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Optimize The Shopper Journey: Best Practices For In-Store Analytics

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Retail TouchPoints' Retail Strategy & Planning Series session brought to you by RetailNext


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Optimize The Shopper Journey: Best Practices For In-Store Analytics

  1. 1. #RSPS15 #RSPS15 Op#mizing The Shopper Journey: Best Prac#ces For In-Store Analy#cs SPONSORED BY:
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  5. 5. #RSPS15 Panelists @toemartell Tom Martell Director, Advanced Analy#cs RetailNext MODERATOR: Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints
  6. 6. OPTIMIZING THE SHOPPER JOURNEY S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 5 Best Prac4ces for In-Store Analy4cs
  7. 7. AGENDA •  Introducing the Playbook •  The Shopper Journey •  Best Prac4ces
  8. 8. HER JOURNEY WITH YOU •  How do we get her to the store •  And then through the door •  And then to have a perfect experience •  And then to make the most of her visit •  And then to come back again
  9. 9. HER JOURNEY WITH YOU To the Store Through the Door Op=mize the Experience Make the Most from Her Visit Get her Back Again To the Store How do I drive Capture Rate? How do I Measure Opera=onal Efficiency? How do I Increase Basket Size? Can I Drive Loyalty and Get Her Back Again?
  10. 10. BEST PRACTICES •  Test and Control Panels •  Pre and Post Measurements •  Isolate Tests for Best Results •  Iterate – make changes fast •  Incorporate Point of Sale Data •  Incorporate other relevant data •  Big data meets small data •  Keep the data flowing •  Automa4c repor4ng •  Cross func4onal input
  11. 11. OUTSIDE THE STORE Ques#ons 1.  What are my shopper’s behaviors leading up to “in the store experience”? 2.  Is my window strategy effec4ve? 3.  What’s my driving the performance of my marke4ng programs? What to Measure 1.  Passby Traffic 2.  Views into Windows 3.  Dwells at Windows 4.  Mall Traffic (or other Passby Traffic) 5.  Marke4ng Contribu4on 6.  Cross Mall/Loca4on Spend 7.  Geo-loca4on Data How to Measure
  12. 12. THROUGH THE DOOR How to Measure Ques#ons 1.  What is driving my sales performance? 2.  Are my shoppers the same as my buyers? 3.  What is the immediate reac4on of my customer to my store environment? What to Measure 1.  Entrance Traffic 2.  Capture Rate 3.  Dwell Exposure and Engagement at Front Forward Area of Store 4.  Demographic Breakdowns 5.  New vs. Repeat Customers 6.  Visit Dura4on
  13. 13. IN THE STORE The Experience How to Measure Ques#ons 1.  Where are my points of fric4on in the store? 2.  Is my store easy to navigate? 3.  Which areas (departments, fixtures, etc.) of my store are traffic drivers vs. purchasing drivers? What We Measure 1.  Traffic, Dwell, Exposure and Engagement by Area, Fixture, or Display 2.  Dwell Conversion 3.  Mobile POS Loca4on Metrics 4.  Queue Metrics 5.  Fihng Room/Service Area Traffic and Metrics 6.  Staffing Aligned to Service Areas 7.  Merchandising Op4miza4on
  14. 14. IN THE STORE The Shopper How to Measure Ques#ons 1.  How do I give my shoppers the right informa4on to become buyers? 2.  What is the shopper’s journey throughout my store? 3.  How do I know how loyal my customers are? What We Measure 1.  New vs. Repeat Customers 2.  Dura4on in Store 3.  Mobile Browsing Pakerns 4.  Interac4on Metrics 5.  Training System Metrics 6.  Beacon Interac4on Metrics 7.  Understanding of Full Path 8.  Full Path Segmenta4on
  15. 15. 15 QUESTIONS?
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  17. 17. #RSPS15 Q & A // Panelists @toemartell Tom Martell Director, Advanced Analy#cs RetailNext MODERATOR: Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints
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