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Sdn presentation

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Software defined network

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Sdn presentation

  1. 1. HPE Van 2016-2017 1
  2. 2. Presented By Fedi Haddar Omar hammami Bilel TrabelsiNour Frikha Becem Abid SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK 2
  3. 3. Big PictureGuess what that means
  4. 4. Many questions • Openflow • Controller • Openstack • Overlays • Network virtualization • Automation • APIs • Application oriented • Virtual Services • Open vSwitch • … SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK 4
  5. 5. This is our Plan Definition SDN SDN Architecture OpenFlow conception HPE VANBenefits & Need SDN Conclusion
  6. 6. What’s SDN ?First, you need to learn the basics.
  7. 7. SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK 7 What is Software Defined Networking(SDN)? Software defined networking (SDN) is an approach to building computer networks that separates and abstracts elements of these systems Global Network View Protocols Protocols Control via open forwarding interface Network Operating System Control Programs Control Programs Packet forwarding
  8. 8. SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK 8 In other words… In the SDN paradigm, not all processing happens inside the same device Control Plane Data Plane The concepts of SDN
  9. 9. 9SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK Processing Plane Where it runs How fast these processes run Type of processes performed Control Plane Switch CPU In the order of thousands of packets per second Routing protocols (i.e. OSPF, IS-IS, BGP), Spanning Tree, SYSLOG, AAA (Authentication Authorization Accounting), NDE (Netflow Data Export), CLI (Command Line interface), SNMP Data Plane Dedicated Hardware ASIC’s Millions or Billions of packets per second Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 (IPv4 | IPv6) switching, MPLS forwarding, VRF Forwarding, QOS (Quality of Service) Marking, Classification, Policing, Netflow flow collection, Security Access Control Lists Control Plane and Data Plane Two fundamental terms to begin understanding the concepts around SDN
  10. 10. SDNHow it works ? SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK 10
  11. 11. 11 SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK Operating System model Operating System Core services CPU Storage Memory Network APP1 APP2 APPN SDN Model Network Operating System Core services Forwarding device Forwarding device Forwarding device Forwarding device NetApp1 NetApp2 NetAppN Packet Flow Fast Path SDN model VS traditional model network
  12. 12. 12SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK Architecture of SDNHow it look like In the SDN architecture, the control and data planes are decoupled, network intelligence and state centralized, and the underlying network infrastructure is abstracted from the applications.
  13. 13. 13SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK Benefits of SDNInternet +Inexpensive +Centralization +Dynamic +Optimize +Filter Controller I need QOS Threat detection Data base +Redirect +Load-balancing Checking threats for active connection
  14. 14. 14SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK Openflow Software Defined Networking Openflow is one flavor, or a subset, of SDN Openflow does not equal SDN
  15. 15. What HPE provide for us? Describe how HPEwork
  16. 16. 16SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK The HPE VAN SDN Controller provides a unified control point in an OpenFlow-enabled network, simplifying management, provisioning, and orchestration and enabling delivery of a new generation of application-based network services. About the HPE VAN SDN Controller
  17. 17. 17SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK The HPE SDN ecosystem
  18. 18. 18SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK HPE VAN SDN Controller software stack
  19. 19. 19SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK OpenFlow Link Discovery OpenFlow Node Discovery Path Daemon Path Diagnostics Topology Manager Topology Viewer The HPE VAN SDN Controller includes a default set of core network service applications that are installed as modules on the controller. List of controller embedded applications
  20. 20. 20SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK The OpenFlow Link Discovery application pushes flow-mods to steal discovery packets, injects discovery packets to all ports on all datapaths, and discovers links on the controlled network by listening for PACKET_IN messages. It discovers two types of links:  direct links  multi-hop links The OpenFlow Link Discovery The OpenFlow Link Discovery application distinguishes the link type by injecting two packets to each port in an OpenFlow instance. These packets have the same Ethernet type (0x8999), but are sent to different destination MAC addresses
  21. 21. 21SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK The OpenFlow Node Discovery application pushes flow-mods to controlled devices that copy ARP packets or DHCP packets to the controller for processing and listens for PACKET_IN messages that contain the ARP or DHCP protocol. OpenFlow Node Discovery
  22. 22. 22SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK The Path Diagnostics application determinates and verify the path taken by trace packets from a source host to a destination host. The application finds an existing flow that matches with description of the trace packet, clones it with higher priority, and adds an additional action toinstruct the selected switch to send this packet back to the controller for status tally. Path Diagnostics
  23. 23. 23SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK The Path Daemon application is responsible for pushing end-to-end flows for all ARP and IPv4 flow misses that arrive at the controller. By default, Path Daemon is responsible for Layer-2 forwarding only. This component depends on other network service components like the Node manager and the Path Selection manager. Path Daemon
  24. 24. 24SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK The Topology Manager provides topology information of the control domain. It also facilitates shortest path traversals through the control domain by computing low cost next-hops or link edge weight between any two datapaths in the control domain. Topology Manager creates the clusters and broadcast tree to avoid loops and broadcast storms. Topology Manager
  25. 25. 25SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK CONCLUSIONS and FUTURE SCOPE With its many advantages and astonishing industry momentum, SDN is on the way to become- the new approach for networking. promises to transform today’s static networks into flexible ,scalable, programmable platforms with the intelligence to allocate resources dynamically.
  26. 26. Thank YouFor Your Attention