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Really simple investing basics

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Investing can be simple, but first let's make sure you know the basic terms and jargon used when investing. At we work every day to bring you personal financial educational materials you can use to increase your financial security. Check us out at:

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Really simple investing basics

  1. 1. Really simple investing The basics
  2. 2. Learn More at: Follow us on Facebook:
  3. 3. Investing your money can be scary and confusing. But we make it simple.
  4. 4. Investing will help you reach financial goals like retirement and funding college.
  5. 5. Let’s start with making sure your understand some basic investing terms
  6. 6. Stocks Shares of ownership in a company. Also called equities.
  7. 7. Bonds Loans you make to companies and/or governments, with a promise to pay within a certain time and with interest. Often less risky than stocks, but with less potential return.
  8. 8. You should own some stocks and some bonds
  9. 9. Money does not grow on trees. Depends on which tree you own.
  10. 10. Mutual Funds Investors pool their money to buy a basket of investments and give investors a a way to diversity with professional managers.
  11. 11. A type of fund that tracks the performance of a stock market index, like the S&P 500.
  12. 12. Money Market Funds A type of fund that invest in low-risk assets, with lower returns than stocks or bonds.
  13. 13. Exchange Traded Fund ETFs are actively traded and can change value throughout the day. Like an index fund, many ETFs track the performance of a stock market index.
  14. 14. Asset Allocation
  15. 15. diversification
  16. 16. Ready to dig in and learn more?
  17. 17. Five Really Simple Ways to Invest Automate your investing Tax Deferred and/or Tax Free Investing Passive Index Funds Drips Dividend Stocks
  18. 18. Floyd Saunders Author: Really Simple Investing, Family Financial Freedom, College Without Ramen Noodles, Figuring Out Wall Street and other books  At Really Simple Investing we provide educational resources and offers unbiased product free seminars on financial planning, money management and investing.  Since 1996 we have providing clients with personal Money Management and Investing training tailored to individual circumstances and objectives rather than advisor incentives or commissions.  Our workshops are product free – We only provide education.  Contact us at:
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