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SMS Records & Workflow Foundation

At the 2014 Gael User Group, we invited customers to share their experiences of utilising Gael's solutions in their business. David Deveau of Jazz Aviation presents SMS records and workflow, demonstrating how Gael's solution help Jazz manage their SMS.

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SMS Records & Workflow Foundation

  1. 1. Qpulse: Your SMS Records and Workflow Foundation GAEL Qpulse Users Group - June 26/27, 2014 David T.Deveau, P.Eng., MBA Vice President Safety Quality & Environment Jazz Aviation LP & Jazz Safety Solutions
  2. 2. Safety Management Consulting C o n t e n t • Your Speaker • Intro – taking an integrated approach to SMS • Jazz Deployment of QPulse • Qpulse life cycle example A – Flight Attendant Injury • Qpulse life cycle example A – Stores non- Compliance • Conclusion • Jazz Safety Solutions 2
  3. 3. Safety Management Consulting S p e a k e r • David Deveau – VP Safety Quality Environment – GM for Jazz Safety Solutions – Chair, Safety Subcommitte, National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) – Chair, Safety Council, Regional Airline Association (RAA) • Jazz Aviation LP (Chorus Aviation) – Operator (regional jets and turboprops) – Contracts 98% of flying to Air Canada and operates independent charters (past operator of 757 charters) – More flights than any airline in Canada (approx. 800/day) – Destinations across Canada and the US 3
  4. 4. Safety Management Consulting I n t r o d u c t i o n • SMS is essentially a comprehensive set of quality management system (QMS) processes and tools used to manage risk • Process integration and effective workflow are keys to a high-performing SMS (as with any QMS) • Technology is one of the tools available to integrate (and properly document) • Qpulse is an effective backbone for your SMS/QMS – not just for sub-processes like reporting or audit, but as the framework to stitch it all together 4
  5. 5. Safety Management Consulting J a z z D e p l o y m e n t Safety Management System + OSH + Security + Operational Irregularities & Compliance Safety & Quality Audits (Audit Module) Safety Investigation (Inc./Occur. Modules) Corrective Action Management (CAPA Module) Trending and Analysis (Analysis Module) Document Management (Document Module) 5
  6. 6. Safety Management Consulting S c e n a r i o A • Scenario (made up) – Flight attendant (F/A) injury occurs on board an aircraft – Injury is caused by the improper use of a galley cart – During the investigation, it is discovered that there was missing information in F/A training and SOPs for the use of the cart, and there have been several such injuries • Scenario involves: – Employee reporting – Safety investigation – Data analysis – Changes to training and SOPs – Communication to line employees 6
  7. 7. Safety Management Consulting Employee reports event via web form which populates Qpulse database Investigation branch manages occurrence via incident and occurrence modules Qpulse injury trending shows multiple occurrences CAPA used to make recommendations and track progress F/A SOP document and training curriculum changed and employee safety alert created (the CAPA) - all through document control S c e n a r i o A 7 9
  8. 8. Safety Management Consulting S c e n a r i o B • Scenario (made up) – Internal audit discovers a non-compliance in the storage of dangerous goods in a maintenance hangar – Follow-up by health and safety committees reveals that there is a common issue across multiple maintenance facilities that relates to a lack of appropriate storage units to segregate certain materials • Scenario involves: – Internal audit – Historical record trending – OSH Committee participation – Procurement of equipment – Communication to management and staff 8
  9. 9. Safety Management Consulting Audit calendar call for MTC base audit and audit produces DG storage finding Joint OSH Committee search of past audit findings, investigation results and workplace inspection findings reveals a history of issue across all MTC facilities CAPA used to make recommendations and track progress (including cabinet procurement) DG storage policy updated, new placard designed and employee safety notice created (the CAPA) - all changed and approved through document control S c e n a r i o B 9 9
  10. 10. Safety Management Consulting C o n c l u s i o n • Good processes that are designed to integrate across all parts of the system are critical to an effective SMS and/or QMS • However, complex organizations and high volumes of activity can challenge even the best designed systems • An integrated technology platform, as provided by Qpulse – if properly integrated into your SMS – can turn a good SMS/QMS into a world-class one – Integrated processes that are linked together – Highly accessible records of due diligence and compliance to internal SMS/QMS processes 10
  11. 11. Safety Management Consulting 11
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