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10 Lessons Learned For Account-Based Success

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It's a new era for B2B marketers to be brave and deliver great impact on revenue! Marketers are taking charge of selecting target accounts, delivering insights to sales, driving deep engagement with target accounts, and changing the way world-class B2B revenue teams measure success.

In this session, you'll learn 10 key lessons for success with ABM. Hosted by Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & CMO at Terminus, Founder of #FlipMyFunnel, and author of "Account-Based Marketing For Dummies," session attendees will learn how to make the ABM dream a reality.

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10 Lessons Learned For Account-Based Success

  1. 1. #B2BMX Lessons Learned for Account-Based Success Sangram Vajre 10
  2. 2. #B2BMX SANGRAM VAJRE Co-Founder & CMO, Terminus • Founder of #FlipMyFunnel • Host of the daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast • Former Head of Marketing, Pardot (now Salesforce)
  3. 3. #B2BMX I call it timing and luck!
  4. 4. #B2BMX Account-Based Marketing Flips the Funnel
  5. 5. How many of you have account executives on your sales team?
  6. 6. We don’t close leads. We close accounts.
  7. 7. #B2BMX 10 Lessons for ABM Success
  8. 8. #B2BMX 1 Be Brave
  9. 9. #B2BMX Be Brave Baseball t-shirt Football socks Tennis shoes Basketball shorts Football ● Marketers, take charge! ● Master (lots of) new skills ● Challenge the status quo ● Teach a better way to efficiently grow
  10. 10. #B2BMX 2 Form #OneTeam
  11. 11. #B2BMX A True Tale of #OneTeam ABM Transformation OneTeam
  12. 12. #B2BMX #OneTeam is a mindset #OneTeam has one scorecard You have to operationalize the #OneTeam approach Drive Growth with a #OneTeam Revenue Machine
  13. 13. #B2BMX Chief Revenue Officer VP of Sales Development “Fire me if this doesn’t work!” "SDRs save 4 hours a day that they used to spend prospecting.” "No one in our company cares how many leads we get. It’s all about engagement" VP Marketing #OneTeam Real Talk
  14. 14. #B2BMX 3 The Buck Stops with the CEO
  15. 15. #B2BMX Get the CEO on Board Marketing Sales CEO
  16. 16. #B2BMX 4 Measure the Right Things
  17. 17. #B2BMX @SangramVajre Tweet this! Engagement is the new measurement. Our Mantra @ Terminus
  18. 18. #B2BMX Leads Lead conversion Website traffic Engagement Progression Velocity STOP START
  19. 19. #B2BMX Opps Created Opp $$$ Opps Stage 2 Opp Stage 2 $$$ # $ # $ # $ # $ # $ # $ TARGET ENGAGE ACCELERATE CLOSED-WON TIER 1 Total Accounts # # # Engaged % Engaged MQA % MQA # % # % # % # % # % # % Closed Won Closed Won $$$ # $ # $ # $ TIER 2 TIER 3 ABM Scorecard–Team, Executives, Board
  20. 20. #B2BMX 5 ABM Is More than Demand Gen
  21. 21. #B2BMX Demand Gen Sales Pipeline Customer Marketing ABM Strategy (1:1, ABM Lite, Programmatic) Pre- targeting Account Nurture Lead-to- Account NurtureX Net New InterestBuying Stage Lead-Based Strategy (Bolt-On ABM) Dead OppOpportunity Pipeline Acceleration Wake the Dead Renewal & Expansion Renewal & Upsell Land & Expand 7 Strategies for Account-Based Marketing
  22. 22. #B2BMX #OneTeam ABM Transformation GOAL: Create predictable revenue with ABM at scale We created a data-driven process to prioritize accounts and trigger sales activities. Focused on highly personalized cadences and content. • Win rate from 1st demo: +125% • Average deal size: +35% • Sales velocity: - 20 days m
  23. 23. #B2BMX 6 ABM Is a Strategy, Not a Tactic
  24. 24. #B2BMX High Tech Low Tech Low Touch High Touch • Sponsoring large events • Print advertising • Email nurturing • Account-based Advertising (LinkedIn,Twitter, Facebook, etc.) • Content marketing, e-books • Thought leadership webinars • Personalized videos • Industry-specific webinars • Customer product demos • Direct mail • Sales calls • Small, targeted events • VIP dinners Marketing and Sales Tactics
  25. 25. #B2BMX 7 Get Data-Driven
  26. 26. #B2BMX The Formula for Operationalizing ABM Tweet this! Fit + Intent + Engagement is the secret formula for #ABM @PeterKHerbert FIT INTENT ENGAGEMENT
  28. 28. #B2BMX 8 Make It Personal
  29. 29. #B2BMX Get Relevant 1:1 Company
  30. 30. #B2BMX Get Personal H2H Personalized Personalized Email Pick up the phone! Socialize!
  31. 31. #B2BMX Get Really Personal Face to Face
  32. 32. #B2BMX Customer Story GOAL: To generate awareness in target accounts (net new) “Terminus is very good at allowing you to be targeted in creative ways because you can configure so many different types of campaigns from data in your CRM.” • Utilized Terminus for account-based advertising to drive engagement • 3X increase in web traffic from target accounts, 69% of new opps generated were targeted using Terminus
  33. 33. #B2BMX Customer Story GOAL: To build pipeline in target accounts 59% increase in email open rates, 28% increase in opps generated • Used Terminus for “air cover” to support sales during outreach • From one list, they set 32 meetings from 87 target accounts
  34. 34. #B2BMX 9 Do ABM in Sprints
  35. 35. #B2BMX Start. Learn. Adapt. Keep going.
  36. 36. #B2BMX 10 Make Your Customers Heroes
  37. 37. #B2BMX How Do You Achieve Customer Heroism?
  38. 38. #B2BMX My wife, Manmeet My lifelong customer! WIFE HEROISM MY IMPACT GRAPH
  39. 39. #B2BMX Low Impact (1X) Should Do High Impact (10X) Must Do Clean cars, pay the bills on time, take kids to soccer Try to become both Mom and Dad on the weekends and let her have some personal time Do dishes when she is away Flowers on a Wed Asking her, “What do you want for Christmas or your birthday?” WIFE HEROISM MY IMPACT GRAPH
  40. 40. #B2BMX YOUR IMPACT GRAPH Low Impact (1X) Should Do High Impact (10X) Must Do Email newsletter nurture programs Blog and website updates Analyst recommendations In-person events Industry or persona-based webinar Account-based advertising/messaging or LinkedIn Ads CUSTOMER HEROISM
  41. 41. #B2BMX YOUR IMPACT GRAPH Low Impact (1X) Should Do High Impact (10X) Must Do What if you stopped doing what’s here? And focused on everything here? CUSTOMER HEROISM
  42. 42. #B2BMX Create your #OneTeam magic! @sangramvajre
  43. 43. Check out the daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast on iTunes