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Grown up-meditations-inspired-by-dollhouses

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As a Lifestyle strategist & success coach to thousands of women around the world, Frantonia’s goal is to be your personal guide on your journey from being a woman burdened by D.E.B.T. to that of one who is TRULY living a life of Wealth, Freedom & Purpose.

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Grown up-meditations-inspired-by-dollhouses

  1. 1. Dollhouses are right at home in art museums and nurseries. These scaled-down residences provide hours of enchantment for little kids and adult fans. Whether you grew up playing with a fancy department store mansion or a stack of cardboard shoeboxes, take a look at why dollhouses are worth meditating upon. Dollhouse Meditations on Transparency Your house needs to be covered with walls unless you have waterproof furniture and like eating dinner with raccoons. On the other hand, dollhouses are fascinating because you can see what’s going on in each room. Imagine what it would be like to open up more. 1. LOOK AT YOUR SECRETS. How much personal information do you keep classified? Do you protect sensitive medical data or are you hiding credit card statements from your spouse? 2. WEIGH THE CONSEQUENCES. Hanging onto unnecessary secrets can cause anxiety, create distance in your relationships, and interfere with addressing important issues. Add up the pros and cons before you make anything hush-hush. 1 Grown-Up MEDITATIONS I n s p i r e d b y Dollhouses Visit to discover more… and receive a special 30% discount when you enroll in VIP coaching with me today.
  2. 2. 3. DISCLOSE SOME MATERIAL. Experiment with being more vulnerable so you can connect with others on a more profound level. Talk with your kids about a time you succumbed to peer pressure. Let a co-worker know that you’re nervous about a new project. 4. FEEL LIBERATED. You’ll probably feel lighter without your secrets. Let that sense of ease motivate you to be more candid. Dollhouse Meditations on Small Things From cupcakes to puppies, anything miniature tends to grab our attention. There’s a time for thinking big and a time for breaking things down into manageable pieces. 1. APPRECIATE GRADUAL CHANGES. It’s a lot easier to wallpaper a room when it’s smaller than your head. Still, even the toughest home improvement job or lifestyle adjustment can succeed when you approach it one small step at a time. 2. PICK A POSITIVE HABIT. Select one new routine you want to pick up. It could be eating more whole foods or building up your professional network. 3. TAKE AN INITIAL STEP. Pinpoint one thing you can do today to make a fresh start. Order a salad at lunch or schedule a coffee date with the colleague you met at a fundraiser last month. 4. REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS. Give yourself credit for small victories, and use them as a foundation to keep learning and growing. That first effort can lead to dramatic results. 2 Visit to discover more… and receive a special 30% discount when you enroll in VIP coaching with me today.
  3. 3. Dollhouse Meditations on Creativity Toys with only one use can be boring, but dollhouses engage your imagination. You can decorate the rooms, dress the dolls, and dream up a cast of characters. Brighten your days with that same creativity. 1. VALUE PLAYTIME. Maybe you’re used to meditating on serious subjects. Lighten up, and devote equal time to goofing around. Unstructured breaks refresh your mind and body. 2. BEFLEXIBLE. Adaptability enables you to understand other points of view and feel at ease during times of uncertainty. You can recover from setbacks and find the courage to take risks. 3. INVENTSTORIES. Telling stories provides more than entertainment. When you read with your kids, discuss your interpretation of the books. Keep a journal. Writing fiction may help you understand your thoughts even if you’re the only one who reads your work. 4. CELEBRATE YOUR ARTISTIC SIDE. You can be an artist while you’re practicing law or raising a family. Think creatively about your life. Develop a hobby and bring beauty into your home with flowers or music. You don’t have to give up playing with dolls just because you’re old enough to drive. The miniature world of dollhouses can give you valuable insights into handling big challenges. 3 Visit to discover more… and receive a special 30% discount when you enroll in VIP coaching with me today.