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just my school project

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Imdb blog

  1. 1. TITLE (YEAR) High Crime - 2012 RUN TIME – GENRE 97 minutes – Crime thriller RELEASE DATE March 2013 BRIEF ONE SENTENCE DESCRIPTION An unfortunate day befalls our protagonist as she becomes thrown into the part of a complex plot. DIRECTOR Richard FlackCAST WRITERS ACTOR Esther North … CHARACTER Business woman ACTOR(s) Charlie Walker and Richard Flack … CHARACTER(s) The muggers ACTOR … CHARACTER
  2. 2. STORY LINE:A mugging occurs on a very unfortunate day for our business womanPARAGRAPH OF STORY LINE:The piece consists of two muggers who stalk down an upper class worker, knowing full wellthat they will have expensive belongings to take. They stalk and chase her down to the upperfloor of the car park before finally assaulting her and taking her belongings. Only to be savedby the sound of sirens. We do not know who the muggers are or why they did it, infact thismatter is completely a whole story within itself.GENRES: Thriller / action / crime thriller
  3. 3. BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CLASSIFICATION (BBFC) Suitable for viewing of those of a 15 or above Audience, movie contains themes of fear, violence and strong language. DETAILS: OFFICAL SITES: / / COUNTRY: England, United Kingdom LANGUAGE: English RELEASE DATE: March 2012 FILMING LOCATIONS: England, United Kingdom, Cambridge, Grand ArcadeBOX OFFICE £60,000,000BUDGET: £20,000,000 to £30,000,000 COMPANY CREDITS: Director = Richard Flack / Editor = Robert Lawrence / Composer = Richard Flack and Robert Lawrence / Cinematography = Arianne Abouzar and Aaron Males PRODUCTION CO: Landmark productions DISTRIBUTOR: Warner Bros TECHNICAL SPECS RUNTIME: 97 minutes COLOUR: HD colour