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Course Reflection

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Course Reflection

  1. 1. Key take-aways from thiscourseA Crash Course onCreativity Francisco Palma A.
  2. 2. What was most valuable?Ithink the most valuable of the course is to realize that with any activity, failure or success, it brings to learning. Discovering that the solutions are often compared with own eyes, you just have to awaken creativity and use it to solve the problem.
  3. 3. What was most surprising? Realize that creativity can have a methodology to encourage it is amazing, I witnessed a troubleshooting apply the scientific method and also flew for a world of creative solutions, I was surprised that these two dimensions could coexist often conflicting.
  4. 4. What will you be able to use inyour daily life? What I use in my life is knowing not to discard any good idea at first, the creative ways to incorporate scientific methodologies and solutions will be invaluable to my profession.
  5. 5. ThanksI hope to see you soon