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Gael Americas User Group - Web Reporting & Mobile Apps

From the Gael America's User Group held in Dallas, June 2014. This presentation introduces the Q-Pulse web reporting portal and Q-Pulse mobile apps from Gael. Web Reporting is designed to make make reporting easier and encourage a reporting culture throughout organisations. The mobile apps provide access to documents anywhere at any time; provides ability to complete audit reports at point of origin; avoids duplication of effort in completing reports.

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Gael Americas User Group - Web Reporting & Mobile Apps

  1. 1. Learn, Share, Together Presented by Ian Craig Date 26th June 2014 All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright © 2014 Gael Ltd.
  2. 2. All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright © 2014 Gael Ltd. Web Reporting Portal
  3. 3. The Requirements for Web Reporting Portal Our customers requested a Web Reporting tool that  is intuitive, easy to use, no training required  works cross platform on any device  provides real-time capture of information  has device camera interface activation  offers multi-language options  is easily accessible via a secure URL web link  replicates existing Q-Pulse forms incl. field validation  has guidance tool tips  branded with company name and logo for a familiar interface experience  familiarity of web browser technology  is cost effective
  4. 4. As Easy as ABC… for your Administrator Accessibility Branding Control
  5. 5. Or 123… for your Reporters 1.Log in 2.Select & Complete Form 3.Submit
  6. 6. Technology Drives Your Analysis… Cross platform Any device Dynamic reporting forms Intuitive UI Real time capture Device camera UI Your reports Your statistics Your analysis
  7. 7. Benefits of the Web Reporting Portal works cross platform with a modern browser no change to existing Q-Pulse form design is required facilitates real-time capture of information multi-language capability form is distributed and easily accessible to relevant stakeholders via a URL web link capitalise on familiarity of web browser technology branded with your logo and company name to give users a familiar interface
  8. 8. All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright © 2014 Gael Ltd. Q-Pulse Mobile Apps
  9. 9.  Customer demand for offline capability  Evaluate tablet device technology  i-Pad market share  Industry, FAA approve i-Pad as Class 1 EFB  i-Pad, the choice for aviation  Mobile technology drives customer demands  Mobile efficiency drives compliance  Gael develop mobile app’s to meet demand Background to Q-Pulse Mobile
  10. 10.  Access at point of need  Time saving efficiency  Accurate capture of events  Compliance management  Improved safety reporting culture  Eliminate boundaries  Show that you care! Benefits of Mobile Access
  11. 11. Q-Pulse Reporting  Access Job-Specific Reports  Point of Need Completion  Capture and Annotate Evidence  Set Reporting Timeframes  Eliminate Duplication  Custom Branding
  12. 12. Q-Pulse Docs  Document Viewer  Instant Access  Improved Engagement  Better Communication  Informed of Change  Maintain Control of Docs  Managing compliance  Paperless Flight Deck
  13. 13. Q-Pulse Audit  Eliminate admin, “real time” completion of audits on the move  Accuracy, complete checklists with pre-defined answers  Electronic recording of findings (evidence/NC’s)  Capture evidence with camera activation  All documentation available electronically in one place
  14. 14. Technology is simply a vehicle Key is to focus on understanding objectives Today’s discussion start point