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The Role Of Social Newletters In The Age of Content Marketing

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The boundaries differentiating B2C and B2B marketing strategies are starting to blur. In fact, the instant gratification that comes with online search, social media, email and other web-based tools have offered buyers instant access to a plethora of information on potential solutions and services, as well as business trends.

While vendors and their partner networks are recognizing that social media and content marketing are the new must haves for sales and marketing success, there is a clear disconnect between channel-wide goals, and overall training and capabilities to drive engagement and sales via these channels.

Social newsletters, however, allow organizations to connect the dots between social media and blogs, creating a new opportunity for channel engagement.

Register for the webinar titled: The Role of Social Newsletters In The Age Of Content Marketing to learn how organizations across the channel can optimize social engagement and blogging with social newsletters.

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The Role Of Social Newletters In The Age of Content Marketing

  1. 1. #SocialContent The Role Of Social Newsletters In The Age Of Content MarketingPresented by Sponsored by
  2. 2. Welcome Webinar Attendees Type question here
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  4. 4. About Channel Marketer Report Launched in 2011 Over 23,000 subscribers To provide executives with relevant, insightful content across a variety of digital medium Free subscription to our weekly newsletter: CHANNELMARKETERREPORT.COM/SUBSCRIBE
  5. 5. Panelists Marcia Doron Jeff Mesnik Marketing Director President Altico Advisors Socialize Your Stuff MODERATOR Alicia Fiorletta Managing Editor Channel Marketer Report
  6. 6. The Role Of Social NewslettersIn The Age Of Content Marketing
  7. 7. What are we going to discuss?• As a small to medium sized tech company how you can succeed in this world of social and email marketing• As an OEM with a channel how you can support your channel partners• Hear how a Microsoft Channel Partner succeeded• Real ideas on how to deploy your content marketing programs
  8. 8. Let’s not just say the words...
  9. 9. Why this matters• Forrester Research - 77% of B2B technology decision makers are active on a social media• Marketing Prof’s Report – Marketers were asked to report on what specific distribution channels they use to push social media content out to their markets: • Over half of marketing professionals use Twitter (55%), Facebook (54%), and LinkedIn (51%). • YouTube is still establishing its presence as a distribution channel for content marketing (38%). • LinkedIn is used most frequently (67%) to distribute content among the smallest of companies (with less than 10 employees), compared to nearly half this number (35%) among those who employ 1,000 or more.
  10. 10. But... email is still number 1
  11. 11. More work!How is a small businesssupposed to be able tomaintain all of the newcontent channels?• Create email content• Create blog content• Create Facebook posts, Twitter posts, manage LinkedIn groups
  12. 12. Introducing Marcia DoronRemember that go digital slide? That was herdirective:• Started from nothing• Contributor to monthly group blogs• Daily blogging• Created a weekly social newsletter• Almost doubled quality web visits
  13. 13. 15,000 hits/moI need to do this on Alticos site - But how?
  14. 14. The struggle of getting started1. Repurposed content from group blogs2. Started posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn3. ROAD BLOCK: Content a. Where do I go for content b. How do I blog daily c. How do I get it found d. How do I leverage social sites
  15. 15. Success found1. Started sourcing content from Microsoft a. Microsoft has a ton of content, but finding it all was NOT easy b. Found an application that made finding and leveraging that content easy2. Found that white papers if broken out gave me multiple posts3. Started saving content from other newsletters, and tracking other bloggers4. Started creating weekly social newsletters with the content
  16. 16. Traction and ROIThree days after blogging daily, Alticosblog was getting indexed by GoogleAltico also used a weekly socialnewsletter to alert folks to the contentAnd by the end of the year they almostdoubled quality visitsAnd the tracking has created qualifiedleads to hand over to the sales people
  17. 17. The takeaway: Social newsletters allow organizations to connectthe dots between social and email, creating a new opportunity todrive loyalty and sales
  18. 18. TacticsLeveraging LinkedIn Groups 1. Use popular comments and questions to build a blog 2. Respond to the comment and post a link to the blog for more 3. Use highly engaging comments as conversation starters on your own Facebook, Twitter, and blog sites
  19. 19. RSS for other blogsPointing to other sites and blogs is agood thing:• Keeps the content fresh• Demonstrates understanding of relevance• Helps with SEO
  20. 20. Dont recreate the wheelLeverage your content• Focus on the blog first• Tweet your blog• Facebook your blog• Newsletters are created from your postsPlace social content into youremail newsletter, and watchyour traffic grow
  21. 21. OEMs can help1. Provide easy access to your content a. Your content is typically all over the place (ex: Microsoft) i. ERP has four YouTube Channels ii. Seven Twitter channels iii. 5 or 6 blogs b. Tag content and make it relevant and available for your partners2. Educate3. Provide access to solutions to help
  22. 22. Benefits for the OEMCurrent OEMs win.• Over 6 million impressions in 30 Days• 60 partners engage in content and brand• New sales for the OEM and their partners
  23. 23. Other stories of success• Dan Harding, Regional • Mark Hamilton, VP of Director of Sales at Marketing at newScale ConnectandSell • Created a group and used • He has increased pipeline free content to drive people using LinkedIn in part by into an offer posting presentations and • This was part of a social other articles of content marketing plan that increased • Those posts get emailed out the sales pipeline by over $3 in network updates million
  24. 24. TakeawayDont kill email - it is the cornerstone of your content strategy
  25. 25. Special OfferCompanies in the channel: We are offering two months free with a one year subscription to the Butterfly Publisher application: o Content sources provided based on needSocial o Dashboard for managing social networks o Social Newsletter platform o Training and best practicesOEMs: We are offering a free partner education webinar on how to engage in social, leverage content from, you, LinkedIn, and other sources
  26. 26. Q&A // Submit Your Questions Type question here
  27. 27. Panelists // Q&A Marcia Doron Jeff Mesnik Marketing Director President Altico Advisors Socialize Your Stuff
  28. 28. Thank You For AttendingThis Webinar You can download this presentation at: