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Cantina - Analytics + Modeling: Why Knowing Everything About Your Customers Won’t Be Enough

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FutureM 2013 session with Cantina


Joan Abrams
Head of e-Commerce, Ross-Simons

Mike Putnam
VP Mobile, Kayak

George White
SVP of Innovation, Cantina

It’s been said that analytics are the lifeblood of digital marketing. But what happens when channels blur? In-store and online sales are increasingly intermixed. A purchasing story might start as a product placement, be saved on a smartphone, researched on a tablet, ordered on a laptop and picked up in person. Properly modeling the customer context is the key to driving purchasing behavior. Learn how consumer brands are changing their approach to customer analytics and context modeling by joining this lively discussion from Cantina on the challenges of extracting actionable information from data, and on evolving ways to model consumer behaviors.

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Cantina - Analytics + Modeling: Why Knowing Everything About Your Customers Won’t Be Enough

  1. 1. Analytics + MOdeling Why Knowing Everything About Your customers Won’t be enough
  2. 2. Delivering an omni-channel experience is hard. © photoloni
  3. 3. Multi-channel → Omni-channel → Multi-screen
  4. 4. Showrooming and on-the-go comparison shopping. ©2013 ZDNet
  5. 5. “Traditional” e-Commerce is effected, too.
  6. 6. Retailers are seeking deeper understanding of consumer behavior.
  7. 7. Can we use analytics to understand how consumers shop today?
  8. 8. Big data holds some promise. At least, we hope so.
  9. 9. We are collecting more data about consumers than ever before, but the tools to turn that into deeper understanding are still evolving.
  10. 10. Where do we go from here? © sweis78
  11. 11. It’s PaneL Time!
  12. 12. Today’s Panel • Joan Abrams, Director e-Commerce, Ross-Simons • Mike Putnam, SVP of Mobile, Kayak • Scott Stroud, Vice President, Marketing & Strategy, Rue La La
  13. 13. THANK YOU Q&A