel • List of attendees of the conference with contact details • Your logo on the Webseite • Your logo at the networking area • Lounge networking space for you and your customers, 6 sqm • 1/2 page print ad / advertorial in GFM Nachrichten *Please notice: All service read at sponsor register factsheet Regular Ticket 110 EUR* Night at Casino 290 EUR* (only 2nd day) LOCA Live Ticket 2-Day Sponsoring Partner-Sponsoring (+Retail Tour day) Wall-Coffee Sponsoring 5,500 EUR* Tickets February 6th- 7th 2020 Sponsoring LOCA Conference 2020 Night & Speakers Dinner Sonsoring 5,900 EUR* 2,800 EUR* 1-Day Sponsoring Wiesbaden SPONSORING
  12. 12. CARSTEN SZAMEITAT Region Director LBMA DACH ASIF KHAN President & Founder LBMA Global CHRISTIAN GEISSENDÖRFER CEO & Founder, Yoose MICHAEL EICHHORN Director Digital PoS and PAY, PAYBACK GmbH MARTIN WILD Chief Digital Officer, Media-Saturn-Holding THOMAS HINTERLEITHNER CEO, Retail-Place GER / AT / CH LBMA Kanada / USA LBMA Asien LBMA GER LBMA- Vorstand GER LBMA- Member AT LBMA- Member BOARD CARSTEN MAESKES Digital Director, Karstadt GER LBMA- Member Bord of LOCA
  13. 13. Asif Khan President LBMA LOCA Conference Atlanta Carsten Szameitat Chairman LBMA e.V. Location Based Marketing Assiocation (LBMA) Conference & award holders Coordination-Team: Angelique Szameitat Event-Coordination Tel. +49 (0)8122 - 955 625 Maximilian Feigl Communication & Advertorials GFM Nachrichten Tel. +49 (0)8122 - 955 625 Please notice: Call for Papers: until August 20th 2019 CONTACT Conference information Venue Kurhaus Wiesbaden Kurhausplatz 1 65189 Wiesbaden Time Thursday, February 6th 2020 I Kurhaus Wiesbaden 9 am – 6:30 pm, panel sessions & exhibition 8 pm – 12 pm, evening event Friday, February 7th 2020 I LOCA Live at Partners I RETAILTour 10 am – 3 pm, tours & workshops LOCA Conference Sponsoring & Conference