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Awareness actions AP Fertilidade Portugal 2016

  1. APFertilidade was legally constituted on May 20th, 2006, following a civic movement carried out by people with fertility problems; Two decades after the beginning of Medically Assisted Procreation in Portugal, a period marked by the uneven distribution of treatment centers, by the absence of specific legislation, by the limited access to various techniques, by the lack of information and by a lack of interest in medical, psychological, social and economic issues related to this disease, APFertilidade was born as an association primarily intended to support, inform and defend this community.
  2. The Association website aims to be a big data center, developed for the community and for the individual himself, a forum where people can meet and share their experiences and doubts about medical, legal and scientific issues related to fertility issues. WEBSITE
  3. FORUM The Association's forum is meant to be a support platform, so those who have fertility issues can share their experiences and be advised how to proceed. The forum addresses issues like abortions, infertility, endometriosis, twins, surrogacy, and others.
  5. IRS 2016 The campaign's goal was to raise the public's awareness of the fact that if they donate 0.5% of their tax money (IRS), without any additional costs, they would help many women to achieve their dream of becoming a mother, in this case, represented by a second line on the pregnancy test. 0.5% can help to achieve this outcome!
  6. Increasing age for assisted reproduction technologies (ART) This awareness campaign targeted the parliament deputies and consisted on delivering messages from real couples who have the dream of becoming parents but in order to achieve that dream need the conserning law to be changed. In addition to the postcards with quotes, there was also an hourglass for each depute with the following sentence printed on: "don't let the time run out for 300.000 couples" PARLIAMENT DEPUTIES CAMPAIGN Infertile couples demand more time and opportunities.
  7. Surrogacy Online Video - published in May 6th (https://www.facebook.com/apfertilidade/videos/)
  8. Surrogacy law gets approved Clipping from July 20th 2016
  10. G A M E T E D O N A T I O N C A M P A I G N : Concept Goals Target audience Universities Partners Sponsors Information dissemination Numbers Media campaigns
  11. C O N C E P T The idea is to appeal to the emotions of young adults, showing them that gamete donation should be seen as an altruistic act enabling many couples to fulfil their dreams. With the motto “What if a donation could help create a life?”, we are trying to raise the awareness of our young adults by debunking myths and showing them the importance of this type of donation.
  12. GOALS Short term: Inform young adults of what gamete donation consists of and raise their awareness of its importance Medium/long term: Increase the number of male donors (sperm) and female donors (eggs).
  13. TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience selected was university students, given that they are in their peak of fertility, in order to increase the quality of gametes donated.
  14. Number of flyers distributed during the campaign enabling us to reach potential donors in Portugal. Number of universities in the country which supported the campaign and passed on information to their students. 26,250105
  15. PARTNERS For this campaign we contacted the Public Bank of Gametes and all the Portuguese Clinics which receive gamete donors, identified below.
  16. Posters and flyers distributed in Universities and Colleges; Facebook posts and covers on the official page of the Portuguese Fertility Association; Sharing campaign graphics with: - Student Associations and the communication platforms of each university - Facebook pages and websites of our partners and campaign sponsor INFORMATION DISSEMINATION
  17. Flyers
  18. - Press releases about the campaign; - Interviews with students to gain understanding of their knowledge of the topic and their position on gamete donation – if they are open or not to the idea of donation and their reasons; - Interviews with the members of the board of the Portuguese Fertility Association to explain the concept, goals and impact of the campaign; Events covered by the press:
  19. DN - Diário de Notícias
  20. TSF Online Destak
  21. EVENTS Fertility Walks
  22. These walks happened for several years and took place every year in the first Sunday of June. More than just a walk along the sea, there was an extensive area sponsored by partners providing services like tracking diseases, massages, acupuncture, nutrition, dermatology, amongst others. A gift bag was also offered to participants. After the walk, the associates gathered in a hotel in Oeiras for lunch. Because you never give up on a son!
  23. EVENTS Picnic and Mega Zumba Class
  24. Este evento aconteceu dia 18 Julho de 2015 no Parque Urbano do Jamor e para além, da aula de zumba oferecida por um ginásio de Lisboa, contou ainda com uma mini feira com diversos parceiros. Teve rastreios na área da saúde, massagens, atividades para crianças, entre outras animações. No final, deu-se o piquenique e convívio entre associados e amigos que juntou várias dezenas de pessoas. This event happened on 18 July 2015 in Jamor’s Urban Park. The zumba class was provided by a gym in Lisbon and further activities were organized by the partners. By the end, the members got together for the picnic which brought together several dozens of participants.
  25. 10th ANNIVERSARY This year the Association celebrated its 10th anniversary. The event included the presence of an improvising comedy group, a cocktail and animation for kids.
  26. T H A N K Y O U ! W W W . A P F E R T I L I D A D E . O R G