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Industrial IoT Chile Nov. 2014

My presentation for the Kick-off of the new Telefonica Chile R&D Center

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Industrial IoT Chile Nov. 2014

  1. 1. Opening the Internet of Everything to Everyone Industrial Internet of Things Francisco Jariego @fjjariego Chile, Nov 2014
  2. 2. TheInternetofThingsisspeeding-up January 2014 acquires
  3. 3. IoTwillreachEverything
  4. 4. 13,915,756,820 18 November 2014 Source: Gartner, IDC, Strategy Analytics, Machina Research, company filings, BII estimates ≈14,000,000,000 November 2014 IoTisgoingtobehuge
  5. 5. Creating emphatic objects Device Connectivity Application 1 2 3 How to Build a Smart Object Data4 IoTchangesourrelationshipwiththephysicalworld
  6. 6. “Softwareiseatingtheworld…” “Hardware,notsoftware,willsavetheworld” “Most of the world's pressing problems are physical in nature and require physical solutions,“ Astro Teller, Solid, May 21 2014 “We are in the middle of a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software companies are poised to take over large swathes of the economy.” Marc Andreseen, “Why Software Is Eating The World”, WSJ August 2011
  7. 7. “We’re going to bring good manufacturing jobs back to our shores,” 1st White House Maker Faire Madein“__________________” 1. SOURCE Mary Meeker, INTERNETTRENDS 2014, April 2014 2. SOURCE: The Channel, “Launching a hardware startup?The stars are aligned in your favor”, Mayo 2014
  8. 8. IoT’stheIndustry “Everyindustrialcompanywillbe asoftwarecompany,”JeffImmelt CEOofGeneralElectric
  9. 9. Thepowerof just1%... 1. SOURCE: “IndustrialInternet: Pushing the Boundaries of Minds and Machines”, GE Reports, Nov. 2012 2. SOURCE: “Disruptive technologies: Advancesthat will transform life, business, and the global economy”, McKinsey Global Institute, May 2013 Potential economic impact of sized industrial applications in 2025 ($Trillion, annually) Over the next 20 years the Industrial Internet could add from $10 to $15 trillion to global GDP – the size of today’s U.S. economy
  10. 10. …willimpacteverykeysectorintheeconomy $1.2–1.3 trillion in agricultural production (wheat, maize, rice, soybeans, barley) 20–40% adoption of advanced irrigation systems and PRECISION FARMING 10–20% increase in yields from precision application of fertilizer and irrigation 200–300 hours COMMUTING TIME per urban worker per year; 10–20% reduction in average travel time through TRAFFIC and congestion control $200 billion spent on urban WATER, $375 billion cost of WASTE handling; 10–20% reduction in water consumption and leaks with smart meters and demand control10– 20% reduction in cost of waste handling $3.7 trillion in global mining operating costs in 2025 80–100% of all resource extraction 5–10% saving in operating costs from PRODUCTIVITY gains 1. SOURCE: “Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transformlife, business, and the global economy”, McKinsey GlobalInstitute, May 2013
  11. 11. CITIES are where PEOPLE live! There is a near perfect correlation between urbanization and prosperity across nations 1. Predicted RealExchange Rate SOURCE: McKinsey GlobalInstitute Cityscope 1.0 Projected cumulative contribution to global GDP growth, 2007–251 (%)
  12. 12. AtaleoftwoCities 8 of the 10 largest US cities in 1950 have lost at least 1/5 of their population since then 2,206 1950-2008 Companies founded 53,000+ $14.2B $18.1B 336 IPOs & Acquisitions Investment Exit Amount Jobs Endeavor, The power of EntrepreneurNetworks Economic Impactof New York City’s tech Sector Edward Glaeser, “The Triumph of the City” 2003-2013
  13. 13. Machinesdreamoftheirownnetwork Telefónica’s Enhanced connectivity allows both devices and apps to talk in a simple way
  14. 14. Open Platform Open Innovation ecosystem WhyTelefónicabetsonFIWARE
  15. 15. ThinkingThingsOpen Thinking Things Open is a HW module designed to develop connected objects with any form factor using the cellular network
  16. 16. Click&Pizza,anewwaytoorderyourpizza La nueva forma de pedir tu Telepizza en un solo paso.
  17. 17. In Competitiveness in Latin America World Economic Forum Raking 2012-13 For Business in Latin America #17 in the world. Forbes Ranking 2012. Economy in Constant Growth 5,5% average growth in the last 25 years Entrepreneurship in Latin America The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index 2012. In2013Telefónicadecidedtocreatea NewR&DcenterinChile: #1 5.5% #1 #1
  18. 18. Based on the European technology from FIWARE initiative WewanttofocusthenewChileanR&Dcenterinthe Internetofthings,withadoublesectorialfocus: Smart Industry Smart Mining and Agriculture Smart Cities in cooperation with Chilean Municipalities WeareworkingtopositionChileasa referenceintheInternetofThingsandan innovationhubforallLatinAmerica Integrated in one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems 44 researchers working on IoT by the end of year 4
  19. 19. Thank-you ;-) Join us: @fjjariego