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Flya Consulting services presentation

  1. Services Vassia Atsali Managing Partner
  2. Agenda Page 2 Perspective Coaching Training Consulting Synergy FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved
  3. Perspective Page 3 Our proposal is holistic: Each individual is a system living and interacting with other people in larger systems Within a company people, processes and technology are interrelated, interdependent and interact in relationships and patterns to create a system as a whole. The system is more than the sum of its components. This approach allows us to  understand how changing a component changes the system as a whole  identify reinforcing and compensating feedback loops  understand how systems adapt to the external environment. Systemic Approach to Services FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved
  4. Page 4 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved People Development Business Development Perspective
  5. Page 5 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Coaching Consulting Training Perspective Interventions at three levels: Individual Team Company
  6. Page 6 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Coaching
  7. Page 7 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Executive Coaching Coaching from a systemic perspective is a powerful and results-oriented way to facilitate any change an individual seeks to achieve. Each and every one of us constantly change, since change is one of the most prevailing characteristics of life: we change from the moment that we are born. We change as we grow and develop. Newly appointed Managers, Managers / Directors, Top performers and Talents going through challenging transition phases can benefit from coaching in order to develop leadership potential, improve performance or enhance skills. By achieving their goals in the area of their choice, such as: leadership skills, decision making, communication skills, stress management, time management, relationships management, performance enhancement, business development, motivation, coaching skills, positive thinking, etc.
  8. Page 8FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Executive Coaching The Process : 1. Assessment of the Coachee’s capabilities and match to the required competencies, through interviews with the Coachee, his/her direct Manager and HR. and / or appropriate assessment tools. 2. Meeting with the Coachee to explore expectations, explain how coaching works and if a trustful relationship can be built between him/her and the Coach 3. Coaching objectives clarification with both the Coachee and their Organization and contract signature for the coaching program. 4. The meetings between Coach and Coachee usually last for 4 to 7 months (one per week or per 15 days) and place face-to-face and/or via skype.
  9. Page 9 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Training
  10. Customized Page 10 Training Workshops A well trained, well placed and agile workforce is a competitive advantage for any company and/or organization. Readiness for change is highly appreciated and rewarded accordingly. All workshops are Customized: Based on your company’s strategy and specific needs we design from scratch or re-design the existing workshops that we provide you to fully meet your needs. The process: You check the agenda that we propose – specific areas to be addressed during the workshop and we match it to your needs You approve that the content of the workshop’s activities is relevant to your business and the industry you are addressing You get feedback for the participants’ outcome as well as further interventions in your organization, based on the specific outcome. Out of the above process the following two slides include workshops already designed up to now FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Systemic
  11. Page 11 Training Workshops Stress & Time Management Stress & Time, if managed smartly, can become a valuable benefit in work-life balance. It can enhance your company’s productivity and generate new ideas via your people. Motivation Ways to become energized and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal. What makes you eager to act, work and what influences you to make things happen. Sales skills for Technical people How Technical People can become motivated to Generate Leads and increase your sales funnel Presentation Skills Each and every presenter can become a better presenter. To our view, there is no “perfect presenter” out there. All presenters can be the best version of themselves and improve their presentation skills based on their personality. FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved
  12. Training Workshops Basic People Management Skills For newly appointed supervisors/managers to experience the basic skills for People Managers and how this is directly connected to business results. NLP for Sales A powerful set of communication tools for Commercial Managers and Sales Teams to enhance approach to prospects, dramatically increase probability for the customer to say “yes” and improve “win” ratio, by understanding, adapting to, and having an impact on customer’s buying strategies. Effective Communication The benefits of Effective Communication both oral and written, between individuals, within teams, in meetings, with customers. Recruitment Toolkit Find, select and hire the best fit candidates for your company based on proven processes and methodologies
  13. Page 13 Training Workshops FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Inter-Team Alignment For breaking inter-departmental silos and enhancing cross-functional communication and cooperation. To move from “US vs THEM” to one bigger “US”: the whole company as One Team. Page 13 The Coaching Manager The Coaching Managers believe that their people can succeed, that they can contribute to their people success and that they can identify what people need to improve their performance. FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Development Planning Creation of Individual Development Plans in groups based on personality traits and proven tools Personality & Collaboration How personality relates to the way each individual collaborates within a team, with colleagues from other teams/departments and with customers.
  14. Page 14 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Consulting
  15. Page 15FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Human Capital Consulting Business Development Systemic
  16. Page 16FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Business Development Interim Management A “hands-on” value adding delivered service in a form of fixed term assignment having visible, tangible results to our clients in the areas of Sales & Marketing Management New Business Development Design of new products/services, define 'go-to-market' model and relative sales & marketing activities, choice of partnerships and expanding business geographically/internationally
  17. Page 17FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Human Capital Full Recruitment Process In order to find the best fit candidate in the market for a specific role: 1. Job Profiling 2. The most adequate sources 3. Obtain Candidate CVs 4. Pre-Screening 5. Screening using the Behavioral Interview methodology 6. Closing This whole process lasts 1 month after the Job Profiling stage is complete, and no changes are made on it.
  18. Page 18 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Consulting Coaching Training You can choose the starting point of an intervention based on your business priorities and our proven metodologies.
  19. Synergy: 1+1=X>2 Page 19 25+ years of experience mainly in IT companies, both national and international, in areas including:  Managing Teams (Engineers, HR specialists, Sales people)  Managing Projects  Training & Development  Consulting (Technology and People Development)  Planning, Attraction, Recruitment & Οn-boarding  New Business Development  Business and Executive Coaching FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved
  20. Business Acumen Empathy Creativity & Innovation Synergy: 1+1=X>2 Page 20FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Collaboration Motivation People Development Agility Effective Communication Team Leadership Achievement drive New Business Development
  21. • People & client oriented professional with 25 years of experience in penetrating new and diverse market sectors, by coaching people and by building, leading and motivating teams of Sales, Technical and HR Recruiting professionals • Main highlights of her career range from designing and implementing Computer Networks, Selling Integrated Networking Solutions, Leading a Recruiting Function in South-Eastern Europe and Middle-East, Running Life and Career Coaching Sessions and setting-up and Managing Flya Consulting. • Holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science, as well as BSc in Psychology and a specialization in Systemic Interventions. More on LinkedIn: Depending on the needs of each project, we form collaborations with other highly skilled and experienced consultants to provide you the best quality services. Vassia Atsali Managing Partner - Systemic Coach & Consultant FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved Short Bio
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