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How To Create High-Converting Demand Experiences

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"Marketing teams rely on their demand generation programs to create pipeline for their sales teams, but in order for this to happen, they need enough engagement and (surprise, surprise) conversions. According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing are able to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost per lead. So what can you do to whip your lead nurturing programs into shape?

Focus on the experience.

Today's demand marketers know that simply creating an email sequence isn't enough. Even the most well-thought-out lead nurturing programs can underperform if they're paired with an uninspiring, linear experience.

Join us for the webcast to learn how to build engaging, immersive, multi-channel (think outside-the-inbox) experiences that work together and are optimized for content consumption, so prospects can self nurture and convert to sales-ready leads that much faster.

You will learn:
A few key, but crucial, components to building high engagement in your lead nurturing programs;
How to tie all your demand channels into one consistent experience that'll delight your prospects; and
The best in the business when it comes to multi-channel demand experiences that convert. "

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How To Create High-Converting Demand Experiences

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  7. 7. @uberflip How to Create High-Converting Demand Experiences Christine Otsuka Senior Content Marketing Manager Uberflip
  8. 8. @uberflip | #fastfwd18 Zombies, heads up! Recording + Slides will be emailed to you.
  9. 9. @uberflip WHY do we nurture leads?
  10. 10. @uberflip They don’t know us.
  11. 11. @uberflip Hi, nice to meet you. Want to get married?
  12. 12. Nurture Experience Playbook We don’t know them.
  13. 13. @uberflip 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, despite only 27% of those leads being qualified. Shocking Fact:
  14. 14. @uberflip Yay… MQLs...
  15. 15. @uberflip WHEN do we nurture leads?
  16. 16. @uberflip ● Post-download ● Post-webinar ● Post-event ● Email subscription ● Re-engagement campaign ● Email drip course ● Close lost Pre-Sale Post-Sale ● Customer onboarding ● Product adoption ● Renewal campaign ● Re-engagement campaign ● New feature release ● Customer education / drip course ● Customer engagement ● Customer advocacy ● Win back
  17. 17. @uberflip Nurturing By The Numbers
  19. 19. @uberflip
  20. 20. @uberflip HOW do we build high-converting demand experiences?
  21. 21. Multi-Channel Cadence (ie. Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly) - How many emails, ads, direct mail, social messages are you using, and at what cadence? Personalized Content (ie. Persona, Funnel stage, Job function) - What qualities trigger certain content to be delivered? Focus on Experience (ie. Nurture destination, Recommended content, CTAs) - What’s next? Measuring Success (ie. Demo request, Event registration, MQL conversion) - What does success look like? Keys to Building High Engagement
  22. 22. A Multi-Channel Cadence
  23. 23. @uberflip What We Often See
  24. 24. @uberflip What Should Happen (Inbox) Report download Thank you and call out relevant material Follow-up content [Blog Post] Follow-up content [Video] TOFU TOFU Follow-up content [Blog Post] Follow-up content [Interactive] Follow-up content [Webinar] Follow-up content [Case Study] TOFU MOFU MOFU BOFU
  25. 25. @uberflip Outside the Inbox: Multi-Channel Demand Experience Report download Post-download email sequence Retargeting ad campaign Dynamic website content Prompted chatbots Content recos Direct mail offer
  26. 26. @uberflip Report download BOFU Outside the Inbox: Multi-Channel Demand Experience
  27. 27. @uberflip Connecting With Context
  28. 28. @uberflip 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, despite only 27% of those leads being qualified. The Need for Nurture:
  29. 29. @uberflip 46% of B2B marketers say it is a top priority to try new personalization strategies to improve the results of their nurture campaigns. Connecting With Context:
  30. 30. @uberflip Personalized Content
  31. 31. @uberflip What We Often See
  32. 32. @uberflip What Should Happen Direct them into the most relevant sequence Enters your database PERSONA FUNNEL STAGE TECHNOGRAPHY
  34. 34. High-Converting Experiences Where are we sending leads?
  35. 35. @uberflip Make the click count.
  36. 36. @uberflip The way you gate content matters. Putting a CTA overtop of your content has a 17 percent conversion rate! (That’s 7x the conversion rate of a traditional landing page) The Content Experience Report, 2018
  37. 37. @uberflip What about ungated content?
  38. 38. @uberflip Power personalized content recommendations through AI
  39. 39. @uberflip Contextualize your CTAs
  40. 40. And experiment! We’ve been doing our own experimentation...
  41. 41. @uberflip We call them nurture destinations
  42. 42. Measuring Success What does success mean?
  43. 43. @uberflip M E T R I C S Channel Engagement Metrics ● Email - Open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates ● Ads - Impressions, view-throughs, click-throughs ● Social - Retweets, likes, comments, click-throughs ● Chatbot - Conversation length, click-throughs Revenue Metrics ● Marketing qualified leads ● Sales qualified leads ● Influenced opportunities ● Pipeline ● Closed won ● Closed lost
  44. 44. @uberflip Multi-channel cadence + Personalized content experiences = INFLUENCED REVENUE
  45. 45. Today’s webinar attendees get $300 off a full conference pass when you register with promo code CPT300 before May 31 August 20–22, 2019 Toronto, Canada
  46. 46. @uberflip | #conex @christineotsuka @uberflip | #conex Christine Otsuka Senior Content Marketing Manager Uberflip
  47. 47. #COSeries Q&A // Panelists Moderator: Andrew Gaffney Editorial Director Demand Gen Report @AGaffney Christine Otsuka Sr. Content Marketing Manager Uberflip @ChristineOtsuka
  48. 48. #COSeries
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