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Finnish Waste-to-Energy and Bioenergy offering

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As the world’s population keeps growing, it will need 45 % more energy by 2030. Finland provides holistic solutions for the whole value chain - from waste and biomass feedstock to energy conversion.

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Finnish Waste-to-Energy and Bioenergy offering

  2. 2. 2 • Decades of experience with woody biomass, forest industry side streams and agro waste • Full range of services and technologies in bioenergy sector for heating and energy supply • World-class equipment and systems that radically increase the efficiency of supplying the raw material without risking the sustainability aspects • Best solutions for both large-scale and small-scale, decentralized units SOLUTIONS FOR THE WHOLE VALUE CHAIN FROM FOREST TO ENERGY END-USER WHAT FINLAND OFFERS TO YOU
  3. 3. 3 • Expertise in efficient waste collection, transportation and storage • Outstanding technology for refining waste into valuable products e.g. alternative fuels • Solutions for recycling, sorting and management of all kind of waste materials substantially reducing the amount of waste being landfilled • Turn-key solutions for W2E plants SUPREME OFFERING FOR MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT AND PROCESSING WHAT FINLAND OFFERS TO YOU
  4. 4. 4 WHAT FINLAND OFFERS TO YOU • Finland has a long experience in forest industry and a strong machinery cluster • Boilers ranging from small to large scale, including Fluidized bed boilers (FBB) and Bubbling fluidized bed boilers (BFB) • Leading combustion and gasification technologies • Off-grid solutions #1 FINLAND IS WORLD IN COMBINED HEAT AND POWER (CHP) TECHNOLOGY
  5. 5. 5 WHAT FINLAND OFFERS TO YOU CIRCULAR ECONOMY – LEADING EXPERTISE IN WASTE MINIMIZING, RAW MATERIAL REUSE AND RECYCLING, ENERGY RECOVERY AND FINAL DISPOSAL • Globally, 90% of raw materials used end up as waste • In Finland, nearly 90% of municipal waste was recovered either turning it into energy or by means of material recycling (2015) • Only 10% of municipal waste end up in landfills and the amount is decreasing since landfilling organic waste and textiles became prohibited as of 2016 • New waste refinery and biorefinery concepts developed and already in operation in Finland
  6. 6. 6 • In-depth understanding of turning demanding raw materials like saw dust, wastewater sludge, nitrogen rich manure and slaughterhouse waste into liquid and gaseous biofuels • “Open access” pilots and demonstration platforms for biogas and liquid biofuels • Fully automated and controlled process operations with 24h technical support • Tailored solutions for different climates and customer needs WHAT FINLAND OFFERS TO YOU ADVANCED BIOFUELS – ETHANOL, DIESEL AND BIOGAS FROM WASTE
  11. 11. BMH Technology Oy specializes in turnkey deliveries of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) production plants and solid fuel handling systems for power plants and cement kilns. The company offers solutions which transform the solid waste streams to high-quality fuel and valuable recyclables. 11 BMH TECHNOLOGY WORLD-CLASS MATERIAL HANDLING TECHNOLOGY
  12. 12. 12 BMH TECHNOLOGY WORLD-CLASS MATERIAL HANDLING TECHNOLOGY • Low CO2 emissions • Thanks to stable combustion, no dioxin is produced • Reduce usage of traditional fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, oil, etc. • Increase electricity efficiency • Recycle metal and other valuable substance
  13. 13. 13 CROSS WRAP OY LEADING WASTE INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS FROM THE LEADING MANUFACTURER A bale is an efficient way to handle, store and transport waste – and if you so choose, to reuse it i.e. as a source of energy. Wrapped bales are environmentally friendly, effective and economical. What’s more, the automatic opening and dewiring can substantially improve production efficiency.
  14. 14. 14 CROSS WRAP OY LEADING WASTE INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS FROM THE LEADING MANUFACTURER Cross Wrap builds and installs automatic stretch-film bale wrappers to pack various waste materials and recyclables for transport and storage. The product range also includes bale openers and de-wiring machines that open up the bales when materials need to be utilized. The original cross wrapping method is patented globally and other patents for new innovations have followed. CROSS WRAP OY’S unmatched experience, combined with its leading-edge patented technologies, means that it can deliver an Effective, economical and environmentally friendly wrapping solution for every waste management challenge. The customer needs only a baler, wrapping line and film – all provided by Cross Wrap and its partners 20 years – 400 machines – 50 countries
  15. 15. 15 DUSTCOMB ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING RELATED TO PROCESSING AND REFINING OF FUEL WOOD DUSTCOMB offers engineering and consulting related to processing and refining of fuel wood. Solutions include crushing, drying, screening, grinding, etc. DUSTCOMB’s solutions ensure maximum fuel efficiency, lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, improved power plant operation reliability and increased storability of the biofuel.
  16. 16. 16 DUSTCOMB ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING RELATED TO PROCESSING AND REFINING OF FUEL WOOD • Increase the usability of forest residues for energy generation. • Replace fossil fuels with refined biomass. • Improve handling and logistic chains for fuel wood.
  17. 17. 17 ECOMOND TCOS – TASK CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION SOFTWARE ECOMOND is a software company specialized in electronic task management and optimization software TCOS – Logistics Control TCOS is a modern non-industry specific solution for managing operations in various businesses from waste management to healthcare and from services to logistics. The solution is made for handling the whole task management chain with large number of transactions and can be integrated to almost any other software like financial, ERP, HR etc. BENEFITS • 10-30% savings in the operational costs • Improved customer service and remarkable reduction in manual work • 80-90% less time in planning needed and hugely improved reaction rate into changes • 100% transparent and optimal operations • Typical pay back time 3-6 months
  18. 18. 18 ECOMOND THE PROJECT REFERENCES Waste management companies and cities: L&T, SITA FINLAND, RENONORDEN, RENOVA (City of Gothenburg) SEVERAL MUNICIPAL COMPANIES Service companies in different branches ANTICIMEX, LINDSTRÖM, INNOGAS Logistics in different branches LATVIAN STATE FOREST, BIOENERGY PROJECTS, PALPA
  19. 19. 19 FARMI FOREST FARMI FOREST, a global pioneer since 1962 in developing value adding innovative forestry and biomass processing solutions and services. for quality, productivity, safety and customer FARMI Profi and Smart product lines provide productive and sustainable full forestry solutions around farming tractor both for semi commercial and professional customers. Our partners in over 40 countries support our finding the right solutions whether you are energy wood harvesting or producing biomass Farmi Forest, part of Normet Group is located in the heart of woodlands of Iisalmi, Finland.
  20. 20. 20 FERROPLAN OY FERROPLAN OY produces waste treatment solutions for recycling, sorting, and managing of a wide variety of materials. • Efficient waste management solutions with 33 years of experience • Conveyor solutions designed for handling piece goods and bulk cargo • Solid waste treatment • Water and waste water treatment, all in one package • Waste to landfill reduced to a third • Efficient, reliable, and safe • Automate and optimise the flow of materials or semi-manufactured products at the customer's site, helping to ensure uninterrupted production
  21. 21. 21 FERROPLAN OY REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS • BIWASE, Vietnam, composting plant, municipal waste 420 t/d • VIMELCO, Vietnam, constructing waste treatment line, municipal waste line • NASTOLA, Finland, water treatment plant renovation • Andritz, municipal waste treatment line
  22. 22. 22 INDUFOR OY INDUFOR GROUP is one of the world's leading forest consulting service providers. It provides high-quality knowledge and services for its clients over the forest and forest industry value chains. Related to W2E and bioenergy Indufor offers services considering biomass sourcing, investment feasibility as well as new solutions and markets CONSULTING FOR THE FOREST INDUSTRY VALUE CHAIN
  23. 23. 23 INDUFOR OY INDUFOR OFFERS • Biomass sourcing • Feasibility studies • Help in partner search (raw materials, technology, etc.) • Help in finding new solutions and new markets (investment and resource needs, technologies, markets, policy environment) REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS • Biomass sourcing, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for CHP- plants in various African countries (e.g. South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ghana) • Regional biomass supply and price forecasting for a 50MW biomass power plant in North Asia • EBRD study on transforming wood into biofuels in Russia
  25. 25. 25 INMEC INSTRUMENTS SAMPLE PREPARATION SOLUTIONS FOR LABORATORY ANALYSIS We offer various models for different uses Obtaining reliable measurements from test samples is rife with challenges that are not catered to with available industry solutions Inmec Instruments Ltd Lukkarinpolku 3a 87200 Kajaani +358 400 280 202
  26. 26. 26 MHG SYSTEMS OY LTD MODERN IT SOLUTIONS FOR FORESTRY KEY CONCEPT • Platform for forestry stakeholders • CUSTOMER BENEFITS • New business opportunities • Modern tools for work management • Networking with partners and other stakeholders WHAT CAN WE OFFER FOR THE TARGET COUNTRY/INDUSTRY SECTOR? • New innovative way to connect forest owners and forestry entrepreneurs • Bring more wood for the industry • Raise awareness of forest owners about the possibilities of their forests
  27. 27. 27 MHG SYSTEMS OY LTD MODERN IT SOLUTIONS FOR FORESTRY REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECT • Mobile work management solution used by the biggest forest management associations in Finland • Mobile field data collection tools in use in multiple developing countries • Dozens of customers in Finland taking advantage of our ERP solution
  28. 28. 28 MIKSEI LTD We offer green, forest based energy solutions for heat and power supply for every customer need We offer tailored energy supply services to all kinds of clients from private homes to metropolises. From forest to a warm house: we provide you with complete set of services and technologies whatever your energy needs are. CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Replace coal as raw material for energy supply! • Reduction of CO2 • Cost efficient WORLD CLASS SOLUTION We offer full range of services and technologies in bioenergy sector SECURE SUPPLIER Our technology is in use in hard weather conditions (yearly variaton 50-70 C degrees) MARKET LEADER Finland is known for its strong know-how in bioenergy technology WHY CHOOSE US CLEANTECH FINLAND BIOENERGY – CFB
  29. 29. 29 MOLOK OY YOUR PARTNER IN WASTE COLLECTION MOLOK Oy is a company manufacturing, marketing and selling Molok® semi- underground DEEP COLLECTION® waste containers. Leading manufacturer in the world 140 000 installed waste containers in more than 40 countries
  30. 30. 30 INNOVATIVE MOLOK ® DEEP COLLECTION® SYSTEM THE BENEFITS ARE: • Huge underground collection capacity • Vertical design compacts waste • Long emptying intervals • High collecting efficiency • Low emissions MOLOK OY
  31. 31. 31 RAUMASTER GLOBAL LEADER IN MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS SOLID FUEL AND BIOMASS HANDLING • Fuel receiving, screening, crushing, storage, reclaiming & conveying systems • Fuel feeding and ash handling systems • Recovery boiler, lime kiln and smelting plant conveyor systems WOOD HANDLING • Wood rooms, chip and bark storage, screening, receiving and conveying • EPC projects SERVICE • Retrofits, service audits, field services, maintenance, repairs, overhauls
  32. 32. 32 RAUMASTER CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Low maintenance cost, high availability, reliability and efficiency • Proven technology and experience from handling different types of materials EXAMPLES OF OVER 3300 REFERENCE PROJECTS • Wood, chip and bark handling EPC Altri Group Celtejo Pulp Mill, Portugal • Chip and bark handling Arauco Nueva Aldea Mill, Chile • Wood room Ilim Group Bratsk Mill, Russia • Bio fuel, RDF, TDF and sludge receiving, feeding and ash handling systems Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Nippon Pulp and Paper Asahikawa Mill, Japan • Coal, biofuel, bottom ash, sand, limestone handling systems for 4 boilers Amec Foster Wheeler Energia, Korea Southern Power, Samcheok, South Korea • Fuel yard, biofuel and coal receiving, screening, crushing and feeding systems ash conveying systems Fortum Värme, Värtaverket, Stockholm, Sweden
  33. 33. 33 SAALASTI MANUFACTURER OF INNOVATIVE HEAVY-DUTY BIOENERGY MACHINERY • Machines are used mostly in big power plants and wood rooms • Main products are different types of stationary forest-based biomass chippers, crushers, cutters and bark dewatering presses. The company delivers entire biomass processing stations. • SAALASTI CHIPPER H (horizontal feed) is suitable for power plants, biomass terminals and other high-volume applications where correct particle size and reliable operation are a necessity
  34. 34. 34 SAALASTI MANUFACTURER OF INNOVATIVE HEAVY-DUTY BIOENERGY MACHINERY • SAALASTI CRUSH H is designed for effective crushing of stumps and other forest residues. It is a high-capacity crusher for processing stumps, while being versatile to be used to process any other wood based biomass. • SAALASTI CRUSH V is a real universal crusher, which has become an industry standard in many countries. It is used at paper and pulp mill woodrooms, sawmills and power plants.
  35. 35. 35 SIMOSOL RAW MATERIAL SOURCING ANALYSIS FOR BIOENERGY & FOREST INDUSTRY INVESTMENTS • Raw material sourcing analysis for bioenergy & forest industry investments • Full pre-feasibility analysis of bioenergy plant investments with partners • Feedstock supply chain and forest management optimization software • Valuation of forest assets CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Better investment decisions based on quantitative analysis • Maximized profit through minimized operational costs and optimization
  36. 36. 36 REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS • Biomass Atlas Pakistan and Vietnam; World Bank funded ESMAP project – Nationwide mapping of biomass resources and availability for industrial scale power generation • Optimized long term wood sourcing plan for Metsä Forest Podporozhye, Russia – Minimizing wood sourcing cost at terminals/saw mill taking into account road building investments, harvesting and transport. Included remote sensing based mapping of forest resources. • Optimized wood chip delivery chain; Finland – maximizing the profit of weekly chip deliveries to power plants taking into account the operational costs and the energy content development in the wood chips WHAT CAN WE OFFER FOR THE TARGET COUNTRY/INDUSTRY SECTOR? • National / regional analysis of biomass resources and their sustainable utilization • Analysis services and operational tools to minimize operational costs / maximize profit SIMOSOL
  40. 40. ARITERM OY FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE ARITERM IS A FINNISH MANUFACTURER OF BIOHEATING SYSTEMS Our main products are bio boilers used for heat production, bio burners and bio heating system solutions. Modern bio heating is an easy and affordable way to take care of heating. The bio heating solutions developed and manufactured by Ariterm Oy provide an efficient and reliable way of benefiting from different kind of bio fuels. RECYCLING SOLUTIONS Ariterm is specializing on recycled wood combustion systems, and technology is feasible to combust recycled wood with metallic impurities and biofuels with low ash melting temperature with Multijet – combustion technology. +358 400 541 721
  41. 41. ARITERM OY CAREFUL PLANNING LEADS TO GOOD RESULTS ARITERM BIOJET MULTI BIO BURNER FOR DEMANDING HEATING SYSTEMS FOR WOOD PELLETS • Combines best features of bio burners: water-cooled structure and moving grate technology • Extended cleaning intervals • High efficiency (over 95 %) • Automatic ignition ARITERM BIO BOILERS ECONOMICAL CENTRAL HEATING BOILER Cleanly and efficiently burning bio burner needs to be paired with a boiler that is able to transfer produced heat to the boiler water with high efficiency. Ariterm Bio boilers are available in several power classes. • Nominal output 120 – 3 000 kW • Compatible with Ariterm’s bio burners • Max. working pressure 4 - 10 bar • Can be equipped with a domestic hot water heat exchanger • The boiler has the necessary hatches for cleaning and fire maintenance. • Insulated steel ash chamber • Ash screws +358 400 541 721 ARITERM MULTIJET BIO BURNER FOR DEMANDING HEATING SYSTEMS • 100 % self cleaning grade structure, designed for recycled wood combustion. • Capable to handle metals with low melting point (Aluminium, Brass) • Feasible for biofuels with low ash melting point
  42. 42. 42 AURELIA TURBINES OY THE MOST EFFICIENT SMALL GAS TURBINES IN THE WORLD 40% AURELIA TURBINES PROVIDES ROBUST, WORLD-CLASS GAS TURBINES WITH ELECTRICAL OUTPUT OF 400 KW AND SUPERIOR ELECTRICAL EFFICIENCY OF ABOVE CUSTOMER BENEFITS Outstanding power-to-steam ratio SME industrial sites with steam and power needs can benefit from the highly efficient CHP enabled by the gas turbine combined with a heat recovery boiler providing steam. Such installation can lower the primary energy need by some 40%. Excellent fuel flexibility The turbines are built for multiple applications such as CHP, steam process, O&G, and can utilize a wide range of both, renewable and non- standard fuels.
  43. 43. INEXPENSIVE, EMISSION FREE ENERGY EFFICIENTLY FROM SOLID BIOMASS BIOFIRE OY Wood chips Peat Pellets Waste grain INPUT  More than 30 years of experience in biomass burning and heating plant business. This ensures the best technical know- how is used to Biofire Oy products and services supplied  Biofire Oy manufactures and supplies highly robust and long-lasting heating systems and heating plants which use solid biomass as fuel. Its Palokärki –products are designed for demanding North European conditions  Fully automated heating systems and heating plants in categories from 60 kW up to 5 MW OUTPUT Hot water for heating or for steam generating Hot air for heating or drying 60 kW - 5 MW 100 kW - 3,2 MW
  44. 44. BIOFIRE OY BIOFIRE TECHNOLOGY AND PRODUCTS ARE SUITABLE FOR MANY PURPOSES  For grain drying 100 – 1600 kW For timber drying 500 – 5000 kW  For district heating 500 – 5000 kW  Heating containers 60 – 700 kW  For farmers / small industry 60 – 500 kW  Smart technical solutions for fuel handlingFor industrial / commercial heating purposes 500 - 5000 kW For private / industrial heating purposes 60 - 500 kW
  45. 45. 45 CITEC OY AB MULTI-DISCIPLINE ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES Citec provides multi- discipline engineering and information management services to the energy industry and other technology-dependent industries. It helps its customers to deliver sustainable solutions that supply the society with the energy it needs. CUSTOMER BENEFITS • CITEC offers complete services and consulting within all project phases: feasibility, concept studies and pre-engineering, basic and detailed engineering as well as site services, built drawings and technical documentation. • The services range from single discipline engineering to EPCM services for managing the whole project, or specific parts of it. • Global resourcing enables Citec to to select the best resources from different countries both in terms of competence and cost efficiency. • Global track-record, capability and references to back up.
  46. 46. 46 CITEC OY AB MULTI-DISCIPLINE ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS • KEA waste to energy plant, Klemetsrud, Norway • ALSTOM, BIOMASS-FUELLED CHP PLANT, France • WESTENERGY PLANT, Mustasaari, Finland • VANTAAN ENERGIA waste to energy plant, Vantaa, Finland CITEC provides complete engineering and information management services for waste to energy projects as well as services for EPC contractors, utilities (power and heat producers), plant owners and power developers. The services are provided for power production, district heating & cooling and for CHP generation.
  47. 47. 47 EERA WASTE REFINING WASTE TO ENERGY UTILITY BUSINESS EERA WASTE REFINING concept includes three major innovations: The Bridgehead Model, which secures systemic demand and supply as well as builds cooperation in target countries A potential dominant design in waste management An advanced operations and maintenance model A serial utility business with a high growth potential by establishing, running and trading (BOOT) Waste-to- Energy facilities mainly outside OECD. REFERENCES The first NEWCO is ARAFIN in Oman serving GCC, Iran and North Africa and the first deal is closed in Oman. A Chilean company EWR Chile has been founded with four projects under development. Turkey and Iran are developing fast with several projects under development.
  48. 48. 48 THREE PARALLEL ROUTES TO UTILIZING WASTE BASED FUEL ‘SRF’ Our offering provides three ways to convert the energy content of waste into a useful form and usage Existing gas or coal fired power plant Gasifier for fuel conversion Waste refining facility Cement factory Power plant based on a fluidized bed boiler Pat.pend solution for enhanced oil produciton Electricity grid Industrial processes Cooling Water desalination Municipal waste Industrial waste streams For recycling: metals, glass Non-usable to landfill (max 20 % of the input Customer interface Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) SRF SRF Electricity & steam Gas Case a) SRF Case b) WtG Case c) WtEl&S EERA WASTE REFINING
  49. 49. 49 EFIREC OY EFFICIENT RENEWABLE ENERGY SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS • We provide renewable energy and energy efficiency services and solutions. • Our solutions provide economic and ecological energy from a local source, district heating (300 kW - 10 000 kW) as well as electrical energy for larger buildings and industry. • We have also waste heat energy and district cooling solutions and waste treatment in our portfolio. • We have been one of the pioneers in waste treatment plants as a builder, so we have a comprehensive know-how in this industry.
  50. 50. 50 EFIREC OY EFFICIENT RENEWABLE ENERGY SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS • Our annual efficiency is of the highest class and our plants have a wide operating range. • This reduces the costs significantly: with the same amount of fuel we can provide more heat energy than our competitors. • Our power plants are highly automated. • The modular method of construction ensures consistently high quality and fast and cost-efficient deliveries. • Installation phase is extremely short.
  51. 51. 51 ENVIROBURNERS INDUSTRIAL BURNERS FOR ALTERNATIVE FUELS APPLICATIONS: • Switch from fossil to biofuels • Utilize waste streams for energy production • Compliance with current and future emission requirements Over 600 deliveries to all continents Supplier for: Alstom, Amec FW, Andritz, Outotec, Valmet
  52. 52. 52 ENVIROBURNERS INDUSTRIAL BURNERS FOR ALTERNATIVE FUELS ENVIROBURNERS’ REFERENCES • Largest Waste Gas Flare (35 MW) for the Oki pulp mill in Indonesia • Total 73 Non Condensable/odorous Gas burners and flare incinerators delivered • Several conversions from fuel oils to wood dust (largest project 120 MW) • Total 51 wood dust burners delivered • Several waste/biomass Gasification Gas burner deliveries • Over 160 start-up burners for CFB and BFB boilers and gasifiers deliveries • Over 200 other multifuel industrial burners for non-conventional fuels
  53. 53. 53 ICVF Ltd DESIGNING WASTE-TO-ENERGY EPCM PROJECTS • ICVF Waste to Energy plant deliveries enable environmentally friendly and economically feasible electricity production turning Municipal Waste to electricity and other side products. • Technologies and processes developed for solid waste incineration in Finland have been tested in variety of harsh climates. • Applying these proven methods to municipal waste, an average of 20 MWh of electricity can be produced from the volume of each 1 million people waste.
  54. 54. 54 ICVF Ltd DESIGNING WASTE-TO-ENERGY EPCM PROJECTS • ICVF delivers complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management shipment that complies with local and international standards • ICVF can help with financing arrangements with International financiers. CONTACTS: • Mr Ari Tuutti +358 405 822 225 • Mr Asko Tiusanen + 358 400 701 982
  55. 55. 55 KPA UNICON CUSTOMIZED AND MODULAR BOILER AND POWER PLANT SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS • Turn-key or process delivery for power plants using biomass as well as oil and gas • Financing solutions including leasing contract • Service solutions • PlantSys system for remote assistance and control CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Pre-studies and feasibility calculations to optimize the best project solution • Support during the whole lifecycle of the plant for the best efficiency • KPA Unicon takes responsibility for operation and maintenance of the plant • Guaranteed efficiency, minimum load 15 % with automated operation • KPA Unicon plants can be manufactured as modules - Modular structure minimizes the delivery time of the plant and installation time on site
  56. 56. CUSTOMIZED AND MODULAR BOILER AND POWER PLANT SOLUTIONS 56 KPA UNICON ONGOING PROJECTS • STORA ENSO WOOD PRODUCTS OY LTD, Honkalahti sawmill, Finland • UNICON BIOGRATE 18, 1 x 17,7 MWth, Fuel: Bark, Sawmill residues • STORA ENSO, ALA SAWMILL, Ljusen, Sweden • Unicon Biograte 15, 1 x 15 MWth, Fuel: Sawmill residues, bark • PORVOON ENERGIA LTD, Loviisa, Finland • Unicon Biograte 10, 1 x 10 MWth, Fuel: Bark, woodchips • ARCELORMITTAL SOUTH AFRICA, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa • UNICON ST50, 2 X 25 MWTH, steam boiler plant, Fuel: Blast furnace gas / Coke oven gas
  57. 57. 57 NOCART PROVIDING POWER Nocart is a Finnish environmentally- conscious energy company using multiple sources of energy to produce high-quality electricity for use and storage. Nocart serves the global demand at three levels: Power Management Unit (PMU), Power Systems and Power Sales. Nocart solutions cover W2E and other renewable and hybrid power systems.
  58. 58. NOCART FOR USE AND STORAGE Nocart PMU is a unique product for the production of high-quality, reliable, flexible, and green grid-independent or grid-connected power from any source for own use, sale, and back-up. Connectivity to the Smart Grid of the future enables feeding in and selling power back to the grid. Payback time for W2E solutions is typically 4-7 years. Nocart PMU can be connected to many types of own or external sources of energy: Industrial or animal waste, wind, hydro, wave, gas motor, sunlight, brake energy, biofuel, etc.
  59. 59. 59 NORDAUTOMATION HEAT AND POWER WITH MULTI-BIOFUEL TECHNOLOGY Nordautomation’s long experience in mechanical, electrical and automation engineering and the company’s own factory facilities make total responsibility deliveries possible. EKOHELL – COMPACT 0,5 – 3 MW BIOENERGY STANDARD SOLUTION POWER PLANT • Ekohell Compact is a ready made fully equipped container, with or without fuel storage • Multi-biofuel power plant • Uninterrupted fuel supply and backfire prevention • Rotating self improving grateless combustion furnace • Efficient combustion process and low emissions • High efficiency • Fully automated and instrumented systems • Fast delivery • Financial leasing possibility • Ekohell 1,5 - 12 MW models are also available
  60. 60. 60 NORDAUTOMATION HEAT AND POWER WITH MULTI-BIOFUEL TECHNOLOGY EKOHELL biofuel power plants produce heat and also electric power if required The plant has a stable process even at low power. Uninterrupted fuel supply and backfire prevention by a hydraulic piston fuel feeder, which also tolerates off-specified fuel. EKOHELL -COMPACT standard solution adjusted for different needs and customer segments, such as: • Greenhouse industry • Agriculture industry • Wood processing • District heating, etc. With the rotating self improving grateless combustion furnace the plant burns peat, bark, wood chips, straw and other biomass efficiently and without clogging. EKOHELL COMPACT is a fully automated unit. The Finnish company Nordautomation ensures overall delivery responsibility.
  61. 61. 61 PROTACON SOLUTIONS FOR ENERGY PRODUCERS AND ENERGY SERVICE COMPANIES EXPERIENCED ENGINEERS TO HANDLE PROJECTS Protacon’s services encompass consulting, design and engineering, implementation, turn-key deliveries and maintenance & upkeep. Long-term customer relationships, commitment to deliveries and an open-minded approach to modern technologies are the backbone of Protacon’s operations.
  62. 62. 62 PROTACON CUSTOMER BENEFITS Protacon enhances its customers’ competitive advantage with solutions that create new business models, streamline daily work, increase production quality, improve efficiency and free up resources to allow time for creativity. Key Products: • ONCE: Customers have reported less than 2-month payback time • STC (Steam Turbine Control ) A new control- and protection system allows to use higher pressure in steam turbine REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS • N:o1 in Finland - 70% of all energy produced using solid fuels in Finland are handled by ONCE fuel management platform • 20 pc STC projects in 3 year • Ongoing project: • UPB Fortum Klaipeda, Liettua: ONCE • Several automation upgrade projects to district heating plant with remote monitoring application • Metsä Fibre Oy Rauma; STC project SOLUTIONS FOR ENERGY PRODUCERS AND ENERGY SERVICE COMPANIES
  63. 63. 63 VALMET Valmet - Summary • A leading process technology, automation and services provider for pulp, paper, energy industries • Unique and market’s widest offering including process technology, automation and services • 12,000 professionals serving global customer base • One of the world’s 300 sustainability leaders • Net sales EUR 2.9 billion • Almost half of the sales from stable Services and Automation businesses • Increasing global demand of tissue, board, pulp and energy creates long-term growth possibilities • Vision to become the global champion in serving our customers TECHNOLOGIES, AUTOMATION AND SERVICES FOR THE PULP, PAPER AND ENERGY INDUSTRIES
  64. 64. 64 Valmet’s energy solutions  Valmet is a reliable technology partner in changing energy markets. We know how to combine energy solutions based on biomass, waste and fossil fuels. We enable you to make the most out of them for energy generation.  Together we can develop innovative solutions based on our decades of experience and wide technology, services and automation offering.  Our offering covers process technologies – combustion and gasification - for biomass, waste (RDF, SRF) and multifuel solutions.  A multifuel boiler gives the flexibility to choose the most economic fuel based on availability and price. Valmet’s HYBEX and CYMIC boilers, CFB gasifiers and air emission control systems ensure high efficiency and reliability with low emissions – even with the most challenging fuel combinations. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of your processes. VALMET VALMET’S ENERGY SOLUTIONS
  65. 65. WOIMA Corporation TURNING WASTE INTO WELFARE WOIMA is a Finnish modular waste-to-energy power plant supplier with the aim to mitigate waste-related problems in developing countries. We offer a turn-key solution that simultaneously • Significantly reduces waste landfilling • Delivers a variety of energy commodities • Cuts down waste logistics costs Our fully containerized wasteWOIMA® 10 power plant • Can handle a wide variety of fuels • Offers excellent energy efficiency • Fits perfectly in off-grid solutions • Has a quick roll-out time • Is easy to relocate
  66. 66. WOIMA Corporation TURNING WASTE INTO WELFARE KEY BENEFITS Local fuel & energy supply Utilization of locally available fuel streams (waste) to produce energy commodities based on local needs Minimized air, land and water emissions Significant reduction of green house gas emissions, landfill leachate water quantity and ground pollution Economic benefits for all stakeholders Savings in waste management, local job creation and potential for new enterprising spread welfare throughout the community Low CAPEX / OPEX Robust design with high level of automation ensures long life span, simple maintenance, short payback time and excellent ROI
  67. 67. 67 ÅF-Consult Ltd. STATE-OF-THE-ART CONSULTING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES CIRCULATION ECONOMY Ekokem, Circulation Economy Village, Riihimäki, Finland ÅF Consult Ltd. is an independent consulting and engineering company. We have been involved in design and implementation over 3 Mt/a WtE and 700 MWe biomass based power plants during the last 10 years. We are leading provider of consultancy, engineering and project management services for WtE and Biomass based power plant projects in Scandinavia. We operate globally and with a one stop shop approach with our extensive partner network.
  68. 68. ÅF-Consult Ltd. RECENT WASTE TO ENERGY ASSIGNMENTS ÅF is currently active in around 90 countries ÅF has offices ÅF has carried out projects Year Client Project ÅF Services Capacity 2016 Lenders and EPC provider WtE plant in Kuwait Lenders technical advisor 1000kt/a 2016 Istac WtE plant in Turkey OE Services 1000kt/a 2014- 2016 Riikinvoima Oy Varkaus WtE CHP Plant OE Services 145kt/a 2012- 2016 Tammervoima Oy Tarastenjärvi WtE CHP Plant EPCM 150kt/a 2009- 2013 Fortum Oyj Klaipeda WtE CHP Plant EPCM 272kt/a 2008- 2013 Eesti Energia Iru WtE CHP Plant OE Services 240kt/a 2010- 2012 Laanilan Voima Oy Oulu WtE Plant EPCM 120kt/a 2006- 2008 Kotkan Energia Oy Kotka WtE CHP Plant EPCM 100kt/a 2005- 2007 Ekokem Oy Riihimäki WtE Plant EPCM 150kt/a
  70. 70. 70 ADVANCED LIQUID (bioethanol and biodiesel) biofuels and BIOGAS can be produced from waste and residue-based raw materials e.g. animal and fish fats, used cooking oil, organic fraction of MSW, sawdust etc. Landfill gas recovery is an interesting opportunity BIOFUEL PRODUCTION: TRENDS EFFICIENT AND SCALABLE BIOGAS SOLUTIONS FOR ENERGY INDEPENDENCY BY REPLACING IMPORTED FOSSIL FUELS AND CREATING LOCAL JOBS 80%COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL FUELS BIOFUELS CAN REDUCE GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS BY AS MUCH AS Finnish companies have focused their development on ADVANCED FUEL PRODUCTION technologies also from challenging feedstock and hence can offer unique solutions
  72. 72. 72 BIOGTS LTD. INDUSTRIAL BIOGAS AND BIODIESEL POWER PLANT MANUFACTURER AND EPC CONTRACTOR Designing, building and operating utility-scale biogas and biodiesel plants. Complete next generation waste management solution for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Solid background in the research and development of biogas and biodiesel process technologies. CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Completely new way of building biogas and biodiesel power plants: Standardized industrial production, modular structures, easy to scale and retrofit. • Lowest Capex in the market with low annual Opex. High energy efficiency. Highest energy yield per reactor and fastest breakeven period. • Quick “plug-in”installation and start-up • Continuously operated, fully automated, remote controlled process
  73. 73. 73 BIOGTS LTD. RENEWABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION, BIOGAS PLANTS AND LANDFILL GAS UTILIZATION WHAT CAN WE OFFER FOR THE TARGET COUNTRY/INDUSTRY SECTOR? • Compact and standard solution for treatment of solid waste. • Scalable from farm scale to waste treatment solution for metropolises • Robust process that handles wide variety and quality of feedstock. REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS • Biogas plant for treatment of municipal waste, Haminan Energia Ltd., Virolahti, Finland • Biogas plant for treatment of agricultural waste, Natural Resources Institute, Sotkamo, Finland • Biodiesel plant for treatment of used cooking oils and animal fats, BioMpower Ltd. Laukaa, Finland • Biogas plant for treatment of municipal waste, Mustankorkea Ltd., Jyväskylä, Finland
  74. 74. 74 DORANOVA RENEWABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION, BIOGAS PLANTS AND LANDFILL GAS UTILIZATION Design, permitting, feasibility studies, turnkey deliveries, maintenances Production of electricity, heat, biomethane and fertilizer products KEY CONCEPT 1: Usage of organic waste streams and energy crops for biogas production KEY CONCEPT 2: Landfill gas collection and energy production CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Own energy production and/or waste management • Large variety of technologies combined according customer needs • Fertilizer production • Reduction of greenhouse emissions
  75. 75. 75 DORANOVA RENEWABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION, BIOGAS PLANTS AND LANDFILL GAS UTILIZATION WHAT CAN WE OFFER FOR THE TARGET COUNTRY/INDUSTRY SECTOR? • Renewable energy production from biomass and organic waste, biogas plants • Landfill gas utilization systems, production of heat and electricity • Feasibility studies and technology conceptualization projects REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS • Jepua biogas plant, Finland • BIWASE landfill gas utilization, Vietnam • Tartu landfill gas utilization and leachate water treatment, Estonia
  76. 76. 76 DUCTOR OY UNIQUE FERMENTATION TECHNOLOGY THAT SERVES BIOGAS PRODUCTION Unique fermentation technology that serves biogas production for nitrogen control and process stabilization. THE DUCTOR PROCESS reduces biologically the amount of nitrogenin the substrate prior to The anaerobic digestion process The process consists of two steps: fermentation and stripping CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Improved turnover: avg. +14% • Decreased feedstock costs: avg. 50% • Short payback time: 4-5 years
  77. 77. 77 DUCTOR OY UNIQUE FERMENTATION TECHNOLOGY THAT SERVES BIOGAS PRODUCTION REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS Pilot and laboratory in Finland Sales agreements in Germany International recognition; GCCA, Fraunhofer UMSICHT, HORIZON 2020 WHAT CAN WE OFFER FOR THE INDUSTRY SECTOR? • Improved operational performance • Social and environmental benefits • Competitiveness among renewable energy
  78. 78. 78 ENVOR PROTECH ENVOR PROTECH offers high-class specialist services in technology, design, project manage- ment and industrial economics. The services also include equipment and plant deliveries. SERVICES: • Project management and engineering services in the fields of process and environmental technology • Process and plan design services • Waste management: Focus is especially on anaerobic digestion of organic matter (biogasification). The biogasification technology is based on the HLAD (High Loaded Anaerobic Digestion). • Process technology • Waste water treatment: Envor Protech designs waste water pumping stations and equipment buildings. The scope of design includes general arrangement plans, detail design of pump tanks, equipment buildings and other equipment. The company also designs waste water unit processes and other waste water solutions for the process industry and industrial plants. • Equipment and plant deliveries TURNING BIOWASTE TO BIOGAS AND VALUABLE FERTILIZERS
  79. 79. 79 ENVOR PROTECH REFERENCES Kunming, China (2014) Capacity: 182 500 t/a Waste type: WWTP sludge Forssa, Finland (2008-2011) Capacity: 84 000 t/a Waste type: WWTP sludge, biowaste grease pit sludge, industrial sludge Hämeenlinna, Finland (2012) Capacity: 17 000 t/a Waste type: Concentrate & solid waste from bioethanol plant Rayong, Thailand (2004) Capacity: 31 000 t/a Waste type: Biowaste vegetable & fruit waste, municipal sludge TURNING BIOWASTE TO BIOGAS AND VALUABLE FERTILIZERS CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Environmentally sustainable, energy efficient and economical solution for biodegradable waste treatment • Turnkey solutions, tailored for your need • Reduce waste amount over 50 % • Trustable solution with high utilization rate • Use of biogas for CHP-production or upgrade to fuel
  80. 80. 80 FINRENES OY SOLUTIONS IN BIOENERGY AND BIOFUELS Finrenes Oy is a company in renewable energy business, providing solutions in bioenergy and biofuels • Our product is a waste biomass pre- treatment device • Our key concept is: traffic fuel, heat and power production from second generation waste biomass • Our technology enables both biogas and heat & power production from widest selection of waste biomass with low operating costs 50%– CAPEX SAVINGS INCREASE BIOGAS SPEED USE WASTE BIOMASS TWICE – PROFIT INCREASE FROM WASTE BIOMASS USE OWN ENERGY FOR PRETREATMENT AND DRYING – OPEX SAVINGS PRODUCE TRAFFIC FUEL WITHOUT ENZYMES – OPEX SAVINGS
  81. 81. HONKAJOKI OY Wealth by Recycling - Honkajoki animal by-product plant Environmental protection is crucial in today’s world. All solutions that reduce waste are in everyone’s interest. The Honkajoki production plant utilises animal by-products, such as by- products from slaughterhouses, other animal by-products, dead cattle and pets, carcasses, pigs, fowl, horses, food waste, and plant-based waste. Nothing is left unutilised! Our recycling process is a highly refined and carefully regulated operating model that returns natural raw materials to nature for reuse. The operating principle behind the Honkajoki recycling plant of animal by- products is simple: unutilised animal by-products are turned into easily marketable raw materials for the fertilizer industry, the manufacture of fuels, and the production of feed, for example, as well as energy and clean water that be sold to other parties.
  82. 82. AGRO ECOLOGICAL OPERATING MODEL - We create growth through recycling – HONKAJOKI OY This high-tech “Honkajoki by-product plant” concept is a valuable investment with an operational model that can be expanded to a complete, self-sufficient and ecological production concept.
  83. 83. 83 St1 A PIONEER IN WASTE-BASED BIOETHANOL PRODUCTION St1 is a Finnish energy company operating in the Nordics, implementing our vision to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. We research and develop economically viable, environmentally sustainable energy solutions to replace fossil fuels. St1 has a network of ~1450 St1 and Shell service stations. Our oil refinery is one of the world’s most energy-efficient refineries and our goal is to transform it into a biorefinery. An advanced ethanol plant is already integrated into it. One of St1’s associated companies is the largest producer of wind power in Finland. We also have an industrial-scale geothermal pilot heat plant project. Our advanced ethanol production plants are based on our own technology and use feedstock outside the food chain: industry residues and waste. We develop waste-to- ethanol business and make strong R&D investments in advanced biofuels. • Revenue 5800 million euros (2014) • Employees 700 Etanolix® plants refine waste and residues which are rich in starch and sugar into advanced ethanol and valuable side products Cellunolix® enables the use of sawmill side products like saw dust and chips in ethanol production Bionolix® plant enables the production of advanced ethanol and biogas from municipal and commercial biowaste
  84. 84. 84 VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD. R&D SERVICES, PILOTING AND TESTING RELATED TO BIOENERGY AND WASTE-TO-ENERGY VTT provides technological background for business related to new solutions and existing assets • Small scale CHP+C for industry, off-grid and rural areas • High efficiency Waste-to-Energy and metals recovery • Optimized boiler operation, lifespan extension and plant economy CUSTOMER BENEFITS Efficient use of available, sustainable resources for heat power and cooling secure the profitable energy supply in changing policy environment and challenging grid conditions • Double your income in W-t-E • World class piloting facilities available for your testing • Top class technology know how with 50 years experience of boiler development
  85. 85. 85 VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD. R&D SERVICES, PILOTING AND TESTING RELATED TO BIOENERGY AND WASTE-TO-ENERGY REFERENCES, ONGOING PROJECTS • Over 100 CFD modelling cases of boilers world-wide • Development of gasification technology with 40% waste-to- energy conversion rate • Gasification, CFB and pyrolysis pilot plants What can we offer for the target country/industry sector? • Feedstock analysis and fuel characterization • Techno-economic appraisal and feasibility studies • Comprehensive knowledge of thermo- chemical conversion of waste and biomass to energy, heat and fuels
  86. 86. 86 WATREC LTD GLOBAL LEADER IN MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS Biogas Plant Our solutions Wastewater treatment Expertise OperationalPyrolysis Watrec Ltd. is a Finnish company specialized in biogas technology and consultancy services for environmental and energy related issues.
  87. 87. 87 WATREC LTD GLOBAL LEADER IN MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS References • Riihimäki Biogas Plant - 75 000 t/a, 6 MW • Materials: Sewage sludge, source separated biowaste, OFMSW, industrial sludge • More referenes: Oulu BP, Kuopio BP, Honkajoki BP and WWT, etc.
  88. 88. 88 OUR EXPERTISE AT YOUR SERVICE Helena Sarén, Program Director email. tel. +358 40 343 3324 Saku Liuksia, Program Manager email. tel. +358 50 303 8326 Kirsi Koso, Program Coordinator email. tel. +358 50 463 2244 / MORE INFORMATION