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Personalized social news

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Personalized social news

  1. 1. Personalized Social News Frank Sun
  2. 2. Contents History of News Consumption Personalized Social News Analysis Interviewer Bio Future Q&A
  3. 3. History of News Consumption Papery Normally, news means content that is published and printed with ink on paper, distributed by different channels as newspaper or magazine. Online Generated by the organization or publisher, duplicate of papery news Customized, “Google Alerts” help users to focus on the news that he is interested Personalized Social News: gone from consuming news through traditional media, news websites to having the news broadcast to us by our social network of friends
  4. 4. Data Evidence 75% A. In 2010, 60% Internet-connected Americans used a social network 60% B. Now, 75% of news consumed online is through shared news from social networking sites or e-mail A B
  5. 5. Personalized Social News Analysis Quick Reaction Visible Huffington Slate Flipboard Pulse PostEngagement Integrated Platform
  6. 6. Allow the registered readers subscribe only to the sections, blogs and writers they’re interested in andallow them to comments and share with their friends via Facebook and Twitter in order to improve thecustomer engagement.
  7. 7. Use the latest technologies offered by both Facebookand Twitters application programming interfaces (APIs)to publish automatically and directly to those platforms.
  8. 8. The first integrated platform of a social customized magazine. It combines all theinformation you may interested from Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Tech Newsand now Linkedin etc.
  9. 9. Focus on making the content more visually
  10. 10. Interviewer BioJay Rosen, press critic, writer, and New York University journalism professorRosen is the author of PressThink, In April 2007 PressThink recorded its two millionthvisits. He also blogs at the Huffington Post.Rosen is a former member of the Wikipedia Advisory Board. He is currently on theadvisory board of Digital First Media, which runs two newspaper companies: JournalRegister Company and Media News Group. He is also a member of the advisory boardof Post Media, the largest newspaper company in Canada. In November, 2011 hejoined the board of The Gazette Company, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  11. 11. Influence5. Some corporationuse social influencer 1. Knowledge monopoliesto help them write are wearing out Social Influencer News Controlcomments of theirproducts 2. We still need journalist, but should form an open Journalist sourced journalism4. The social streamis a means to filtersuccess Filter 3. We do not lost interest of news, but change the platform Interest of News News are consumed everywhere, it is a change to the whole society. Polity, Business, Journalism and Individual are all influenced.
  12. 12. Problems Credibility Individual power • Social and user- Corporate power VS generated employee power • Knowledge on the topic1. This problem could be improved by enabling users to develop more targeted news feeds on personalized topics of interest, but also by identifying specific sources and curators of information as more or less credible than others. Or credibility index of the news sources, not only care about who is sharing the information, but also who is knowledgeable, based on whether they are eye-witness to an event or are experts on the topic.2. Need to reasonable use the individual power of social news and avoid the potential harm to the corporation
  13. 13. Future• Build Advantage Balance Corporate VS Individual Influence Visual Credibility Content Customer Quick Integrated Engagement Reaction Platform
  14. 14. Q&A