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4 Ways Measurement Is Making Sales & Marketing Smarter About Their Buyers

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This session will highlight how modern marketing teams are using reporting and measurement to provide insights and intelligence on the areas that are resonating with key buyers.

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4 Ways Measurement Is Making Sales & Marketing Smarter About Their Buyers

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  6. 6. #Bii17 How Are We Doing?
  7. 7. #Bii17 Panelists MODERATOR: Klaudia Tirico Features Editor Demand Gen Report Dayna Rothman VP of Marketing & Sales Development BrightFunnel @dayroth
  8. 8. Today’s buyers are: Multi-channel Multi-device Part of a decision team The role of marketing has changed.
  9. 9. Making sense of the data enables you to show marketing’s direct impact on revenue for the business. We are living in an era of data.
  10. 10. The holy grail for a revenue team is turning the buyer journey into a science by leveraging data to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
  11. 11. Smart sales and marketing teams are leveraging reporting and measurement to provide key insights into what resonates with your buyers.
  12. 12. …CRM doesn’t tell the whole revenue story. So you need multi-touch attribution But the problem is…
  13. 13. Marketing Touches Account Contacts Closed/Won DealLead Created Opportunity Created
  14. 14. Closed/Won DealLead Created Marketing Touches Account Contacts Opportunity Created
  15. 15. You need a view of the entire account to understand your buyer’s full journey.
  16. 16. Top 4 Ways Measurement Helps You Sell Smarter 1. Align the sales and marketing teams around a shared sense-of-purpose 2. Analyze what channels and programs work to source and accelerate revenue 3. Track ABM initiatives across sales and marketing for key insights into target accounts 4. Provide your sales team real-time opportunity analyses, so they understand the full buyer journey and how marketing contributes to a closed deal
  17. 17. 1. Align Sales and Marketing Around Measurements that Matter
  18. 18. Marketing…. Sales….
  19. 19. Marketing needs to tie their efforts to the metrics that matter for the business..
  20. 20. — like pipeline and revenue.
  21. 21. Align Your Revenue Team Around Shared goals—like marketing owned pipeline and revenue Target accounts—an agreed-upon selection of key accounts Defined revenue functions—spanning across the full customer journey Marketing: Door Opener Account Development Reps: Accelerator Account Executives: Closer
  22. 22. Your SDR Team Can Drive Alignment Consider having them report to marketing Owns 1:1 relationships with contacts at target accounts Supplements a broad-based approach with multi-channel campaigns Engages in personalized outreach Accelerates key accounts to close Schedules meetings for sales reps
  23. 23. The Revenue Team at BrightFunnel End-to-end funnel ownership from marketing to customer success Revenue Team VP of Marketing Core Marketing ABM Programs Account Development Reps VP of Sales and Customer Success Closing AEs Onboarding Customer Success Revenue Ops Marketing ops Sales ops
  24. 24. Communication is The Key to Success Agreed upon sales stage definitions Regular revenue team forecast and pipeline meetings Communication and messaging around marketing programs, events, and content Sales inclusion in the planning of joint initiatives Shared revenue technology stack
  25. 25. 2. Analyze What Channels and Programs Work for Sourcing and Accelerating Revenue
  26. 26. Measurement Helps You Understand the Buyer Journey
  27. 27. What Works to Source Pipeline and Revenue?
  28. 28. What Influences Pipeline and Revenue?
  29. 29. What is the Last Activity Before Opp Creation?
  30. 30. What is the Velocity of a Campaign Group?
  31. 31. The Results Differ Based on Data Slicing Company size 51-250 Company size 251- 1000
  32. 32. 3. Track ABM Initiatives Across Both Sales and Marketing
  33. 33. Another key way to align your revenue teams is through shared ABM success metrics.
  34. 34. Engagement Across All Target Accounts What percentage of accounts in your database or target accounts are engaged by marketing/ADRs? How much of your TAM have you developed relationships with? How engaged is your full database?
  35. 35. Full-Funnel View into Top Engaged Accounts Who are your top engaged accounts? How built out are these accounts? What is your mix of engagement by marketing and sales activity? How active are these accounts on your website?
  36. 36. Account Buyer Journey Breakdown
  37. 37. Marketing Engagement Over Time How engaged is the account? What are the peaks of account engagement?
  38. 38. Door opener direct mail campaign STEP 1 Personalized email linking to relevant content STEP 2 Reach-out on social media STEP 3 X STEP 4 X STEP 1 Targeted Ads on social STEP 2 Add to customized nurture stream STEP 3 Room drop at event STEP 4 X STEP 1 X STEP 2 Call to connect STEP 3 Invite to VIP experience at event STEP 4 X STEP 5 Targeted account-based webinar STEP 5 Sales cycle and relationship building STEP 5 SDR Team Marketing AEs Use Insights to Help Drive Coordinated Plays
  39. 39. 4. Provide Your Sales Reps Real-Time Opp Analyses
  40. 40. The key to successful sales and marketing alignment is consistent communication.
  41. 41. Give AE Access to Opportunity Analysis
  42. 42. Look at the Full History of the Opportunity
  43. 43. Show AEs What Accounts Need Sales Love
  44. 44. Communicate Metrics on a Regular Basis Provide sales with monthly or quarterly reports on how marketing activities influence opps, deals, and target accounts Send out quarter-end deal reports showing marketing impact
  45. 45. #Bii17 How Are We Doing?
  46. 46. #Bii17 Q&A / Panelists MODERATOR: Klaudia Tirico Features Editor Demand Gen Report Dayna Rothman VP of Marketing & Sales Development BrightFunnel @dayroth
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