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Twitter Quiz: Put Your Twitter Marketing Knowledge To The Test

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Twitter Quiz: Put Your Twitter Marketing Knowledge To The Test

  1. 1. Twitter QuizDo you know how to use Twitter for business?
  2. 2. 1) Which age group is the fastest-growing on Twitter? A) 18-24 B) 34-44 C) 55-64
  3. 3. Answer: C Twitter is quickly attracting the older crowd and has seen a 79 percent increase in the 55-64 age range since 2012. This is helpful for small businesses as it gives them a new way to target and market to this demographic. (Source)
  4. 4. 2) If you tweet at someone and want them to retweet your message, how much more likely will they do so if you contain the word “Retweet” spelled out in your message? A) 2-10x more likely B) 11-20x more likely C) 20-30x more likely
  5. 5. Answer: C It is about 23x more likely if you tweet at someone and spell out retweet in the tweet than a message without it. Comparatively, since there are only 140 characters in a tweet and you may want to save them some room for them to add a thought, you increase your chances of a retweet by 10x if you put “RT” in your message. (Source).
  6. 6. 3) What percentage of twitter users view the site on a mobile device? A) 40% B) 50% C) 60%
  7. 7. Answer: C Knowing your audience is an essential part of small business marketing. It's essential to know what percentage of your audience would be viewing your Twitter page on a mobile device so you can curtail your page design and tweets accordingly. From Ella Prutting of Reputation Impression.
  8. 8. 4) Twitter verified account adds credibility to my account and is based on the amount of followers that I have acquired. A) True B) False
  9. 9. Answer: B, False. While the verification adds credibility that the Twitter account legitimately belongs to you, or your business, it is not directly related to the amount of followers. Verified accounts will typically be that of celebrities, news reporters, media stations, politicians, businesses, and the like. From Lynne Marie Roy of Fearless PR and Marketing.
  10. 10. 5) What percentage of users expect brands to respond to Tweets within an hour? A) 53% B) 72% C) 20%
  11. 11. Answer: A. 53% While the verification adds credibility that the Twitter account legitimately belongs to you, or your business, it is not directly related to the amount of followers. Verified accounts will typically be that of celebrities, news reporters, media stations, politicians, businesses, and the like. From Lynne Marie Roy of Fearless PR and Marketing.
  12. 12. 6) What is the number of twitter accounts that have no followers: A) 241 million B) 391 million C) 450 million
  13. 13. Answer: B. 391 millionThe majority of these no follower accounts are from users that created an account and then abandoned Twitter before they ever sent a tweet. This does not include bots, human spammers, and fake accounts. Unfortunately, Twitter has steadfastly refused over the years to give any official indication of user retention. From Beth Horodnyk of I Think Security.
  14. 14. 7) You can send a DM (direct message) to anyone that you follow. A) True B) False
  15. 15. Answer: B) False Both twitter users must be following each other before sending a direct message. Users can tweet at each other, reply to each other and favorite each other's tweets without mutually following but DM'ing is limited to users that follow each other. Rania Eldekki of Hudson Horizons.
  16. 16. 8) How many monthly active users are on Twitter currently? A) 15 million B) 166 million C) 255 million
  17. 17. Answer: C, 255 MILLION The correct answer is 255 million monthly active users. Of those users 78% are on mobile devices and 77% of accounts are outside of the US! From Caroline Pigott of Flourish Marketing.
  18. 18. 9) How many sponsored tweets are shown on a user’s timeline at any time? A) One B) Two C) Three or more times
  19. 19. Answer: A) One Promoted tweets are clearly marked as promoted and you are paying to have a sponsored message be distinguished and separate from others, which targets the demographics and persona of your target market. From Michael Juba of EZSolution
  20. 20. 10) What is the median number of brands that user’s follow on Twitter? A) 6 B) 12 C) More than 12
  21. 21. Answer: A) 6 Twitter users are only following a very small number of brands, so you need to make sure you’re providing timely, relevant and valuable content in order to be one of those six brands. Remember, Twitter is not just for promotion. Interact with users, provide helpful tips and answer questions.
  22. 22. 11) How many characters should your tweet be to maximize engagement? A) 60 Characters B) 100 Characters C) 140 Characters
  23. 23. Answer: B) 100 CharactersWhile Twitter may provide up-to 140 characters, analysis shows a spike in retweets among those in the 71-100 character range. A 100 character tweet is long enough for you to say something of value but still short enough for someone retweeting to add their commentary as well. From Scott Bishop of Good Metric.
  24. 24. 12) Users who engage with a Promoted Tweet experience this % increase in purchase intent? A) 19% B) 31% C) 53%
  25. 25. Answer: C) 53 % According to Nielsen. users who engaged with a promoted tweetreported a 53% higher purchase intent and 30% higher brand favorability. (Source). Kevin Ohashi of Review Signal.
  26. 26. 13) Why do people sometimes put a period at the start of their tweet? A) Accident B) Third-party scheduled posts C) Ensures visibility
  27. 27. Answer: C) Ensures visibility When someone’s tweet begins with another user handle, the default setting is that it will be only visible to those lucky followers you both have in common. This is because Twitter views the tweet as conversational as opposed to being public. By adding a period before, your tweet evades twitter’s restrictions. From Connor Storch of Sparxoo.
  28. 28. 14) How many ways are there to target users when running a Twitter campaign? A) 3 B) 7 C) 11
  29. 29. Answer: C) 11 There are 11 ways to target your audience with a Twitter campaign: Followers, users like your followers, tailored audiences, keywords in timeline, keywords in search, interests, TV, geo location, gender, language and device. From Sophie Bujold of Sophie Bujold
  30. 30. 15) You must include a hashtag # before a word for it to be searchable and become a trending topic. A) True B) False
  31. 31. Answer: B) False Even if you don’t insert a # before Starbucks, your tweet that states, “I love Starbucks!” can still be seen by anyone searching on twitter and if enough people are talking about Starbucks (with or without hashtags) it can become a trending topic. From Connor Storch of Sparxoo.
  32. 32. 16) How many accounts can a new account follow per day without being suspended for aggressive following? A) 10 B) 50 C) 100 D) 2000
  33. 33. Answer: B) 50 This will vary depending on how active your account is and how many retweets, favorites, replies you get. In general, new accounts can get away with following about 50 users per day without being suspended. From Jason Simms of Simms PR.
  34. 34. 17) Twitter shortens URLs to how many characters? A) 18 B) 22 C) 25
  35. 35. Answer: B) 22 Shortened links allow users to share long URLs in a tweet, while still maintaining the maximum number of characters to convey your message. From Beth Horodnyk of I Think Security.
  36. 36. 18) Which of the following Tweets (in order) provide the most to least engagement on Twitter? A) Text, Video, Picture, PowerPoint B) Video, PowerPoint, Picture, Text C) Picture, Video, PowerPoint, Text
  37. 37. Answer: B) Video, PowerPoint, Picture, Text While Pictures and PowerPoint do have a significant amount of engagement, videos take the cake. Much more powerful than text, videos allow customers to feel connected to the business or person who posted it. David Ring of Computer Market Research.
  38. 38. 19) Approximately what percentage of people that you follow will generally follow you back? A) 11% B) 37% C) 28%
  39. 39. Answer: C) 28% If you follow a targeted group of users (for example, users that follow an account similar to yours), generally around 28% of those that you follow will end up following you back. We have tested this extensively with many clients of Screenpush and see this to be a consistent truth for most accounts on Twitter. From Joshua Otten of Screenpush.
  40. 40. 20) Which of the following Twitter actions get the highest response rates from other people on Twitter? A) Hashtags B) Dm (Direct Messages) C) Mentions
  41. 41. Answer: C) Mentions Mentioning a brand or a person on Twitter has a higher chance of response because it more conversational. Direct Messages may seem like a good option for a response, but with so many people using auto-responders, people are less likely to view this as a genuine attempt to connect. From David Ring of Computer Market Research.
  42. 42. 21) What is the average shelf life of a tweet? A) One Hour B) Twelve Hours C) Twenty-Four Hours
  43. 43. Answer: A) One Hour The shelf life of a post on Twitter is a lot shorter than other networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. The real-time nature of Twitter, and the short shelf life of a tweet, makes it extremely important for brands to take into account time of day for tweets when optimizing their strategy. From David Neuman of Primevisibility.
  44. 44. 22) What is the maximum number of hashtags you should use in a tweet? A) 1 B) 3 C) 5
  45. 45. Answer: B) 3 This is a Twitter insight that has been thoroughly researched and reported on by many marketing and social analytics companies, such as HubSpot. It has been found that using 1 to 3 hashtags can be beneficial in a tweet, but any more and you begin to hurt engagement levels! From Joshua Otten of Screenpush.
  46. 46. 23) What happens when you pin a tweet? A) It automatically posts your tweet to your Pinterest account. B) It moves the selected tweet to the top of your page until you replace it with a new pinned tweet (or unpin the tweet). C) It privately shares the tweet with another Twitter user.
  47. 47. Answer: B) It moves the selected tweet… As of April, Twitter users can now pin a tweet to the top of their profile page, prioritizing it over their other Twitter content. This can be a great strategy to showcase sales and other important company announcements. From David Neuman of Primevisibility.
  48. 48. 24) Twitter allows companies to promote their products through keyword targeting in all of the following areas, EXCEPT: A) Fashion B) Political Affiliation C) Gender
  49. 49. Answer: B) Political Affiliation Twitter does not allow keyword targeting based on political affiliation, race or etnicity, health, crime, religion, financial hardships and more: 1hMZ8v4. FromNatalie Bidnick of Elizabeth, Christian & Associates.
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