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Sparkle (virtual factory twin)

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Sparkle (virtual factory twin)

  1. 1. Factory of the Future Virtual Factory Twin
  2. 2. 2 Presentation title The aim of this project is to demonstrate the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies working together and enable the generation of new use cases applicable to a real industrial environment, thanks to the full immersion and a smart - connected platform. Five countries were involved in the development (USA, France, Italy, England and Spain). Technical development lead by AICAM in support to WCC os Advanced Manufacturing. Real factory case based in Airbus Puerto Real thanks to AICAM proximity and the relation created by sharing technology incubation together with real industrial use cases. It is a fully immersive virtual environment of a real factory where intelligent sensors (SenseForge) harvest data from different machines, performing analytics to detect status and failures. IoT platform (VueForge), collects information coming from Industrial Information Systems and SenseForge and then displayed on real time dash boarding in the virtual environment, allowing the capacity to deploy an early warning system through analytics at plant level. Virtual reality is used for training purpose (maintenance training) and as a remote control platform being able to move robotic arm in remote. WHAT IS SPARKLE? Our industrial customers were needing a platform as a playground for generating new use cases related to Industry 4.0 utilities and their specific industrial challenges. For this purpose, Altran designed a framework merging industry 4.0 capabilities (Connected, Smart and Virtual Factory). Thanks to the latest introduction of machines remote control, Sparkle has become a 5G showcase due to the low latency and wide bandwith request when trying to control big number of machines in remote in real time.
  3. 3. > Immersive High-End Training. > Real Time Data Analysis & Management. > Analytics for Legacy Machines, Jigs & Tools. > Hyperconnectivity. > Dash boarding designed for different user profiles and accessible from different platforms (VR, Tables, Mobiles,…) > Moving from the ‘training’ concept to the ‘experience’ concept, to get real training without affecting production flows. > Digital twin control. > Smart Sensors: SenseForge. > IoT Platform: VueForge Connect. > 3D Modelling: Laser Scanning (drones), Photogrammetry, CATIA Conversion and from scratch modelling. > Machine Learning Analytics: Machine Status. > Virtual Reality: Immersive focus with natural interfaces, sounds, realistic finishes… The first Sparkle prototype was presented during Paris Air Show. Latest version, which includes the remote control of a robotic arm, was showcased as well on the Mobile World Congress 2018. APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES BENEFITS
  4. 4. SMART SENSORS Accelerator Temp/IR Hum % Gyroscope Magnet Reed SW 4Mb ram Altimeter Luminance 2.4 radio Ana I/O Dig I/O › Sensor measurements › FFT, Media, Deviation. › Signal preprocessing › Data Storage. › Dashboard. › Sensor synchro. SenseForge is an advanced Monitoring System based on a sensors mesh to optimize the efficiency and productivity of machines. Each small device is easily installed on any machine to harvest, analyze and monitor its operating data through vibro-acoustics analytics.
  5. 5. IoT PLATFORM VueForge is Altran’s IoT platform solution to receive different industrial signals, being enable to translate them all into the same language. This is allowing the platform to perform Analytics and Big Data to transform and unlock data into relevant information at every plant level. Customize Dashboards for every plant user (from management to operator) Multiplatform presentation (Mobile, Tablet, PC, VR, …) Customized Early Warning System to prevent plant events analytics driven
  6. 6. Presentation title6 VR INTERACTIVE PLANT (FULL SCALE IMMERSION) Photorealistic immersion thanks to Photogrammetry techniques, advanced CAD modelling, live factory sound and synchronized machines simulations. Use of virtual reality software to visualize and interact with your factory in remote thanks to Virtual Reality headsets. Photogrammetry has to be combined with standard in-game assets and post-processing effects in order to create a believable, realistic environments and objects. When we create an entire play-space based on real world locations, we certainly use photogrammetry to capture the raw textures and scale of that particular place, but in order to make it feel real we will need to augment that raw information. Adding stylized filters for things like lighting, shadows, and reflections, as well as traditionally generated game assets, helps to give environments a sense of cohesion that makes objects feel more “real” than what can be captured using photogrammetric techniques alone. As it stands, we usually mix different techniques (CATIA conversion, 3D modelling from scratch, texturizing with orthophotography, modelling with photogrammetry, and others) depending of the scenario we need to recreate. In mixing techniques, we found outstanding results.
  7. 7. This brain machine interface headset allows the user to move around the virtual factory, hands free, by using your mind thanks to the latest EEG headset technologies. The user can enter a world where the human brain connects directly with machines to control real and virtual objects with thoughts and inject real time emotions into digital experiences. The EEG headset monitors cognitive load and discover emotional responses that are preventing you from achieving peak mental performance. COGNITIVE CONTROL
  8. 8. ROBOTIC ARM Virtual reality is used for performing a pick and place task within a manufacturing flow through the use of an EEG headset working as a remote control platform being able to move robotic arm in remote, showcasing the digital twin use case.
  9. 9. Presentation title9 MAINTENANCE TRAINING In this application, Virtual reality is also used with a training purpose: specifically, a basic maintenance process training.The user will face a common maintenance task, guided step by step by pop-ups and dashboards, solving the issue and re-planning to ensure production.