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Health and Safety - Personal Hygiene & Grooming

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A training for new staff who will learn....

*The importance of Personal Hygiene
and Grooming
*Hotel Grooming Standards
*How to wash hands correctly

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Health and Safety - Personal Hygiene & Grooming

  2. 2. Objectives By the end of this session students will learn… The importance of Personal Hygiene and Grooming Hotel Grooming Standards How to wash hands correctly
  3. 3. What is Personal Hygiene? Brush teeth at least twice a day PERSONAL HYGIENE Shower daily Wash hair regularly Wash hands regularly Shave Daily Use deodorant
  4. 4. Why is Personal Hygiene Important? To Kill Bad Bacteria (germs) Avoid Bad Breath & Body Odor Good Health & Prevent Sickness
  5. 5. When should you wash your hands? After……
  6. 6. How to wash your hands
  7. 7. What is Grooming? The act of grooming is to make yourself look nice, neat and clean
  8. 8. Uniform Your uniform must be…. CLEAN IRONED
  9. 9. Hair (Ladies) Well cleaned Natural looking no bright colours Long hair tied back Hair away from face Hair accessories plain and simple
  10. 10. Hair (Men) Well Cleaned Natural looking no bright colours Short/trimmed Face to be clean shave
  11. 11. Nails No coloured nail polish Clean Short & Trimmed
  12. 12. Jewellery Wedding Ring Only Watch 1 Pair earrings (Ladies Only)
  13. 13. Light and Natural Colours Make Up
  14. 14. Perfume & Aftershave Natural Smell Not Strong
  15. 15. Shoes Clean and Polished Company Shoes
  16. 16. Be professional at work DO NOT…. Chew Gum Use mobile phone Fold Arms Lean Point at people Run
  17. 17. Be professional at work Do… Be Friendly and Polite Be Helpful Give Eye Contact Listen Stand Straight And Always…. Smile