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The One Metric That Identifies Qualified Buyers

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No one likes to admit that they’ve been doing something wrong, but do you ever feel like the metrics you have relied on since the dawn of marketing automation and “digital body language” just don’t work as well as you thought?

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The One Metric That Identifies Qualified Buyers

  1. 1. #Bii17 The One Metric That Identifies Qualified Buyers (Hint: It's Not Clicks or Form Fills) SPONSORED BY:
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  6. 6. #Bii17 How Are We Doing?
  7. 7. #Bii17 Panelists MODERATOR: Klaudia Tirico Features Editor Demand Gen Report Elle Woulfe Vice President of Marketing LookBookHQ @ellehwoulfe
  8. 8. I The one metric you need to identify sales ready buyers Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing
  9. 9. I Nice to Meet You! • Demand Gen Marketer at Heart • Marketing Nerd • Native New Englander • Honorary Canadian J
  10. 10. I The LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform Next Best Content Asset(s) In-Session Real Content Engagement Analytics 1 2 Self-Nurture Faster prospect education Click Quality Was the marketing consumed?
  11. 11. The Funnel is Broken L
  12. 12. What It’s Really All About
  13. 13. I MQL Marketing Qualified Lead
  14. 14. II Revenue Forecast 4% What all your hard work will amount to.
  15. 15. I That’s so depressing.
  16. 16. I But seriously… what a waste
  17. 17. I Qualified (the “Q” in MQL) Officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified.
  18. 18. IShouldn’t qualification mean something?
  19. 19. I What is a qualified buyer? A prospect that has been trained to have a meaningful conversation with sales and potentially advance to the next stage.
  20. 20. I We’re doing it wrong + + + + + + +
  21. 21. I Your marketing automation can’t tell the difference
  22. 22. I Quantity is not a proxy for quality + + + + + + + 3 sec 0 sec 15 sec 0 sec 3 sec 20 sec 8 sec 0 sec
  23. 23. I Quantity is not a proxy for quality + + + + + + + 1 min 3 min 30 sec 2 min 1 min 45 sec 2 min 3 min
  24. 24. I A primitive step in the right direction
  25. 25. I Which one would your sales team like better?
  26. 26. I The actual job of marketing
  27. 27. What people do on the destination side of the click is more important than the click itself.
  28. 28. You know what their fingers did. But what did their brains do?
  29. 29. That’s a lot. I Was Your Marketing Consumed?
  30. 30. I That’s a lot. [Visitor] Who is engaging? [Account] Which are ready to buy? [Content] What content is working for me? [Channel] What’s moving the needle? The transformative dataset for B2B marketing I The Power of Post-Click Engagement Data
  31. 31. I Do you consume a lot of content about things you have no intention of buying?
  32. 32. I Content Bingers Are Better Buyers! 2.4X More likely to be sales accepted 2.3X Faster through the funnel 2.4X Higher ACV
  33. 33. I That’s a lot. Ensure that your marketing is being consumed Understand how your marketing is being consumed Intelligent Content Delivery
  34. 34. I Always deliver the next best content asset
  35. 35. I Curate your buyer’s education
  36. 36. I Make every click the start of a journey
  37. 37. II 2.3X 45x 74% Some stats could belong here Faster Conversions “Using LookBookHQ, we can better educate and engage buyers. We’ve seen $100K in monthly recurring revenue that we would never have realized otherwise.” Pipeline “LookBookHQ gives us real content engagement metrics that we can tie to lead score rather than qualifying based on clicks.” Higher Lead to Opportunity Conversion “LookBookHQ allows us to move more prospects through the funnel to the opportunity stage faster.” Intelligent Content Delivery Made It Possible
  38. 38. I Thank You!
  39. 39. #Bii17 How Are We Doing?
  40. 40. #Bii17 Q&A / Panelists MODERATOR: Klaudia Tirico Features Editor Demand Gen Report Elle Woulfe Vice President of Marketing LookBookHQ @ellehwoulfe
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