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30 Ways To Get Found Online

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Getting found online is one of the most important things to do when running a small business. Check out these 30 ways to promote your business online.

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30 Ways To Get Found Online

  1. 1. No matter what kind of business you run, you need to be online these days. With this guide, you can stand out from the millions of other sites and get more business through the web.
  2. 2. Get Found on Other Sites 1. Get your business into directories • YellowPages • MerchantCircle • Manta • CitySearch 2. Get your business into review sites—and get reviewed! • Tripadvisor • Yelp • AngiesListBusinesscenter 3. Build a social media presence • Facebook • Instagram • Pinterest • Twitter • Linkedin • Google+
  3. 3. Get Found on Other Sites 4. Affiliate sites Websites you pay to feature your product. Often offer a pay-per-click system (e.g. 10¢/click). 5. Engage with forums • Quora • Reddit • Yahoo Answers 6. Sell your products online • Amazon • Etsy • Shopify (to make your own platform)
  4. 4. Get Your Blog Found 7. Write and maintain a blog • Give people a compelling reason to visit • Build trust with a regular posting schedule • Establish yourself as an industry leader 8. Find and connect with other blogs Connect to high-traffic blogs in your niche that you can partner with. Mention their products or services in exchange for mentioning yours.
  5. 5. Get Your Blog Found 9. Hire guest bloggers Pay for high-quality guest posts, either on their platform or on yours. 10. Target local blogs in your niche Find who’s talking in your niche… Then find micro-niches within those conversations. 11. Encourage readers to share Make it easy to share with attractive social buttons. Don’t be afraid to ask for the share!
  6. 6. Get Found in Search Engines 12. Make your site easier for search engines to read • Keep your URLs simple • Submit your sitemap—and keep it up to date • Don’t duplicate your pages • Use accurate title tags • Include descriptions for non-written media 13. Manage your meta tags • Title tag • Meta description • Meta robot tags
  7. 7. Get Found in Search Engines 14. Optimize your anchor text Help the search engines know what the link is for with the anchor text. 15. Keep your website responsive People will visit you on their mobile devices… Be ready for them.
  8. 8. Local Search Optimization 16. Get a Google+ profile Google uses these profiles to pull business information. 17. Register with Google My Business Include: • Your phone number • Your business address 18. Standardize your directory listings Your information gets pulled from your directory listings. When they’re all consistent, your search ranking will improve. 19. Rinse and repeat for BingPlaces
  9. 9. Keyword Strategy 21. Put keywords in your titles... …and put secondary keywords or synonyms in your subtitles. 20. Research profitable keywords • Google AdWords • Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence • Twitter Advanced Search 22. And meta descriptions... 23. And headings... 24. And URLs... 25. And image names. Search engines can’t read the content of images, so you need to tell them with the image names and alt image tag.
  10. 10. Other Tactics 26. Reward referrals Offer a discount, special content, or even your product (like a free coffee) for referrals. 27. Leverage your existing network Don’t be shy. Bully your friends and families into sharing your content and writing great reviews. 28. Get accredited by the BBB And maintain a good rating. This is particularly important for service-based businesses.
  11. 11. Other Tactics 29. Paid advertising on social media Demographic targeting lets you target very specific kinds of people. 30. Advertise with Google AdWords Be prepared to spend time to make your adword campaign profitable.
  12. 12. Patience Consistent organic traffic takes time to build. Vigilance Winning the trust of your audience takes commitment and consistency. Confidence The attention of the world has moved online. Get good at this now and be confident in your ability to weather future storms.